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Little wolf's Best Christmas

by Michael Daniel and Anthony Green


Buddy was a small wolf compared to his brothers. His parents were protective over Buddy because he wasn't as big nor strong as the other forest animals. Though his heart was pure and always full of joy. Buddy had shared a passion for the winter ever since he was born. Whether it was because of the snow or that he got presents on Christmas Day, he loved the holidays.


“Mommy, Mommy it’s almost Christmas!!!” Cried Buddy. “Yes my little pup,” said Mama wolf. “We still need a Christmas tree!” said Buddy worriedly. “Go get your brothers and we shall go get one,” said Mama wolf.


The wolf family journeyed inside the forest to pick out a tree for their den. Buddy’s brothers were in disagreement so they couldn't pick a tree. “I want a big one, a tree as big as a mountain!” stated Tucker. “I want small tree,” argued Max.


They walked the tree to their den through thewet winter snow, ¨This tree is as heavy as a boulder¨ cried Buddy. ¨It’s ok son we are almost there¨ said Papa wolf.

The wolf family arrived to their home and carried the tree through the den. “This is a perfect tree Buddy, Santa will definitely enjoy this tree.” delightfully cheered Mama wolf.  

“Go play outside, we will prepare dinner.” suggested Papa. The brother wolves were having a big snowball fight with all their forest friends. “ Hey” cried Rocky the Rabbit “That one almost got me.” WHOOSH! The snowball flew right past Tucker’s snout.


Everyone took a break from the snowball fight. “Aren’t you all ready for Santa to visit tomorrow!?” exclaimed Buddy. “ Buddy don’t you know that Santa isn’t  real?” asked Tammy the fox. “ Yes he is!” cried Buddy, “That is enough for today Buddy let’s go inside now.” said Max.


“ How was your time in the snow boys, I heard it snowing cats and dogs”  “Mama is santa real?” squeaked little wolf, “ Of course he is.” “The other animals were saying that santa is a myth.” “Buddy if you believe then we will all believe.” cheered Papa wolf


“Goodnight Buddy” whispered Mama, “Goodnight” little wolf replied. Jingle Jingle Whoosh. “What was that?” Little wolf went to the christmas tree and he saw someone that meant the world to him. “Santa is that really you?”, “Hello Buddy.” Santa said smiling.


: “All these kids this year that don’t believe in me drive me up the wall! I'm trying to solve a million issues this year.” exclaimed Santa. “Santa, I knew you were real, I always believed in you!” screamed Buddy. Buddy was nearly about to jump out of his socks “Buddy you have to keep it down, I need you to keep this a secret okay?.”  jeered Santa. “Anything for you Santa” squealed Buddy.


“ I have to go Buddy, I’ll see you next year” said Santa, “Goodbye Santa.”

As Buddy waved goodbye he realized that he will forever hold something special in his heart. Buddy will never forget the time he met Santa Claus.