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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com2M.Large have a dealer network across the UK and Ireland who deal with and service local enquiries for our machinery brands. M.Large dealers are carefully selected to be knowledgeable and passionate about our products and with the friendliest of service personnel.M Large is a family owned company specialising in a wide and varied range of timber harvesting, handling and processing equipment. M Large Tree Services Ltd first started operating as a one-man, part-time tree work and forestry contractor in 1970, becoming full-time in 1980 and eventually becoming a family owned limited company in 1992.The company has now reached a point where it is one of the most successful in the sector. Continuing to build on the firm foundations laid down by Michael, it has continuously expanded its portfolio of products and services. The list of brand names of which it is a distributor, dealer, or manufacturer, is impressive and comprehensive. It is this diverse range that helps M Large to fulfil its philosophy of being able to offer customers products that are viable, durable, affordable and, above all, available. Items highlighted in this product guide are only a sample of what we hold in stock. Alongside new we offer and carry a range of shop soiled, ex-demo and second hand fully serviced equipment.M. Large adhere to all guidelines issued by the health & safety bodies and have a proven track record of offering excellent quality equipment that meets all current safety legislation. With the help of our extensive nationwide dealer network, we offer exceptional value for money and an excellent back up service. Our vast stock of spare parts are available for next day delivery and with the expertise of our sale engineers we can provide advice and assistance to both new and existing customers. Many of the products that we sell are also used by our contracting division on a daily basis which gives us a true insight into how the equipment performs.Speak to us about current discounts and special offersWe would love to answer any questions that you may have in relation to our products and services. For further information and prices or to view one of the biggest ranges of Forestry Equipment in the UK & Ireland, please ring us on:- +44 28 9034 2838 or visit our web site Our knowledgeable and friendly team will be happy to help and discuss options that will suit your individual requirements.Dealer NetworkSUPPLYING THE UK & IRELAND WITH QUALITY MACHINERY & EXCEPTIONAL SERVICESALES & SERVICE OF FORESTRY EQUIPMENT & TRUCK MOUNTED CRANES – SPARE PARTS SUPPLYLOCATIONM Large Tree Services Ltd. 74 Church Road, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, N. Ireland, BT36 7LNPHONE+44 (0) 28 9034

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com3We’re suppliers of many different brands of machinery, such as:This means that we can offer you something very important: Choice! HAKKI PILKE Firewood processors THOR Logsplitters GREENMECH Woodchippers BMF Forestry cranes,trailers,grapples LMS Tree shears, log baggers ATLAS Truck mounted cranes BILKE Firewood processors KGD Forestry winches FERRI Mulchers FUELWOOD Kindlett machines ZENZ Sawmills KX Tree shears AKVATERM Tanks ATMOS Gasification boilers BIOJACK - Tree Shear/Energy Grapple INTERMERCATO - Timber Grabs CAMON - Stump Grinders BALTROTORS - Rotators HUSQVARNA - Chainsaws, HedgetrimmersOver 50 Years ExperienceWe are 100% family owned with over 50 years Industry Experience. When you buy from us you’ll get great local customer service and world class products.Qualifications & InsuranceAll our engineers are fully qualified to carry out our services. Our operations are fully insured. Crane inspections & testing by qualified ALLMI examiners.Value GuaranteedWe aim to offer all customers the best value price possible by providing the highest quality of service at competitive prices.World Class MachineryWe supply world class machinery Representing outstanding manufacturers including: Hakki, Pilke, Thor, Greenmech, BMF & many more. Our Customers are guaranteed high level of quality.Professional ServiceWe provide a high standard professional service to all our customers. We start with a free no obligation quote, full transparency in our costing.Reliable EquipmentOur entire plant and service fleet is well maintained by our in house technicians and are all taxed, fully insured and regularly psv’d. All cranes and other lifting equipment are rigorously and regularly tested.Accreditations You Can TrustM Large adhere to all guidelines issued by the health & safety bodies and have a proven track record of offering excellent quailty equipments that meets all current safety legislation. Safety Is ParamountHealth & Safety is our top priority, protecting your property, our staff, customers & the general public. All services, plant and machinery is compliant with current H&S regulations.Customer ServicesWe Pride ourselves on high standards and outstanding personal service to our customers.WHY CHOOSE US?

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UK and Ireland’s suppliers of Hakki Pilke, the worlds most advanced firewood processors for professional, semi-professional and domestic users. Power options include tractor PTO, 3 phase electric and combi models. Chainsaw and TCT circular cutting options available. Contemporary design matched with reliability and safety.Hakki Pilke 38 ProTo place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com5The Hakki Pilke 43 Pro firewood processor is a combination of experience and innovations. The 43 Pro is an entirely new machine based on the Easy 42 model, highly regarded among professional users. Despite the increased robustness of the frame, the log splitter is compact in terms of its dimensions and weight. The productivity of the processor has been improved with excellent delay-free HakkiSplitTM splitting force.Hakki Pilke 43 ProHakki Pilke 50 ProHeavy-duty machine with superior performance. The Hakki Pilke 50 Pro was designed in close cooperation with firewood professionals. It has been tested with a variety of wood types across the globe to ensure international viability as a professional-grade machine for industrial firewood production and consistently superior performance in all

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com6Hakki Pilke Raven 33With a variety of models to choose from, Hakki Pilke offer a safe modern and highly efficient range of firewood processing equipment for all levels.Hakki Pilke Falcon 35Hakki Pilke CS900/CS1000 range of professional heavy duty circular saw firewood processors. Hakki Pilke CS900/CS1000Circular Blade Machine cutting up to 400mm

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com7Hakki Pilke Roller was designed for cleaning large quantities of firewood. The vibrating rollers separate all debris from the firewood, ensuring a high quality end result.Log feed racks, chain feeding tables and hydraulic log lifts to suit any machine in the firewood processor range.The outfeed conveyor moves the firewood to the rotating drum of the Cleaner which separates debris from the end product. From the Cleaner, the firewood can be conveyed into firewood bags using the guide plates or on a truck with the laterally pivoting outfeed conveyor (3 m), which is available as an accessory. The Hakki Pilke Cleaner is available with an electric or hydraulic drive.Hakki Pilke RollerLog Feeder SystemsCleanerHakki Feed 471 Hakki Feed 422Hakki Feed

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25 - 30 tonne Diavolik VPF – 46.B.PF11 tonne Mignon – 23.223.PD13 - 18 tonne Farmer Multiuse – 9Hp Subaru engine – 37.M.VS.10.PDHuge range of professional and domestic log splitters ideal for splitting large rings and tree trunks to manageable sizes. Splitting force from 4 – 30 tonnes. Thor range features the UNIQUE FOOT PEDAL “LEADER” SYSTEM. Power options include tractor or any other external hydraulic supply, PTO, single phase and 3 phase electric.25 - 30TONNE11TONNE13 - 18TONNETo place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com8Logsplitters Safe, reliable & innovative!Vertical & Horizontal Log Splitters/ Saw benchesFor professional and forestry useKatana 750Katana

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com9 CONTROLS: Ergonomically-positioned and comfortable dual-control levers for splitting phase. Fall arrest guards INCLUDED. Cutter inclined at 6° for reducing split effort. Curved board for the logs for greater splitting performance. TRANSPORT: 200 mm dia. full wheels, standard on 6.5 ton model. 250 mm dia. full wheels, standard on 8.5 ton model. Splitting force 6,5 – 8,5 Ton Splitting diameter max 50 cm Splitting height max 54 cm Controls System-LEADER! With the “System-LEADER” controls you can carry out the cutter approach stroke and center the logs while the cutter is in motion with both hands free by using the pedal. Once the log is centered and blocked in the desired position the two control levers are used to split the log. RICCA ANDREA & C. SNC – 12022 Busca – Italy Tel. 0039.0171.946709 – Extensions on both side, INCLUDED. Carter for controls coverage for 8.5 tons as standard. Hydraulic oil tank incorporated in the frame. CONTROLS: Approved pedal (standard) for Approach stroke and log centering.

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com10Wood ChippersWide range of woodchippers from Greenmech and Farmi. Suitable for both green waste reduction and biomass woodchip fuel production. Tractor PTO, engine powered, road tow and self propelled track options available. Greenmech unique disc cutter blade system makes less noise, needs less maintenance and requires less power than other chippers.EVO 165D EVO 165 DT TRACKEDEVO 205 D EVO 205 D SURE TRAK

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com11Wood Chippers 160mm chipping capacity Full 360° turntable 25hp Kubota diesel engine Disc-Blade chipping technology Twin hydraulic feed rollers No-Stress power control Bottom-bar safety mechanism Sub 750kg towing weight 150mm chipping capacity 25hp Kubota diesel engine Disc-Blade chipping technology Bottom-bar Safety Mechanism Twin hydraulic feed rollers No-Stress power control Sub 750kg weight 100mm chipping capacity 16hp or 18hp B&S Vanguard V-Twin petrol engine Twin reversible chipping blades Adjustable discharge chute Optional dedicated trailer From 195kg weightQUADCHIP 160ARBORIST 150DCS80/

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com12Log band saws from Zenz - the solution to the problem!Our log band saws are designed for professional use. Our customers include full-time contract saws and, above all , sawmills that use our log band saw as their main saw or as a saw for large timber. From a simple standard saw to a complete sawing system with round wood feed and cuttings removal, we design and produce a saw for you that is precisely tailored to your application. Special constructions and fully automatic are also possible. M Large were very pleased to announce that Zenz Landtechnik have officially appointed them as distributors for UK and Ireland of their entire range of Zenz log band saws.Our all-rounder, ideally suited for almost all purposes. All other types were also constructed on the basis of this machine. This log band saw was first delivered in 1996. So it is based on almost 20 years of experience. Since then, this machine has been continuously optimized based on suggestions from our customers and from our own experience. This has created an absolutely practical machine. However, the basic structure has been preserved to this day. More than 250 customers have already been convinced of the performance and quality of this log band saw.The Z 140 S was developed based on our proven BN 110 S. The passage could be increased by 30 cm by widening the vertical slide. The base frame and the hydraulics are available in the identical version as for the BN 110 S as well as in a wider version.With a roll diameter of 1000mm and a saw blade of 130mm width, this log band saw is ideally suited to the highest demands in the heavy wood sector. The passage of 140 x 160 cm and a cutting width of 130 cm speak for themselves. The cutting depth (space above the saw blade) of 53 cm also leaves nothing to be desired.BN 110 Z 140 SZ 160 SMobile

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com13Firewood GuillotinesSole distributors for leading firewood guillotines from Bilke. Experience the simplicity and speed of a guillotine with it’s unique cut and split dual action. Ideal for first thinnings, coppice and waste wood. Processing speeds of up to 30 cubic metres per hour.Bilke Cruiser transforms the popular Bilke S3 into a trailer installation without compromising the machine’s excellent features.• Bilke Cruiser runs on a fuel-efficient Briggs & Stratton 18 hp combustion engine.• Operating consumption is 1.5–2 litres/h.• Output capacity is approximately 10 m3 per hour.• Weigh ca. 650 kg.• Easy to feed and use• Adjustable log length• Top class blade design• Good productivity• No risk of jamming• Easy to transport• Alternative power sourcesS3 PTOBilke S3

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com14Kindlet 200 is the latest version of the market leading Kindlet. It converts timber off-cuts, pallet waste and round logs into kindling. Its benchmark two second cycle time is capable of processing 1.3 solid cubic meters per hour, equivalent to 120 nets. Kindlet 200 has a compact design incorporating the ergonomic improvements that follow, to ease and improve the speed of operation, boost efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.Kindling Machines Fully Automatic Kindling Wood MachineKindlet 200Fuelwood Design and Manufacture a range of Firewood, Kindling wood machines and bagging and handling machines.Fuelwood have over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of Firewood and Kindling wood machines. With an unrivalled range and knowledge of Log and Kindling production to allow you to choose the Fuelwood machine that is right for your needs.

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com15The Big brother to the Kindlet has a larger timber capacity and higher output. Suited to the professional user, Kindling can be adjusted from 15cm—29cm lengths. The Unique X-Blade design ensures a consistent quality output. Section size of Kindling is adjusted simply from controls on front of machine.SPLITTA 400TM takes round logs up to 40cm diameter and converts them into split firewood or kindling at rates over 12 cubic metres of solid timber per hour automatically!The Unique splitting blade in the form of an ‘X’ is pushed into the end grain of the log. The blade is then retracted and the log fed sideways by a controlled distance. The cycle is then repeated. The KINDLET PRO converts timber off-cuts and round logs into kindling. ProSPLITTA 400

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com16The company is one of the few certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure production of all their equipment is to this globally recognised quality standard. A special 3-year warranty for trailer frames, crane booms and slew housing is intended to instil confidence and give users peace of mind. The wide product range on offer covers the needs of very different clients – from hobby farmers up to forestry professionals. With a choice of 11 different trailers and 7 different cranes, every client can compile a bespoke unit that matches their requirements exactly. A wide range of accessories including control options and grapples helps the customer get the most suitable equipment for the task.Forestry Trailers and CranesWWW.BMF.EEWWW.BMF.EE3YEARWarrantyThree year warranty for frame, crane and turning house.Pro version – extra strong, removableRacks 42 CrMo4Main boom cylinder proteconAdjustable slidersPowder coatedBronze bearings (except 0.15)Body and theeth made of HardoxAll pins 42 CrMo4Special forest wheelsBooms made of Strenx performance steelTrailer frame S 420 upgradeM. Large Tree Services Ltd.“Coolewell”, Church Road Newtownabbey, BT36 6DH+44 (0)28 9034 2838sales@mlarge.comwww.mlarge.comBronze bearings (except 0.15)Body and theeth made of Hardox Main boom Strenx 650Poles 89 x 8 mmRacks 42 CrMo4 All pins 42 CrMo4Main boom cylinder Oil window in turning houseTrailer frame S 420 upgradeSpecial forest wheelsPowder coatedAdjustable slidersPro version – extra strong, removable3YEARWarrantyThree year warranty for frame, crane and turning house.BMF is one of the leading producers of forestry cranes and trailers in Europe and is expected to be the market leader in Germany by the end of 2018. Their success is based on quality products, designed for the arduous conditions found in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com17Stocking a wide and varied range of timber grapples, rotators and links. Suitable for timber cranes and excavators handling logs, brash etc. Rotators both free hanging and flat faced fixed.Wide variety of accessories for forestrytrailers as well as cranes that allow tocustomize BMF machines according to specific requirements and assemble a unique combination.Grapples BMF provides log and branch grapples of different sizes from 0.15 to 0.37m2 to complement BMF forestry cranes.BMF ACCESSORIES www.bmf.eeGrapples and Rotators

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com18Forestry Trailers and Cranes

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com19 www.bmf.eeM Large has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading forestry equipment specialists in the trade. With over half a century of experience and expertise behind it, the company is constantly growing its product line with quality equipment catering for a vast array of forestry applications to ensure its customers enjoy the very best in durable, cost-effective and reliable goods.From basic equipment to state-of-the-art machinery, M Large’s catalogue is extensive. One of its latest and most exciting product ranges is from the company BMF(Baltic Machine Factory), a specialist in producing high-quality forestry trailers and cranes. M Large is the official distributor for BMF across Ireland and the United Kingdom. The product names of each BMF crane offer an indication of the varied reach available, ranging from the BMF430, with a 4.3-metre reach, all the way up to the mighty BMFlO00HD with an impressive reach of 10 metres.Its trailers are equally varied, with units suited to the requirements of hobby farmers as well as professional loggers, and load capacities ranging from 6 to 18 tonnes. Many of the models come in either standard’ or ‘pro’ versions, with a multitude available for interested parties to peruse. BMF’s range of trailers has models to fit the requirements of any potential user. BMF also supplies customers with the opportunity to purchase accessories that allow their BMF machinery to be customised, from high-seat options to LED boom lighting, basic hydraulic control valves to state-of-the-art full electrical proportionally programmable control valves, ensuring that every customer’s specific requirements will be met. Based in Estonia, the company has a significant presence within Europe, having produced over 1,360 cranes and more than 1,120 trailers in 2021. M Large is proud to be involved with the BMF brand, with both companies sharing a devotion to ensuring a high-quality service for customers, where value and innovation are paramount without the hefty price tag.BMF: SURE TO GRAB YOUR ATTENTION

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com20Distributors of wood fired and log gasification boilers for over 10 years. Leading UK and Ireland distributor for Atmos gasification boilers and Akvaterm high efficiency heat store tanks.Akvaterm tanks are also suitable for other renewable energy applications such as solar/PV and geothermal energy. Outputs from 18-100kW. Tank capacities from 300 – 10000 litres.Wood Fuel heatingThe Camon SG30 Stump Grinder is manufactured in West Sussex, and has been designed to meet the needs of a variety of users from DIY Hirers to Professional contractors, developed to provide fantastic performance and lower running costs for the user, combine this with superior parts and build quality and this will ensure you can earn a significant return on your investment.Stump GrindersSG30 Stump GrinderUKAccessoriesM Large supply a wide range of accessories to enhance capacity and capability of forestry equipment including LMS log baggers and grapples

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Energy GrapplesEnergy grapples are specially engineered forestry grapples designed for harvesting energy wood efficiently and rapidly.With built in grapple and cutting actions plus a range of options for bunching and de-limbing, energy grapples will make short work of thinnings and wood up to 300mm.Stocking energy grapples from renowned European manufacturers such as Biojack.Crane mounted 180 complete with delimbing armsLMS Excavator AttachmentsThe Woodbuster 870 will easily precleave oversized timber sections for further processing and features LMS Design’s unique sweeper arms which prevent logs sticking on the cutting jaws.LMS 870/26tTo place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com22KGD offer an excellent range of skidding winches from a basic KGD 350 (3.5T) to a KGD 800(8t) electro-hydraulic . All winches are of clear robust design made from high tensile steel, fully powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance. After assembly each winch undergoes 100% pulling and brake force test which is fully documented before leaving the factory.Standard Features: · 3 year warranty· Compacted cable· Choker chains and keyhole slider· Trailer hitch· Chainsaw carrier Options· Radio control· Hydraulic cable unwind· Offering a range of gearbox winchesWinches550 EH / SAKGD WINCHES

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com23MECHANICAL WINCHESIdeal for the small forest owner. Robust and resilient, with a pulling power of 3.5 to 6 tons and simple operation even in difficult applications.ELECTROHYDRAULIC WINCHESFor the professional in the forest, located in the middle and upper performance segment. Whenever power and safety are particularly important.RADIO EQUIPMENTwww.koenigswieser.comKGD-350-M KGD 400-M KGD 450-M KGD 550-M KGD 650-MPulling Power 3.5t 4.0t 4.5t 5.5t 6.5tShield width1.0m1.2m1.30 m 1.35 m 1.5m 1.7mDrive 1-stage 2-stage 2-stage 2-stage 2-stageMean rope speed 0.9m/s 1m/s 0.6m/s 0.6m/s 0.6m/sExtension cat. I / II I + II I + II I + II I + IITractor power off 15 hp 30 hp 45 hp 50 hp 60 hpKGD 350 EH/SAKGD 450 EH/SAKGD 550 EH/SAKGD 650 EH/SAKGD 850 EH/SAKGD 1050 EH/SAPulling power 3.5t 4.5t 5.5t 6.5t 8.5 tons 10.5tShield width1.0m1.2m1.35 m 1.5m 1.7m1.8m2.0m2.0mDrive 1-stage 2-stage 2-stage 2-stage 2-stage 2-stageMean rope speed 0.9m/s 0.6m/s 0.6m/s 0.6m/s 0.6m/s 0.6m/sExtension cat. I / II I + II I + II I + II II+III II+IIIWireless default default default default default defaultAutomatic rope ejectionoption option option option default defaultTractor power off 15 hp 45 hp 50 hp 60 hp 80 hp 95 hpKGF 101 – TR KGF 101-HLT KGF 103—IMWeight (g) 250 250 375Control functions (max.) 5 6 7Range (max m) 100 100 300Degree of protection IP65 IP65 IP65power supply 3x 1.5V batteries. 2x 1.5V batteries. battery packBattery charging time (hrs) /battery life (max hrs)6 / 25

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com24Tree shearsA MODERN TREE SHEAR FOR CUTTING, COLLECTING AND LOADING TREESKX-210 Tree ShearSuitable for:· For clearing field edges, plots and roadside· Thinning· Installation work· For removing problematic trees and branches· For rescue and clearing workCLEARING THINNING LOADING INSTALLATION

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com25www.kx-treeshears.comSuitable for:· For clearing field edges, plots and roadside.· Thinning.· Installation work· For removing problematic trees and branches.· For rescue and clearing work.Suitable for:· For clearing field edges, plots and roadside· Forest thinning· Installation work· For removing problematic trees and branches· For rescue and clearing workKX-280 Tree ShearKX-350 Tree ShearCollector ExtensionACCESSORIES

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com26Tree shearsKX-280Z a tree shear with a rotatorThanks to the rotator the tree shear spins horizontally which makes handling wood easier.KX accumulator saves time and money because you can collect more trees per cut.Thanks to the modular structure and the easily removable blade, logging, clearing and installation work are effortless. The optional mass handling device enables several successive cuts and thus brings efficiency to timber harvesting.

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com27LMS Design 440 Excavator Mounted Tree ShearThe Scorpion 440 Tree Shear; a tree removal and shearing device to cut through trunks of up to 440mm diameter in a matter of seconds. Huge saving on expensive man hour labour costs, safe and controlled operation from the comfort of an excavator cab. Make tree work more cost effective with the Scorpion 440. The Scorpion 440 tree shear attaches to most excavators or teleporters and features built-in limb support and 25mm Hardox shearing blades.LMS 440 MK3 ScorpionSTANDARD FEATURES• 2 no. heavy duty 25mm Hardox shearing blades (interchangeable)• 2 no. 26 ton hydraulic blade shearing rams• Heavy duty grapple• 55° head tilt left to right from centre point• Hardox metal frame• Easy access grease points• Easy to replace brash back bushes• Supplied with 15mm base plate• Heavy duty de-mountable limb support• 1100Kg OPTIONS• 24 volt 6 port/120 litre diverter valve; for single hydraulic supply to service shear and switch to tilt• Excavator mounting hitch if requiredThe upgraded Scorpion 440 Tree Shear features tougher grapple arms, thicker blades and limb supports “a powerful labour saving tool to shear tree sections at ground level”. Suitable to fit to excavators 8 ton and above.

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THME 80 THLD 105To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com28TFC-/DT/F2200 complete with hydraulic push over barFlails & MulchersHeavy duty 3 point linkage forestry mulcher:Excavator mounted flailsModels to suit tractors from 60 up to 200Hp with an option of flails and fixed carbon teeth ideal for quickly clearing undergrowth, trees and stumps up to 400mm diameter.Grass, brash and heavy duty forestry mulching excavator mounted flails.1.5 to 20 ton +with options of swinging hammer flails and fixed carbon teethTIR 150 complete with float linkageTHM 125 complete with float linkageTHFP/F 160TFC/

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com29Truck Mounted CranesM Large - official supplier for the Atlas range of truck mounted cranes. Servicing, repair & maintenance of all makes of truck mounted cranes (Atlas, Effer, Hiab, Palfinger).Lorry crane sales, repairs, servicing & testingCrane inspections & testing by an ALLMI examiner• Fast turnaround• On-site visits• Competitive pricesService packages available from basic service to 7 year full R&M• Fault diagnostics• Parts• Service, repair & maintenance of all makes of truck mounted cranesNew Crane Sales - Extensive range of new cranes availableThe most experienced truck mounted crane team in Ireland. We are able to deliver what is best for our customers.Stock Cranes for Immediate

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com30Wood Chippersfarmiforest.fiCH10 CHIPPERCH18 CHIPPERCH38 CHIPPEROur extensive wood chipper range includes models that meet the demands for both bioenergy and landscaping applications. FARMI chippers have been designed with ease of use, productivity and, of course, safety in mind. The chippers are available as manual feeders and crane feeders. The smallest manual feed models are designed for producing landscaping chips and the crane-fed models for energy chips. CH27 CHIPPERCH27 chippers for bioenergyCH38 Smart Feed chipper for bioenergy.Handy and powerful hand-feed chipper for both landscape chipping and energy chip production.CH10 is a disc model wood chipper that is light but has a sturdy structure and is suitable for landscaping branches, tree crowns and small tree trunks.

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To place orders or contact us call +44 28 9034 2838 or email sales@mlarge.com31M.Large’s experienced and proficient staff are always on hand to offer friendly service to customers and keep machinery working at it’s optimum efficiency. Our in-house service team deal with warranty and post warranty enquiries to ensure customers of an end to end support service.After sales back-up is our priorityFast Delivery of Spare partsAmazing ServicePARTSSERVICEWide selection of parts and spares for all stocked machinery and equipment, most available and delivered within 24-48 hours from order. Highly experienced service personnel to ensure customer machines are running smoothly and efficiently.

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M. Large Tree Services Ltd. 74 Church Road, Newtownabbey, BT36 7LNT. +44 (0)28 9034 2838 E. W. www.mlarge.comEst. 1970Follow us onFirewood processorsLogsplittersWoodchippersTanksForestry cranes, trailers, grapplesMulchersTree Shear/ Energy GrappleChainsaws, HedgetrimmersTimber GrabsUU KKStump GrindersRotatorsKindlett machinesTree shearsGasification boilersSawmillsTree shears, log baggersTruck mounted cranesFirewood processorsWood ChippersSALES SERVICE SUPPLY SUPPORTForestry winches