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Lesson Plan Assignment and Lesson on Learning Strategies

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By: Bethany Langley

Use Space Below to take notes and answer the final partner question:

Introduction Video

What are learning strategies?


Back to your conversation with your partner...


Use the space provided below for additional notes.

“A Learning Strategy is a person’s approach to learning and using information” (Learning Strategies, 2009).


  • Did the learning strategies you come up with your partner match what the definition of a learning strategy is?
  • Are there any additional learning strategies you utilize and would like to add to your list before moving on?
  • Each partnership needs to share with the class at least one learning strategy used in their own learning.


Use the space provided for taking notes:

Lesson Plan Assignment Instructions


  1. You are allowed to teach a lesson on any subject at whichever grade level you choose, but be sure to specify what grade level and subject(s) the lesson plan covers.
  2. Must integrate technology into your lesson plan (it’s your choice how you incorporate it and what exactly you incorporate, but technology must be implemented in such a way that the learning is enriched through its use).
  3. Student Objectives (These need to include action verbs, follow the ABCD objective format and need to be measureable. Do not create objectives where you can’t tell whether a student has reached the objective or not).
  4. Student Assessment (How will you assess your students to determine whether or not they have mastered the lesson objectives)
  5. Write out the procedure and be sure this procedure includes a step-by-step of how you will teach the lesson. Write out what you will say during the lesson. (As you teach more and practice teaching you will not have to write out word-for-word what you will say but for a while the written words will be helpful for you as you prepare the lesson). Be sure that if a substitute were to have to teach the lesson, nothing would be up for question and no assumptions will have to be made.
  6. Credits/Resources (Be sure to give credit to the resources you utilize when creating the lesson plan.
  7. Include all worksheets, rubrics, scaffolds, links, etc. that you will use when you teach this lesson to your students.

Recap of Requirements on lesson plans in this class:


  • Incorporate 5 learning strategies discussed in class or that you will discover during your research into your lesson plan (Be sure to highlight all 5 to make it obvious as to what learning strategies you utilize).


  • Below the “Credits” section of your Lesson Plan do the following 3 things.


    1. Explain how you plan to implement the 5 learning strategies into your lesson.

    2. Compare/Contrast the learning strategies you chose with 2 additional learning strategies you didn’t choose.

    3. Justify why the learning strategies you selected were the best pick for your specific lesson.

New Requirements with this specific lesson plan:


Start to make plans in the space below:

List any other resources you find below in space provided:

The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning explores learning strategies for different subject areas as part of their Strategic Instruction Model.


The Teaching Community (a Monster community) discusses 40 Active Learning Strategies a student can utilize to become more successful.


Although the Language Learning Strategies site focuses mostly on foreign language learning, some great advice can be found in the pages of this chapter.

Resources to find Learning Strategies (Do NOT only utilize the resources I have provided, find your own as well)

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As a reminder about the ABCD's of objectives, download the document to the right.

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Good Luck!