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   Alternate World Region Intro


Long before the land of Minionopolis, there was a large rocket shaped island that collided with another large tectonic plate.  This collision broke off the  piece of land that is Minionopolis. On the continent of Minionopolis there are four seperate countries, each with diversified languages, governments, religions, and overall cultures.In the beginning Minionopolis was one single nation,united by a strong belief in and almost obsessive love for Gru until centrifugal forces such as different interpretations of Gru’s will and word,  government style, and other cultural differences caused them to divide. The first to become an independent state was Eat More Chicken. Eat More Chicken began as a small group of people in north-western Minionpolis who developed a complete lack of belief in the word of Gru and banded together with the dream of a secularist state. This dream became a reality when Eat More Chicken expanded and became its own country with a secularist government and complete freedom of religion. The next state to become independent was Horgandas and is located directly below Eat More Chicken. Somehow the founders of this country developed a completely new religion based around Chester The Cheetah, with absolutely no ties to Gru. Due to the close proximity of Eat More Chicken and Horgandas, they are strong trade partners and have a good mutualistic relationship. The last of the countries to divide were Miniopolis and Minion Sauve, they were united for a long time by their loyalty and dedication to Gru. It wasn't until a final feud between the two main Branches of Gru finally caused them to separate. Regardless of their propinquity, Minion Sauve and Miniopolis are not trade partners, nor do they have any sort of positive relationship. They have opposing views on most political and economic matters, though the discord between these two countries has yet to be of danger to them or any of their neighboring countries.


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Eat More Chicken

Eat more Chicken is a Queendom with a free religion. There is not one set here. The government is very free with religion and has no preference. The government is very free with superb civil rights. They are tolerant of weed smoking. Because the ruler is the most hated man in town he is trying to make up for this by allowing lots of freedom to the people. Along with these rights comes voting, all people are allowed to vote along with running for ruler in the upcoming election. The culture depends on hunting, fishing and farming. Without these economic activities there would be no economy. Along with these natural resources is coal and bauxite. They use these to fuel our factories and many trains. They are trade partner’s with Hoorgandas which they have a very free flowing agreement when trading resources. Coal helps fuel our industries to further our urban development and technologies. It’s relationships with other countries are very friendly and Eat more Chicken tends to stay on countries good sides. The transportation is mainly trains and coal powered cars to get around our small nation state. Eat more Chicken is in the second stage of Rostow’s model and semi-periphery in Wallerstien’s model. Man has put quite a toll on the environment due to coal mining and weed growing, Many pollutants are in the air due to both of these industries.



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Miniopolis on the continent of Minionopolis is an Inoffensive Centrist Democracy that began as an anarchy in the old days of primitive tribes and strict worship. It was impossible to maintain an anarchy and peace so laws had to be instituted. The government has some laws based upon religion for example, you can’t be associated with the color purple and you must worship Gru. My country is tolerant of any religion so long as purple is not involved and worship of it is kept private unless it is the country’s religion.

The economy in Miniopolis is somewhat well off. The high tax keeps the country safe and well developed, as well as the selling of Uranium, and it is fairly connected to the world and pop culture, though the government occasionally filters the information coming in if it has anything to do with the color purple.

Civil rights are high, and so are political freedoms. But, all information is somewhat controlled through religious biase even though the nation is technically secular.

All in all, Minionpolis is a slightly racially biased,but functioning and strong nation that maintains a decent international status by trade of resources and supplying its own food.

It has truly evolved from the religious, tribal anarchy it used to be.


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Minion Sauve
Minion Sauve, began as a humble branch of the religion Gru.
Whenever the branch began arguing about moralistic values, they found that they worship the same God, but believe in entirely different value sets, similar to the two branches of Islam. Eventually, through time, the two branches got further separated and began using different books (scripts), and principle doctrines. Gru, which is Minionopolis’ religion, worships the first Despicable Me script, while Gruism worships the Despicable Me 2 script. In essence, Minion Sauve began as a theocracy, based around a general love for Gru and all things Minion. But however, as time took its course, and citizens began showing normal imperfections, a dictatorship was quickly instituted. The citizens of Minion Sauve cannot quite connect with their neighboring country of Minionpolis for at the diversion of the two branches, a slight linguistic fragmentation occurred and over time separated each language into two different languages. This in turn causes an awkward communication across border lines. All in all, Minion Sauve maintains a decent, yet somewhat sub-standard connection to the world through a maintained and, “cleaned-up”, source of news, and pop culture ideals and by trading internationally. All of these elements have kept Minion Sauve afloat. Minion suave is a very large, orderly nation, over time, after the dictatorship replaced what was once a theocracy, it began to develop a lack of religion. With only 1.9% of government expenditures going towards religion. It also has an absence of drug laws. The population of 577 million Minion suaveans are ruled strictly with a dictatorship government, which ensures that no-one outside the party becomes too wealthy or gains too much power. In their personal affairs, however, Minion suaveans are relatively unoppressed. The government balances the Welfare, Education, and Defense the most. The average income tax rate is 43.4%, but is significantly higher for the wealthier population. The Minion suavean economy, is broadly diversified and led by the Pizza Delivery industry, with significant contributions from Information Technology, Beef-Based Agriculture, and Trout Farming. Black market activity is notable. State-owned companies are common. Average income is 26,072 is distributed very evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens. Voting is compulsory. Crime is almost non-existent. Minion suave's national animal is the bear. The citizens have decent civil rights. The government is also relatively tolerant of religion. Minion Sauveans have total equality. Though there is some prejudice towards the purple minions in everyday activities, this is not authorized by the government and they receive the same political rights and treatment as the yellow minions. Minion Sauveans do not have the best political freedom, voting is obligatory, and the country is ruled by a very strict dictator, with a habit of becoming power-crazy, and creating random laws, limiting the citizen’s political freedoms. Minion Sauve’s major natural resources include uranium, rubber, and silver. These do not have a huge impact on the country’s economy because it is predominantly composed of privately owned small business and state-owned industry that does not utilize these resources very much. Minion Sauve does not currently have any strong trading partners, in part because of the linguistic conflict. Minion Sauve’s economy follows Rostow’s model because our economic take off must be led by few individual sectors.We are in the second stage, the transitional stage. Economic resource and production have not really affected urban development because our locations are significantly spaced out. Our nation follows the Rank-size rule because our 3rd largest city has ⅓ the population of our country's largest city, our rank four city has ¼ the population of our largest city, and so on. Our economic resources do not affect our relationships with other countries much do to our lack of trade, nor does it affect the transportation of infrastructure. Man has impacted the environment in positively through gardening, protection of the bear and national parks and forests, and a lack of heavily polluting factories. In Wallerstein's world-systems theory we’re peripheral because we do not contribute much to the global economy. We are to some extent underdeveloped, most likely due to our small amount of communication outside of our country, though we have achieved significant levels of  of industrialization.                                Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.45.04 AM.png


 The Republic of Horgandas


Horgandas is an anarchy that has no religion in its government because it is the belief of those with power that religions are bad for the economy. The government is tolerant of religion but thinks it’s annoying. Horgandas’ government lets people do anything that they want because it thinks that by saying can’t do something is treating you like a child and a pet. You use your moral codes if you have any. The political freedoms are average because people do what they want when they want and don’t care about the government. Horgandas’ trade partners are Hehana, Eat More Chicken, RonPaulSwag, Heavens Door, and Suave. It has coal and phosphates, they use coal to obtain mass amounts of energy, and make giant farms. The coal is burned to make electricity; the phosphates are broken down and used to fertilize the farms. People have moved towards the inner city and further inside the country. The relationship with its trade partners is understanding and helpful, meaning if someone asks for aid it is put to rest quickly., help is provided, if someone attacks one person everybody fights them, if we have an argument   but everybody else needs to leave it alone or it will build a wall. The transportation is very good, but Horgandas likes trains more than cars so it’s trying to ban cars. You can only use trains and buses. It’s somewhat developed but is not the most developed in Minionopolis but is important for trade. In Rostow’s model Horgandas is in takeoff because it has some industry but not much trade. In Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory it’s semi-periphery because there is some industry but most people work in agriculture. It is like this because there were a lot of issues in which Horgandas chose to promote private industry and a lot of agriculture. In Horgandas man is a big part but so is the environment, man has made a positive impact by planting trees when cutting them down, it has three national parks to protect wildlife and trees and the very important almost extinct pink grass, while very rare still it is making a comeback due to fewer poisons and less pollution. But man has made a negative impact by building bigger and bigger cities and clearing lots of land for military testing (soon to be illegal).


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Is the nation of them all



Is the greatest of them all



Will never ever fall


Minionopolis is home


We are united by Gru




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