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by Sofia Bollengier

M is for Maracana

Brazilian alphabet

The Amazon River in Brazil is the second longest river in the world. After the Nile River the Amazon is the longest. It is 4,345 miles long and the amazon covers 40% of South America.The river has more than 5,600 species of fish and runs through six countries in South America.

  A a

A is for Amazon River

-No bridges are built

 only Ferry’s pass through

many fish in the water

But none of them are good for stew

Brasilia is one of the largest capital of the country. It is the fourth largest city of Brazil and has 2,481 million people who live there. It was a planned capital and city. Oscar Niemeyer, was the architect of this wonderful place.

B b

Brasilia is the Brazilian capital since 1960.The Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek, decided to move the capital from Rio de Janeiro to the middle of the country. Brazilia was a planned city and it is shaped as an airplane. Oscar Niemeyer was the architect, he made a very modern city. Brazilia is currently the fourth largest city in Brazil and has 2,481 million people who live there. 

B b

B is for Brasilia

A planned capital and city

That millions of people live in 

You would love to be invited

I’m sure you would fit right in

Capoeira is a fight, dance, and a game played by two people. They dress in confortable white clothes. People watching it, sing and play an instrument called berimbau. Capoeira was created by African slaves more then 500 years ago when slavery was still going on in Brazil. Slaves used capoeira to defend themselves.Some of the tricks are straight kicks, acrobatics, and take down. 

C c

C is for Capoeira

-Capoeira is a sport

It’s a fight and a dance 

It’s how slaves escaped

And gives you a good stance

A discus is a round fish with a flattened body and very long fins. They live in the Amazon River with multiple other kinds of fish.They have a great variety of colors, unique shapes and patterns. Their vertical stripes are used to camouflage and to communicate with their school. These fish live up to 10 to 15 years long.

D d

is for Discus

-A fish with a flattened

And has round body 

They are camouflaged

They are safe from everybody   

The Emperor Tamarin is a monkey that is found in the Amazon Region. This monkey has a white mustache and has a grey body. They are carnivores and they eat many fruits. Their Latin name is “Saguinus Imperator."These species are getting close to extinction because of the deforestation that is causing habitat loss. 

E e

E is for Emperor Tamarin

-Emperor Tamarin is a monkey

And it has a white mustache

It lives in a forest 

And is getting smaller in a flash

Farofa is made with toasted manioc flour mixed with spices. It is a popular side dish that is used to sprinkle on the top of your main dish. Farofa makes the food you are eating crunchy. Also, it is an essential side dish to feijoada and brazilian barbecue. You can make it yourself or buy it ready made.

F f

F is for Farofa

 Looks like sand

  And its crunchy too

  Made from manioc roots

  Do you want me to bring some for you

Guarana contains caffeine and it is a well known drink. It is also a plant from the maple family and native to the Amazon Basin. Guarana seeds contain about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee seeds. Guarana is often taken as a food supplement and, used in soft drinks.

G g

G is for Guarana

-Guarana is a soft drink
It contains caffeine
Better to keep away
If you want to enjoy Brazilian cuisine

Heitor da Silva Costa was a famous Brazilian civil engineer. He became a civil engineer professor for he same college he went to. Also, he worked on a lot of well known Brazilian churches and monuments. For example, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. 

H h

H is forHeitor da Silva Costa

-Born in Rio de Janeiro

Hector made his career as a civil engineer 

In 1924 Hector won a competition

And built the famous Christ the Redeemer  

Ibirapuera Park is a large urban park in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is as important for Sao Paulo, as Central Park is to New York City. It was created in 1954. This park was named after an indigenous village that lived in the area when Brazil was discovered in the 1500s.

I i

I is for Ibirapuera Park

-The biggest park in Sao Paulo

Often compared to Central Park

Ibirapuera park in Brazil

But a bit scary in the dark

Jericoacoara is a beautiful small fishing village located in the eastern Brazilian state of Ceara. It’s situated by the Atlantic sea. It has a blue lagoon where people gather to see the colorful sundown. It has amazing sandy beaches. It’s an idyllic place to visit or to live.

J j

J is for Jericoacoara

-In the state of Ceara

A small village shine

It is not only for its sandy beaches

It's for all its natural beauty combined

The Kingfisher is a small bird. They usually live nearby the water  with long straight beaks that help them catch fish, shrimp, insects, and tadpoles. This bird’s predators are foxes, snakes, and raccoons. Their weight is 10.4 grams and their height is 10cm.

K k

K is for Kingfisher

  -Kingfisher is a bird

That is very small

Lives near water

They are beautiful as all

Leafcutter ants work hard together in their colony. They don’t eat the leaves that they cut. They bring the leaves to their colony to feed their fungi garden because the fungi is their food. These ants have different roles in the colony. For example, workers and soldiers. The workers job is to protect the pile leaves from flies and wasps. The ant colonies are made up of 10 million ants.

L l

L is for Leafcutter ant

-A leafcutter ant cuts leaves 

For the fungi

That they eat and watch 

Out for the wasps and flies

Maracana is one of the most famous sport stadiums in the world. It was built for the 1950 Soccer World Cup. In its first soccer game the stadium was filled with almost 200,000 spectators. Unfortunately the stadium  was closed for many years, until the 2016 Soccer World Cup in Brazil. Nowadays Maracana regained its old time glory.

M m

M is for Maracana

-Maracana is a famous stadium

many spectators fill the seats

Where soccer fans dream to be

Where the victory is always sweet

Niemeyer, Oscar was an architect that designed most of the buildings and monuments in Brasilia. He was born on December 5, 1905. Unfortunately, he passed away 10 days before his 105th birthday. In the hospital bed, he was still giving orders to his employees. Niemeyer received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1988. His highest professional achievement was the Cathedral of Brasilia.

N n

N is for Niemeyer, Oscar

-Niemeyer was an architect

Well known for modern architecture

He received a prize to recognize 

His work on Brazilian infrastructure

Ordem e Progresso means “Order and Progress” in english. It is the national Brazilian motto of positivity that is written on the Brazilian flag. Brazilians believe the order (organization) is a ideal way to achieve progress.

O o

Ois for Ordem e Progresso

-There on the flag

  It means order and progress

  the motto of positivity

Which leaves Brazil ina good process

Pao de Queijo is a Brazilian cheese bread eaten when warm. It is usually eaten during breakfast. It is a dough mixture put into the oven to enlarge. Then, the taste is crunchy on the outside ,but in the inside it is soft. These cheese rolls are made with a type of starch (Polvilho) and cheese. You can buy pao de queijo in most bakeries in Brazil.

P p

P is for Pao de queijo

-Pao de queijo is baked

It’s filled with cheese

And when it’s crunch

You will eat with ease 

Quindim is a very popular baked dessert. It is made from sugar, egg yolk, and coconut. The color of this dessert is bold yellow and is usually served cold. Quindim origins come from the Portuguese cuisine.

Q q

Q is for Quindim

-Quindim is a dessert

That is yellow 

And is served cold

Just like jello

Real (R$) is the name of the Brazilian money since 1994. Before it was Cruzeiro. In order to buy an american dollar you will need four Brazilian Reais. The Brazilian Real is not a strong currency, but it’s the nineteenth most traded currency in the world.

R r

R is for Reais

-Reais is money

It is also a currency

Nineteenth most traded 

For its popularity

Samba is a Brazilian music and dance style. Samba was created by the African slaves. It is the official carnival music and dance. It is played by string and various percussion instruments. There is various samba styles, like: Samba no Pe, Gafieira, Pagode, Samba de Roda.

S s

S is for Samba

-Created by african slaves 

Samba became a lifestyle 

That is now the official carnival’s dance

During 4 days no Brazilian loses their smile.

Tapir is a herbivorous mammal. They have a similar body as pigs and have a trunk which is their extended nose. Their trunks grab branches to help pluck fruits out of it. They're amazing swimmers and they make their home on water. They grow to about 800 pounds.

T t

T is for Tapir

-Tapir is a mammal 

Their trunk is they’re nose

They are amazing swimmers

And the tapir knows  

Uakari is a monkey with long loose hair and a bald head. They are only found in forest and spend most of their time in treetops and live in groups of 100 animals. Also, the redder their face is the more attracted they are to each other. Uakari is pronounced “wakari” and its Latin name is “Cacajao". 

U u

U is for Uakari

-Uakari is a monkey

It’s face is as red as could be 

It has long hairs

And they live in a tree

Victoria Regia is an aquatic plant from the amazon region. Victoria Regia is named after Queen Victoria, of England. This plant has leaves in form of circles, and they float. The flower on the lily pad (lily) can be white, yellow, purple, or pink. The leaves can measure up to 8 feet and weigh up to 80 pounds.

V v

V is for Victoria Regia 

-An aquatic plant 

From the amazon region

With a flower on top

In every season

Wattled Curassow is a bird that lives in flooded forests in the Brazilian Pantanal. They are about 82-89 centimeters long. Females usually lay two eggs in the nests that they build with sticks and leaves. Their latin name is ”Crax globulosa".

W w

W is for Wattled Curassow

-A bird with a black tail

And an orange beak 

That lives in forests

And they have a big squeak

X-Ray Tetra is a fish that has a backbone that is easy to see. They are silver with yellowish color but it is very faint. Females are slightly larger and rounder than the male.The females lays between 300-400 eggs. They are omnivores and they eat both animals and plants.

X x

X is for X-Ray Tetra

-A fish who is silver

And yellow too

Male or female

They X-Ray is there for you

Brazilians wear yellow and green in most national events. It is to show their love for the country. In stadiums supporters wear vivid yellow shirts. The color comes from the Brazilian flag. In Brazil yellow symbolizes gold which they count as a natural resource. 

Y y

Y is for Yellow

-The famous yellow jersey

That all Brazilians wear of course

Transforms the stadium into gold 

Which is their natural resource

Zico was a famous Brazilian soccer player. He was the fifth best goal scorer in Brazilian soccer history with 59 goals in 73 games. He was born in 1953 and he was the third professional soccer player in his family. After his international soccer player career, he became the coach of Japan’s national team.

Z z

Z is for Zico

-On the soccer field

Zico is outstanding 

Some even say he’s as good as Pele 

It is even better when the crowd is standing

X-Ray Tetra is a fish that has a backbone that is easy to see. It is silver with yellowish color but it is very faint. Females are slightly larger and rounder than the male.The females lays between 300-400 eggs. They are omnivores and they eat both animals and plants.

X x


Amazon River: Rio Amazonas 

Discus Fish: Peixe de Disco

Emperor Tamarin: Imperador Tamarin 

Ibirapuera Park: Parque Ibirapuera 

Kingfisher: Martinho pescador

Leafcutter ant: Formiga Cortadora de Folhas 

Maracana: Estadio Maracana 

Tapir: Anta

Uakari: Macaco Uakari 

X-ray Tetra: peixe tetra-raio-X

Yellow: Amarelo