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Thrun The





                         Thrun Jr. lived in Skrikerum with mom and dad Thrun Sr. and Thrunia. There house was made out of crooksite. Thrun Sr. was a supervillain and was really bad guy. Thrun Jr. wanted to follow his dad and become a supervillain. Thrun Jr. would follow everything his dad did to be prepared to become a supervillain. 

                         Thrun Sr. always get angry and become mad at Thrun Jr. for being good in school. One day Thrun Sr. introduced Thrun Jr. into the Thallium poisoning darts. Thrun Jr. learned how to use them and who to use them on. Thrun was taught to use them on teachers and what spot the teachers can’t feel the darts going into. 

                         Thrun would always get  big prizes like new poisons. One day on Thrun’s way back home his friend Cornet was in a big trouble and Thrun Jr. used his superpowers he used to fight off the bad guys that Cornet was fight. Thrun Jr. got his picture taken by a photographer and was named Thrun the All Powerful. 

                         Thrun’s dad was angry because Thrun was not supposed to use his superpowers for good. 20 Years Later.Thrun because the most known superhero and turned against his dad and put his dad in prison for the bad things that he did. Thrun was the best superhero to be known throughout the world.