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Intramolecular forces are the forces present inside the individual atom, or molecule. These hold the molecule togather using chemical bonding. There are three diffferent types of chemical bonds; ionic, covalent and metalic. Each apply to a different type of molecule.

Intermolecular forces are forces inside of atoms, molecules and ions such as Hydrogen,  Dipole- Dipole and london dispersion forces. These are the forces that cause the atoms to attract or reepel each other. They deal with the amount of surface tension, viscosity and other characteristics of particles.

 Differences between

 the forces

Intermolecular bonds consist of Hydrogen, Dipole- Dipole and london dispersion forces. They are lisited strongest to weakest in terms of bond strength.


Intramolecular forces

Intramolecular forces are chemical bond that hold molecules to gather, depending on the molecule they will have a ionic, covelent or metalic bond. These bonds are much stronger than intremolecular forces.