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M is for Mickey Mouse

A Disney World Alphabet

By Jasmine Kwon

Aladdin’s look is unique. The inspiration for him was at first Michael J. Fox, from Back To The Future. They then desired to create him to look slightly alike to Tom Cruise. Aladdin’s design was inspired by Al Hirschfeld. Aladdin is essentially 2 connected triangles (his chest and pants). Wearing a red hat, purple vest, red belt, white puffy pants and no shoes, he flies around the night.



is for Aladdin

3 wishes from a genie 

      Stealing from the market 

He gets in a lot of trouble

      And flies on a magic carpet

Boardwalk Inn is an inn and remarkably more. There a great variety for the whole family to do. There is a spa to let go of your worries, shops for souvenirs, an arcade, and a pool. Additionally, there is an ESPN club where you can keep an eye on sports and chomp on food all day. The Flying Fish Cafe is a restaurant located near the inn. Beautiful flying fish wall illustrations can be found on the walls of the café.



is for Boardwalk Inn

When dusk comes,

      this place is bright

Shining like a star

      in a dark night

At night, there is a spectacular fireworks show just overhead Cinderella’s Castle called Happily Ever After. There are state-of-the-art projections, lasers and more than 50 spotlights used during this show. Gracefully, Tinkerbell soars around the castle before anything happens. Sparkling colorful fireworks light up the night sky. During the fireworks, projections pop up onto the castle. You may spot The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Moana, Zootopia, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Toy Story and Sleeping Beauty. The projections go through each movie showing all of the hero's hopes and dreams and the villains attempts to demolish them.



is for Cinderella’s Castle

Straight from a fairy tale

     Shooting high into the sky

A place fit for royalty

     That’s 18 stories high

Donald Duck is a Disney character that makes many appearances in a colossal amount of Disney movies. He is normally seen with Daisy Duck. But what really makes them related? Do not be mislead, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are not married, they are brother and sister-in-laws. Donald’s sister, Dumbella, married Daisy’s brother, whose name has not been revealed. They then had 3 children, Huey (Hubert), Louie (Louis) and Dewey (Deuteronomy).



is for Donald Duck

With a very large beak

      And big yellow feet

He’s in a sailor suit

      And goes tweet-tweet

This might be a bit shocking, but Expedition Everest is not based on Mt. Everest but the Forbidden Mountain beside Mt. Everest. On this mountain there was the village of Serka Zong, a tea plantation. They had trains going far and wide around the villages. When they broke, the villagers blamed Yeti. A few years later, Norbu and Bob discovered this place and decided to fix the trains and create it into their own attraction.



E is for Expedition Everest

You’ll go high up into the sky

     Then you’ll drop way down low

But, you better watch out!

     For, backwards is the way you’ll go

Fantasia is a fireworks/water display show based off of the movie. The movie has won Walt Disney many awards. It won 2 academy awards from Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences. The first award went to Walt Disney and the second award went to Stokowski (the music conductor for the film). Walt Disney also became the 4th producer to receive the Irving G. Thalberg award, an award given to “Creative producers, whose bodies of work reflect a consistently high quality of motion picture production”. Although it was not awarded because of Fantasia, they made a comment that Fantasia was a remarkable show.



F is for Fantasia

While Mickey fights villains

     Fireworks shoot to the sky

Like giant, bright flowers

     Way up way up they fly

Goofy is a dog that walks on two feet. What makes the difference between him and Pluto though? Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog. An anthropomorphic dog is a dog with human characteristics. For example, Pluto walks on 4 legs while Goofy walks on two. Pluto only barks, and Goofy only talks.



G is for Goofy

He has big floppy ears

      And is very tall

Laughs about everything

      And doesn’t seem so small

Many people today have a theory that Disney World’s Haunted Mansion is inspired by Savannah, Georgia. Savannah, Georgia is one of the most haunted cities in America. In Savannah, there are heaps of graveyards that were paved to become roads. People believe the Haunted Mansion is inspired by the Hamilton Turner Inn. The Hamilton Turner Inn is the first house in Savannah that had electricity. To add to the creepiness, it is rumored that a confederate soldier ghost haunts it because the inn was constructed right on top of his grave.



H is for Haunted Mansion

In this huge haunted house

      It is very scary

It’s a Disney World attraction

      But, beware! There are no fairies.

It’s a Small World is a distinguished ride at Disney World. It came to Disneyland because people loved it so much at the World Fair. After it opened in Disneyland, it spread to other parks. Today, you can travel to any Disney park in the world to view and ride it. It is so popular that 1 in 4 Disney visitors think riding It’s a Small World is a Disney tradition. It also has played 1,200 times a day, and it has been playing in at least 2 locations on the globe since 1983.



is for It’s a Small World

A ride filled with cultures

   That are represented by dolls

You might even see yours

   It’s a small world after all

The Jungle Cruise started out as a ride that is completely different to the way it is today. It began as a serious documentary on the wildlife. While planning this version, Walt Disney wanted to have real alligators. When he explained this plan to a zoologist, she said that most animals are nocturnal, so daytime visitors won’t have the same experience as night time visitors. After acquiring it as a documentary, they desired to make it more entertaining for visitors. They added hilarious jokes and commentary into the ride to make it more enjoyable.



J is for Jungle Cruise

In this swampy ride

    You see animals galore

So many species

    You’ll want an encore

King Triton is Ariel’s dad in The Little Mermaid. He is always seen bearing a shining gold trident. His trident was gifted to him by his father, Poseidon. It is used to protect Atlantica from treacherous threats. He can also transform merpeople into humans and can harness the power of lightning. The trident is also known to have greater power when in the hands of the King of Atlantica.



K is for King Triton

With his shiny gold trident

      And his voluminous white hair

He rules over Atlantica

      And doesn’t like people who breathe air

Liberty Square is one of the themed lands in Disney World. It is inspired by the colonial era. There are brick covered buildings to remind visitors of Williamsburg, Virginia. There is also a remarkable replica of the Liberty Bell. You can pose in front of it and snap a picture too. The 3 attractions in Liberty Square, including The Haunted Mansion, The Hall of Presidents, and the Liberty Square Riverboat, add to the theme too.



L is for Liberty Square

You go way back in time

      When you step into this place

You can see the Liberty Bell

      And stand at its base

Mickey Mouse plays a tremendous role in Disney World. But, how did the mouse come to be what he is today? It all started with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. When the creators of Oswald went to go meet with Universal for a deal, Universal stole Oswald from them. Walt Disney had to come up with a replacement for Oswald. Then, Mortimer was born. Walt Disney’s wife disapproved the name, so she suggested the name Mickey. In 1935, Fred Moore altered Mickey to be cuter in the eyes of fans.



M is for Mickey Mouse

When he hangs out with the gang

       He is not an ordinary mouse

He goes on many adventures

       And plays in a clubhouse

Nemo is a young clown fish. He has a unique thing about him, his lucky fin. Nemo has one tiny fin and one normal fin instead of two ordinary fins. He received his lucky fin when his family was attacked by a barracuda. At that time, Nemo had a massive amount of unborn sibling, but the barracuda destroyed them, including his mother. Luckily, he was not destroyed, but his egg was wounded. This resulted in his lucky fin when he was born.



N is for Nemo

He has white and orange stripes

       Was attacked when he was little

Got into this crazy adventure

       That made him feel belittle

Olaf is a fairly new Disney character. He went through many of changes to become the happy snowman he is today. In the first draft, Olaf was one of the first guards of Elsa’s castle. In this version of Frozen, Elsa controlled an evil army of snowmen. They scraped this idea because Olaf had a mean attitude and personality, and they thought movie watchers wouldn’t enjoy having him in the movie. The creators wanted to make him look like as if a child had created him, so they did not try to make him look perfectly circular. They knew Olaf had to have a purpose to be in Frozen, so they stuck him in the movie to represent the love between Elsa and Anna.



O is for Olaf

The happiest snowman there could be

       With twig arms and a carrot nose

He loves the thought of summer   

       And skipping in flowery meadows

In the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the setting is extraordinary. In this ride, you see the pirate’s life. The scene changes while you progress through the ride to show different parts of a ship. You can also watch pirates robbing towns for treasure and that same town being set on fire. To make the setting very detailed, they use realistic props. At one point, they used real human skulls in the ride



P is for Pirates of the Caribbean

You’re in a dark place

      With pirates everywhere

So much is happening

      You can’t help but stare

The Queen of Hearts personality is very childish. The Queen of Hearts is very impatient and, some might say, insane. She always has temper tantrums about anything. She is also insane because she beheads anyone all the time. In the movie, Alice In Wonderland, she threatens Alice that if Alice made her mad, the Queen Of Hearts would behead Alice. She has disastrous mood swings and can only be persuaded by the king not to do something.



Q is for the Queen of Hearts

    When she is angry

       You better beware

    For, she beheads people

        Just about anywhere

Rapunzel is mostly known for her long, blonde hair. She was born with it. When her mother was pregnant with her, she caught a sickness. Since her mother was queen, the soldiers of the kingdom took a flower from Mother Gothel to make medicine. The medicine worked and Rapunzel was born. The flower in the medicine gave Rapunzel powers. She can heal people by wrapping her hair around a wound and singing. Also, when she sings, her hair glows. Mother Gothel uses its effects to keep her young.



R is for Rapunzel

    Mother Gothel takes her

      And locks her in a tower

    She finally gets away 

      But it takes some willpower

Splash Mountain is one of the most famous rides in all the Disney Parks. Most people enjoy riding this because of the gigantic drop near the end of the ride. The drop is about 52 ½ feet down. The angle you drop at is 45-degrees. You drop at 40 miles an hour. This drop was not easy to make though. When the workers were first constructing the ride, they had to revise the drop a lot because the testers always said they got too wet.



S is for Splash Mountain

    This iconic disney ride

     Will leave you not very dry

    It has a huge drop

      That’s as high as the sky

During the first drafts of Toy Story, the characters you know and have come to love were completely different. Woody used to be a ventriloquist’s dummy, and he used to be mean to the other toys. Jesse used to be Senorita Cactus. She was changed because John Lasseter's wife suggested that the character should have more substance. Buzz Lightyear used to be Tinny, a tin soldier from a 1988 short film. They changed him because they needed a toy that would fit the role better.



T is for Toy Story

    When no one’s looking

      These toys will talk

    If no one’s there

      These toys will walk

Ursula is the main antagonist of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She was inspired by Divine, a drag queen. Howard Ashman, the producer of The Little Mermaid, grew up in the same part of Baltimore, D.C, as Divine. He is the reason Divine became the inspiration for Ursula. When they were first sketching for ideas for Ursula, Rob Minkoff created a sketch with great resemblance to Divine. Everything was on point, the makeup, body-type, jewelry, and even the same beauty mark.



U is for Ursula

    She takes Ariel’s voice

       For her master plan

    Makes sure she doesn’t get it back

       By impressing one young man

Violet is a part of a family full of superheroes, The Incredibles. Violet’s powers are turning invisible and creating force fields. Violet starts out only knowing that she has the power of invisibility. She finally embraces her other powers when her family is in danger. When her mother, brother, and her are on a plane that’s about to crash, she creates a force field to protect everyone. When her dad is about to be crushed by a huge robot part, she uses her force field to keep it from dropping on him.



V is for Violet

    Long, slick, black hair

       With long gloves and boots

    She has superpowers

       And a cool super suit

WALL-E’s movements were created by a set of sounds. These sounds were engineered by Bun Burtt. He is mostly known for his sounds for R2-D2 in Star Wars. He created 2,400 sounds for WALL-E. Some of these sounds include, an electric toothbrush, shopping carts hitting each other and a camera shutter all at the same time for his eyebrow movements. For WALL-E’s sneeze, it is a vacuum running while Bun Burtt sneezed.



W is for WALL-E

    He is a robot

        From 800 years from now

    His job is very big

        But he has to do it somehow

Xiang-Yu, from Disney’s Mulan, developed a plan to conquer China. He and his army scaled the Great Wall of China wanting everyone to know that he came. He attacked 2 villages before facing a problem. General Li’s army came and fought, but he killed most of them but a few. They fought him again and he lost his whole army except for him and 5 men. In the end, his plan failed and Mulan succeeded him.



X is for Xiang-Yu

    He has glowing orange eyes

      With a thin pointy mustache

    Eyebrows that make him look angry

      And a sword that can slash

Yzma, from The Emperor's New Groove, will do anything to overthrow the emperor. When the current emperor, Kuzco, fires her (she was his adviser), she turns on him. She plans to kill him, so she can become the empress. She’s not excellent at planning, though. She always comes up with over complicated plans and finally settles on turning him into a flea, so she can just squish him.



Y is for Yzma

    With a huge mischievous grin

       And her purple feathered collar

    She hates the emperor

       And wants to make him holler

Zurg does not look like any other toy in Toy Story. He is a plastic cyborg action figure. He has a purple head with red eyes and yellow glowing teeth. He also has a cape with a collar as tall as his head. On his cape, there is a red circle. Inside the red circle, is a yellow “Z”.



Z is for Zurg

He fights the other toys

      And won’t stop until he’s won

He falls a long way down

      And reveals that Buzz is his son      

Mickey Mouse come out with a series of short films on November 18, 1928.



Goofy comes out on May 25, 1932

Donald Duck comes out on June 9, 1934



Timeline Of Disney Characters

The Queen of Hearts comes out in Alice in Wonderland on June 26, 1951


Ursula and King Triton come out in The Little Mermaid on November 17, 1989

Aladdin came out in the movie, Aladdin on November 11, 1992


Xiang Yu came out in the movie, Mulan, on June 5, 1998



Yzma came out in the movie, The Emperor's New Groove on December 10, 2000


Nemo came out in the movie, Finding Nemo, on May 30, 2003

Violet Incredible came out in the movie, The Incredibles, on November 5, 2004



WALL-E came out in the movie, WALL-E, on June 27, 2008


Rapunzel came out in the movie, Tangled, on November 24, 2010

Olaf came out in the movie, Frozen, on November 22, 2017



Who is your favorite Disney character?