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Mindfulness Based Love Mandalas: Coloring and Prayer Book

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Decide if you want to colorthese mandalas, use them astemplates for other work orupload them for digital work.Gather your supplies. Find a safe, comfortable spaceto work in the book.Listen to a mindfulnesspractice audio or video, groundand breathe, or listen tocalming music while finding acomfortable breathing pace.Think of the word love andchoose colors that representwhat love in it's different ways. How to Use This

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Work intuitively with color,pattern and repetition of youcolor them by hand ordigitally.If you get stuck or frustrated,return to the comfortablebreathing pattern and whenready, return to coloring oradding repetition.Reflect on the question.Read the Love Letter to theSelf.Process through moving yourbody, singing, creating musicor automatic

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What words come to mind when you hear the wordlove?

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Love Notes to MyselfDear Truthful Heart,I'm so sorry that you might be unsure of whatlove is. I'm so sorry you were in disappointingcircumstances and relationships. I'm sosorry that you are cautious at times, or maybeall the time now. I'm so sorry you tookchances and were hurt and wounded. I'm sosorry that you feel you're not worthy of theDivine love that exists for you. I'm so sorrythat people broke your trust. I'm so sorry thatyou might have lost faith in the knowing,grace and beautiful presence of your DivineHeart within your Sacred Self. Dear TruthfulHeart, thank you for reminding me, even if it'sin the smallest way, that hope exists. ThatDivine Love is beautiful and miraculous andelevates us to the heavens as well as groundsus in truth. The truth that once we shed ourfears and wounds and come into connectionwith our heart, there is nothing more safethan in that open, vulnerable space.

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What sensations are you aware of in your body whenyou think about love in it's various forms?

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Love Notes to MyselfDear Miraculous Heart,I'm so glad you made it this far. I rejoice inthe beauty of the Miracle of You. I'm so sorrythat you have been made to believe that yourbody is not good enough. That perhaps, it wasviolated, neglected, abused or criticized. I'm sosorry they made your doubt your beauty. I'mso sorry they couldn't see the amazing vesselthat your Divine soul resides in, all that is hasendured to get you to this point, all that itcontinues to hold, the heart that continues tobeat, the lungs that continue to breathe DivineBreath. Dear Miraculous Heart, thank you forhelping me have the courage to be in my bodyand not shrink from its view or the sensations Ifeel in it. Thank you for lighting up my subtlebody and energy fields with connection to theDivine Source of all Protection. Thank you forthe miracle that you are and providing me thecourage to engage in true, subtle and detailednoticing of my body and hear what it is tellingme. I was made from the Divine Love of theUniverse and this vessel I will treat as it is,Divine and Miraculous.