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Midyear Report :

50,445 visitors using iCivics
92,889 mes were iCivic games
38 Detenon Center sta
learned how to implement at
21 more educators trained and
given resources for iCivics im-
plementaon in their classes.
1,393 Smoothie Coupons were
given for students compleng
200 minutes on iCivics.
100 Smoothie Coupons were
sent to Detenon Center youth
for their work on iCivics.
289,379 Individuals using legal
help websites: lawforveterans,
lawforseniors, and azlawhelp
5,796 applied for free/reduced
fee legal assistance online
5,909 calls to the Legal Assis-
tance Contact Center
760 Modest Means clients re-
ferred to low bonoaorneys
1,180 quesons answered via
Closed out 3 year AG contract
for Foreclosure: 152 foreclo-
sures prevented, 64 tenants
avoided evicon from
foreclosed property, and 18
predatory or improper
mortgage cases ligated.
From Jan-Jun 2016: 6,893 Do-
mesc Violence Vicms have
been helped and 144 volunteer
aorneys oered $164,000 in
free legal assistance.
8,632 immigrants were assisted
with their rights.
Thousands of low income
households were helped with
ghng through legal red tape.
304 Wills completed
899 Volunteer Hours
7 Will for Hero Events
438 aorneys volunteering
1st event for Maricopa County
Sherri Oce
64,936 visitors learned from from Jan Jun.
14,452 High School Seniors
received When You Turn 18”
1,350 students completed the
AZ Cizen app.
369 educators ulized the
resources on lawforkids
5,464 visitors viewed the
Detenon Center tours
2,881 students voted in the
KVAZ Presidenal Preference
345 high school students
parcipated in the Regional
Mock Trial compeons. With
16 teams, 115 students, going
on to State.
544 high school students
parcipated in the We the
People Regional and State
Compeons. 105 junior high
students parcipated in the
Project Cizen showcase.
59 School Resource Ocers
and Educators received
curricula and training to edu-
cate their students on the law.
700 educators are subscribed
users of KidsVo
Jan-June 2016 AZ Bar Foundaon Report
The Next Generaon Founding Fellows Recepon will be held September 30th, 5:30 p.m. at the Adobe
Restaurant located at the Biltmore Resort. Chief Jusce Bales, Hon. Lawrence Winthrop, and Ma Fischer
have agreed to make remarks to the group.
The Department of Economic Security will be conducng a site visit to audit compliance with the Domesc
Violence Legal Service Project on September 27th.
First of October is the ancipated public launch for
Naonal Pro bono week is October 23-29, 2016
Kids Vong Arizona will be parcipang in the Kids Vong USA Mock Elecon this November 8th.