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Military Presentation Guide

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MILITARY REAL ESTATE Buy and Sell with Expert Care

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SAVI HEERALAL Committed to working closely and personally with each client to develop meaningful and lasting relationships by delivering a tailored plan through a network of services to ensure your real estate journey is a seamless one I am Savi Heeralal your independent sales representative with BGRS and the Homelife Miracle Realty LTD Brokerage My mission is to provide expert advice and service using an allinclusive real estate platform to ensure your needs are fulfilled with the utmost care and quality With over 18 years as a SEO in consumer relations accounting and home buying and selling I understand the importance of having an efficient agent with connections to all the services you need to make your real estate journey as fluent and seamless as possible

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The Story Posting season We are all aware of how this effects a military home owner Members and their families are faced with an array of emotion There is a rush to get the home ready for a quick sale and a fear of losing value but now Savi Real Estate is here to help Connected with BGRS and fluent in its process my mission is to lessen the stress and ambiguity CAF members face during their posting process Together we will work toward making your transition an easy one Buying or selling Savi Real Estate is there to best represent you As a permanent fixture in the community I get all the foot work done before any visit is necessary Just imagine having an agent who will do it all for you with the insight of military life as we know it I will take care of it all so you don t have to

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THE BGRS BENEFIT As a registered supplier with BGRS the transition to and from posting locations becomes easier and more efficient Not only does it mean I am trustworthy and knowable it also means finances are charged directly to BGRS so you have one less step to worry about

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HOMELIFE MIRACLE REALTY LTD BROKERAGE THE HOMELIFE ADVANTAGE As an Independant Sales Representative working alongside HomeLife Miracle Realty LTD Brokerage I am connected to a network of over 2400 sales representatives in seven locations throughout Ontario This results in Extra Exposure More Viewings Faster Success

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Selling Process The art of selling a home is built on honesty trust and personalized plans Together I will get to know you and your home so I can recommend actions needed to get you faster results We will work together to highlight your home s best features and plan for any drawbacks we see It is here you will provide us valuable insight about what drew you to the home in the first place to help market it effectively 1 LAYING THE FOUNDATION 2 DOING OUR HOMEWORK 3 MARKETING YOUR HOME

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Official posting message Contact Savi Real Estate Home evaluations market analysis Professional cleaner if required Home staging if required Professional photography Create listings For sale sign Market MLS social sites etc Market with over 2500 agents Print and ad campaign Virtual in person showings Open house events Paperwork Closing SELLER S PROCESS

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BUYER S PROCESS Official posting message Get mortgage pre approved Contact Savi Real Estate Home matching Virtual in person tour Make an offer Sign contracts Inspection repairs insurance etc Closing

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BENEFIT The military community is a fast paced market We do not expect anyone to lose an advantage Instead I prioritize military clients by putting them at the front of the real estate race to lend an advantage where it did not exist before GOALS SERVICES Home matching Prioritize military home listings Home inspections on your behalf Connect you to professionals Offer honest work with integrity Ease the transition of postings Build lasting relationships Network with other realtors Provide an all inclusive service Free Consultation Official BGRS Supplier Military Matching Professional Photography Virtual Tours Open Houses Free Signage Hiring of Professionals Property Publishing MLS More Listing Promotion and Marketing

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My Goal TO PROVIDE A SUCCESSFUL SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE Understand your unique needs Obtain the best value for your property Attract more buyers to your home Reach out to active realtors in your area Explosive print marketing Cutting edge social media marketing Negotiating favourable terms in offers Build meaningful lasting relationships

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My Role Listen Advise As your advisor I listen observe and make recommendations that will serve your ultimate goals Represent As your realtor I will represent you by exploring your choices respecting your confidentiality and represent your interests to the fullest Facilitate As your facilitator I will handle all the details and work to ensure the deals I put together stay that way

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My 21 Point Plan 1 Meet to view property and discuss details 11 Inform realtor network of 2400 2 Schedule professional photography and 12 Install a For Sale sign virtual tour 13 Host a property open house 3 Order a home stager 14 Invite 200 neighbours to open house 4 Order a professional cleaner 15 Promote during at office meetings 5 Publish your property on MLS ca 16 Distribute listing print mailers 6 Publish your property on Toronto MLS 17 Just Listed Promotions 7 Publish your property on Homelife ca 18 Follow up feedback with realtors 8 Network with other sites and realtors 19 Social media ads promotions 9 Launch print ad campaign 20 Digital marketing 10 Promote special mailing to top agents 21 Google ad marketing

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Price Your House Pricing your home properly from its first day on the market is critical to your success as a seller Using industry leading tools to provide you with a competitive market price will set you ahead of others Together we will sit down to talk about the pitfalls of pricing too high or too low Our goal is to position your home correctly from the start to provide you with a quick and successful sale

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Services As a home buyer seller and Home Staging working parent I understand Professional Cleaning the importance of a service Home Inspectors that has connections to it all Mortgage Brokers Let me set you up with the Insurance Brokers right people at the right time Real Estate Lawyers

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Positioning your home on the market Set a price that works for you

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The Window of Opportunity Most properties sell within the first 4 weeks of the listing period so it is critical to list at Market Value so you don t lose the seller s advantage Source North American MLS System

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1 52 2k Last year HomeLife Miracle Realty Ltd Brokerage had the highest sales than any other real estate brokerage in Ontario and we plan to do it again The TTRB annual sales report shows January sales were up 52 4 compared to 2020 With over double the buyers in the market your opportunity for faster and more profitable sales are increased Our network of over 2400 agents throughout 7 locations in Ontario work together to get your property sold faster than any other brokerage

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The Seller s To Do List www realtorsavi com 1 Appraisal 2 Mortgage 3 Plan the HHT 4 BGRS Realtor 5 Book Move 6 The Move Start by getting your home appraised Most benefits and reimbursements offered through military programs require a home to be appraised first Contact a broker to get pre approved for a mortgage This will set you up with your budget for the next home and set you up for fast offers and deals The timing of your House Hunting Trip HHT is your decision A standard HHT is 5 days long Before you go do some online research and compile a list of everything you will need for your move ex houses child care schools medical care etc Before your HHT get in touch with an all inclusive realtor from the new posting area An all inclusive realtor will schedule home viewing visits have all paperwork prepared and facilitate all services you need before you get to town Contact Base Traffic office to schedule the move of your household goods and effects HG E They will pack all your belonging and ship them to the new destination While travelling to the new location TNL you are able to claim meals lodging miscellaneous costs and if you are driving your own personal vehicle you can claim 500km per day with a maximum of 599km on the last day

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Popular Entitlements Part 1 www realtorsavi com Breaking a Lease Penalty Chapter 7 of the BGRS Relocation Directive If your official posting message requires you to pay a lease breaking penalty or you are required to pay rent until the end of the lease you may be able to get reiumbused this cost Real Estate Incentive Article 8 2 14 of the Relocation Directive You could be eligible to receive up to 12 000 from CFIRP for not selling your home when posted Steps to follow if you re considering this option 1 Get your house appraised 2 Within 15 business days sign the Real Estate Incentive Waiver 3 Submit a claim Seller Reimbursements Chapter 8 section 2 of the Relocation Directive If you are selling your home there is a list of services that may be subject to reimbursement such as appraisal fees and realtor commission Loss on Sale Chapter 8 section 2 of the Relocation Directive The Home Equity Assistance entitlement helps recover all or some of the loss of your home equity Temporary Dual Residence Assistance Chapter 8 section 2 of the Relocation Directive If you experience trouble selling your home you may be eligible to receive financial assistance to help afford two homes Legal Fees and Disbursements Article 8 section 3 07 of the Relocation Directive

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Popular Entitlements Part 2 www realtorsavi com Building Structural Inspection Article 8 section 3 08 of the Relocation Directive Mortgage Insurance and Interest Differential If you have to default on your mortgage insurance see article 8 section 3 10 of the Relocation Directive If the mortgage rate is higher than the interest rate on your listing mortgage See article 8 section 8 9 for mortgage interest differential Bridge Loan Financing Article 8 section 3 12 of the Relocation Directive You may submit a claim to get reimbursed interest from a bridge loan that allows you to pay for your home at the destination while waiting for your previous home to sell New Home Financing Article 8 section 3 05 of the Relocation Directive You can claim the same reimbursements on a brand new home as you would if you were purchasing a resale home Professional Cleaning Chapter 3 section 4 04 of the Relocation Directive Up to 100 can be claimed for professional cleaning services for old or new residence Dependant Care Reimbursement Chapter 3 section 4 02 of the Relocation Directive An allowance of 35 00 day regardless of the amount of dependants is granted for third party services Up to 75 day may be reimbursed upon submitting a claim with itemized receipts For more information on entitlements and reimbursements contact BGRS directly 1 844 447 5520 or review the Relocation Directive on Canada ca

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Thank You F O R L I S T E N I N G R E A L T O R S A V I C O M 4 1 6 8 8 2 3 7 2 7