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 Carnivorous Wonders

By Evan Miller

Dedicated to:Satoshi Tajiri

One of his Pokemon creations started the idea of this book. Also thanks to Mrs.Jones and Mrs.Mancuso for all their help.




Did you know that the Byblis means rainbow because of my rainbow shade. I also have fly trap paper on my arms that traps my prey and makes sure they can’t get away. This species of carnivorous plants are one of 670 species that are still around in the present day. Chances are you don't know much about carnivorous plants. But this book will explain all you need to know about 10 different species of these diverse plants. In my opinion these 10 are the most important carnivorous species in the world!






The Venus Flytrap is probably the most known carnivorous plant, but could it also be forgotten? The venus fly trap is also one of the plants that may be coming extinct since there are only 15000 left in the WORLD. But they are slowly making a comeback because now there is more protection against buying these fly traps. The Venus Flytrap lives up to twenty years so it will be a long time until it becomes a higher risk of extinction.


Well I have 4 pairs of whiskers to tell me when is the perfect time to close my mouth. And it could take me up to ten days to eat whatever bug was in my mouth. But, my trigger hairs are not the way I lure my food. Bugs are attracted to my wonderful scent. They say it smells like nectar. Most bugs in the world are attracted to that scent,  after they are trapped. My trigger hairs let out my secret solution: I call it acid. That makes food small and edible for me to eat.


Dear Venus Flytrap : 

How do you know when to close your mouth?

In the 12 century Sundew was a medical herb which was used for stimulants andexpectorants. It also cured whooping cough and bronchitis. This could be compared to what happened with mummies when they thought it was healthy to grind them into medicine. Hint: don't try this at home.

Please don't call me that. I look like this because I need my small arms to capture my prey. When an insect gets stuck in my arms, they start to curl up. how do they stick you might ask? Well, they have smaller arms which are covered with balls of uncured rubber. It takes me lots of hours to finish the process of rolling it up completely.


Dear Sundew:

Why do you look like the star nosed Mole?

Well, I wouldn't be here to talk to you if I couldn't eat flies. When flies venture into my mouth and try to drink my nectar,  it covers them in a sticky solution. Also If all goes wrong, I will close my lid to make sure my prey never leaves. You might think it would take a short time to eat whatever bug was in my mout, but it actually takes me over a month to digest my prey. Indeed, it pays off when I digest my dinner though, because I won't have to eat for almost another year.  

Dear Pitcher Plant:

 Why won't flies just fly out of your mouth?


There are over 100 species of these plants, but they all have one common relationship. They all have some type of poison inside them. Also with all the energy it takes to eat a bug, what shocks me the most is how it fully sustains the plant for a year

This carnivorous plant was discovered by a man named Hugh Low who identified it in 1851. The plant was named after the Egyptian queen Nepenthe. This plant is also very important to the enviroenment where it lives because  these humid areas have a subspecies or a version of the nepenthes which differs from other heights above sea level. If you think that's cool well, see how the stem goes upwards? actually it opens and inflates to create such a big body.


I live in an area called the Tropical Alpine.  I have the ability to live in freezing days and cold nights for one reason. It’s  all possible because of my need for nitrogen. If I don’t get nitrogen it is nearly impossible to live in these conditions. Also in order to use as little energy as possible, I drown the bug so it takes nearly no energy to eat my prey. I am also very important to the Tropical Alpine because when monkeys can't find water, I supply them with water because my large mouth takes in and stores rainwater.



Dear Nepenthes:

How do you live in such cold tempatures while your in a rainforest?

I don’t need to have roots to be a plant. I need to be free floating so I have different areas to find my dinner instead of just one small hunting ground. I Have 19 whorls with 5 to 9 leaves, with a maximum of 270 trigger hairs. And I am only 20 cm in diameter! Think  about 1 trap that could close its mouth in .001 seconds. 


Dear Adrovanda:

How do you live without roots?

The Aldrovanda is one the most interesting carnivorous plant because of its structure. They're one if not the only underwater carnivorous plants that feast on tadpoles and small organisms. Also they must be in waters that won't reach 77 degrees fahrenheit. This is one of the most advanced carnivorous plants ever found and scientists still are exploring many unknown things about the Aldrovanda.


Well that's a secret that I will tell you. It’s drugged it could nearly paralyze what is in my mouth at any second. I have special enzymes to deal with the rest of the digestion process. But why don’t they just climb out, well I have specially grooved walls to prevent that.


Dear Sarracenia:


Why does your food act all weird when it taste your nectar.


This herbaceous plant is known for my walls and how interesting the way I keep my food in my mouth. I have special grooved walls. But also extremely wet walls that prevent them from flying out. Once a bug goes in there's no going back. I am special in the way digest dinner.

Jambam is the only animals that can captures bats.  It has a special rounded top which bounces sound waves right back at the bat. This is unique to my species. That is another reason why they call me the toilet bowl cause just like a toilet bowl I deflect sound waves. Also I have a mandate when it comes to living height above sea level. It must be 18 21 thousand meters away.


Well Jambam means “toilet” in Indonesian.   Yeah, it's weird but it explains my mouth.  If you guessed I am found in Indonesia then you're correct, I am from Indonesia.  It is hard not to notice me because of my shape and my two fringed wings and toilet bowl mouth. Also, I have a special ability that comes with my toilet bowl mouth: it reflects sound waves. You might ask why this is important?  Well, it sends bats in my direction and the rest goes down with my digestion process.


Dear Jambam:

Why are you called "Jambam"

This herbaceous plant is known for its walls and how interesting it keeps its food in its mouth. The Drosera have special grooved walls and also extremely wet walls that prevent them from flying out. Once a bug goes in there's no going back. The plant is quite special in the way it digests dinner.


Well my petals are merely harmless to large animals but extremely deadly to small insects. Any small insect that even touches my petals could stick there forever.  That's how I kill my dinner.  When bugs land on my petals they stick there for a long, long time. This process slowly cuts off its food and water to a point where it dies of hunger. What catches the bug you might ask?  Well, my petals have a coat of glandular hairs.


Dear Drosera Aliciae:

How do you capture yor food?


The Utricularia is intresting in the way it collects food. It has many pods that take the food in and guide it to the stomach. Also this plant can be compared to the Venus Flytrap. They both have trigger hairs to close the hatch.

Dear Utricularia:

What's the difference between you and the Aldrovanda

Well, both Aldrovanda and I have a lot in common such as we both eat tadpoles and are both amphibious lakeplants. We are both fast at consuming our food. It takes me 15 thousandths of a secound to pick up a tadpole. 

Dear Butterworts:

What is the use of the flower on your head?

The butterworts or “Greasy One” is found in Florida along with 80 subspecies. It has a special way to eat whatever is found on its petals. It covers itself with a mixture of solutions called bactericide. This solution will kill off the bug before it dies of hunger.


Well it's just a regular flower. But it is also very important to my needs. It's used to intrigue insects. But I also need bugs to pollinate my flowers.  That's not the most important thing about me. I produce bactericide which is why they call me “The Greasy one”.  I also have enzymes to digest my food like many other carnivorous plants.


1 = Venus Flytraps

2=  Sundew


3=  Pitcher Plant


4=  Nepenthes


5=  Aldrovanda


Key for Map 









2    4  5



The most important part about being a Venus flytrap is my mouth. I have a pair of trigger hairs that shut my mouth when bugs enter it... I can't close it myself.

How To Eat Like A Venus Flytrap

Well, first you must be able to grab insects that are out of reach and get them in your mouth fast! Also you should have your mouth open for any small animals that could pass by.

How to Eat Like The Aldrovanda?