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Michigan Seniors Guide • Spring 2021

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Creating g Possibilities in Memo ory Care Our remarkably helpful embrace me emory care program is life changing for th hose who have Alzheimer s or other forms of dementia The program en nd calling on engrained activities to ngages residents by stimulating senses an encourage interaction with the world around and helps them nd more joy and a connection in their lives A safe R District The Sheridan welcomes comfortable friendship rich commu unity located in the historic Birmingham Rail your inquiry with genuine compassion Call 248 633 8806 to schedule a tour or to get a copy of The Complete Guide to Dementia for Caregivers Assisted Living Memory Care 0 E Lincoln Birmingham MI 48009 2400 WWW SENIORLIFESTYLE COM Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 2

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MICHIGAN Welcome to the 2021 Spring Michigan Seniors Guide CONTENTS seniors guide On behalf of the entire team at the Gazette Media Group I hope you like this issue of Michigan Seniors Guide We ve filled it with lots of useful and fun information all to help make life easier and more enjoyable for seniors and their families in SE Michigan If you would like to contact us please feel free to send us an email I also invite you to follow us on Facebook Mark Nicholson Publisher Mark GazetteMediaGroup com Michigan Seniors Guide The Fall Michigan Senior Guide Arrives September 1st Contact Us FEATURES Your List 4 5 Home Improvement 8 Travel Destinations 10 Sudoku 11 Music 32 Senior Discounts 28 29 Senior Housing Guide 18 19 24 30 34 35 BARRIER FR REE REMODEL LING Certified Agin ng in Place Specialists Bring g safetyy freedom and co omfort to yo our home FOR DISPLAY ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES 248 524 4868 Assistant GazetteMediaGroup com TO SUBMIT EDITORIAL News GazetteMediaGroup com 248 524 4868 6966 Crooks Road Suite 22 Troy MI 48098 so that you can keep enjoyin ng life MichiganSeniorsGuide com Gazette Media Group reserves the right to revise classify or reject in whole or in part any advertisement in this publication Errors Corrections We are committed to correcting errors that appear in our publications Those interested in contacting us for that purpose can email News GazetteMediaGroup co m or call 248 524 4868 Please note Gazette Media Group is not responsible for errors in advertising Bath shower chairs Grab barss Hand held shower sprayers Adjustable beds Stair chairs Lift chair recliner Wheelchair ramps Lift transfer systems And More 10 OFF Any ny P Prroject With This Ad Barrier B i Free F Remodeling R d li Home Medical Equipment 248 246 1669 capsremodeeling com FREE Consultations Family Owned Insured Licen nsed Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 3

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YOUR LIST To Do To Learn To Go To Eat Pickleball Pickleball combines elements of tennis ping pong and badminton and is one of the fastest growing sports in the U S Nearly 3 1 million Americans play pickleball according to the USA Pickleball Association The sport is proving especially popular with older people Among players age 55 and over 75 indicated they play more than eight games a year In SE Michigan you can find pickleball courts in just about every community To find courts nearest you visit www Places2Play org The Premonition The characters you will meet in these pages are as fascinating as they are unexpected A thirteen year old girl s science project on transmission of an airborne pathogen develops into a very grown up model of disease control A local public health officer uses her worm s eye view to see what the CDC misses and reveals great truths about American society A secret team of dissenting doctors nicknamed the Wolverines has everything necessary to fight the pandemic brilliant backgrounds world class labs prior experience with the pandemic scares of bird flu and swine flu everything that is except official permission to implement their work Michael Lewis is not shy about calling these people heroes for their refusal to follow directives that they know to be based on misinformation and bad science Even the internet as crucial as it is to their exchange of ideas poses a risk to them They never know for sure who else might be listening in The Premonition from Michael Lewis arrives May 4th Hemingway Coming April 5th to our local PBS affiliate WTVS TV is Hemingway a three part sixhour documentary film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick examines the visionary work and the turbulent life of Ernest Hemingway one of the greatest and most influential writers America has ever produced Interweaving his eventful biography a life lived at the ultimately treacherous nexus of art fame and celebrity with carefully selected excerpts from his iconic short stories novels and non fiction the series reveals the brilliant ambitious charismatic and complicated man behind the myth and the art he created Eastern Market While Flower Day is not happening this year it s still a great way to start your weekend The Eastern Market is an experience that is undeniably Detroit Hundreds of market vendors share their produce products and stories The tradition of this market has been a cornerstone of the city for 125 years The Saturday Market is open year round 6am 4pm For parking and answers to other FAQ s visit www EasternMarket org Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 4

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To Read To Watch To Explore To Enjoy To Share Pearl Turns 50 If you were a teenager in the early 70 s chances are you or one of your siblings owned a copy of Janis Joplin Pearl Originally issued in January of 1971 the album peaked at 1 on the Billboard 200 a position it held for nine weeks The 4x platinum album showcased some of Janis s most familiar and best loved performances including her cover of Kris Kristofferson s Me and Bobby McGee and the off the cuff acappella Mercedes Benz the last song she ever recorded As this was her final studio album Pearl will be the subject of a variety of 50th anniversary releases this year Plus the Rock Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is curating a special exhibit devoted to Joplin Pearl scheduled to open May 21 2021 Get Set Up And Get Learning GetSetUp a new interactive video platform where older adults better their lives through the pursuit of learning has partnered with The Aging Adult Services Agency at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services MDHHS to make its interactive learning platform available to the state s 2 5 million older adults GetSetUp believes that life long learning is an essential benefit for older adults just like physical fitness Through the initiative which is supported in part by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund GetSetUp io will facilitate real time engaging learning experiences that range from teaching everyday technical skills to enrichment focused courses taught by expert instructors Classes will be accessible 10 hours a day to make it easy for Michiganders to attend classes anytime they desire and from the comfort and safety of their homes for free over the next six months To get started go to www GetSetUp io Dequindre Cut If you haven t gone for a walk or a ride on the Dequindre Cut make sure you do this Spring The Dequindre Cut Greenway is an urban recreational path that opened to the public in May of 2009 Formerly a Grand Trunk Railroad line the Dequindre Cut is a predominately belowstreet level greenway that runs parallel to St Aubin Street between Mack Avenue and Atwater Street just north of the riverfront Well known for its examples of urban artwork and graffiti the greenway features a 20 foot wide paved pathway which includes separate lanes for pedestrian and bicycle traffic Entrance ramps to the Cut are located at Atwater Street Franklin Street Woodbridge Street Lafayette Street Gratiot Avenue Wilkins Street and Mack Avenue For more information visit www DetroitRiverFront org Photo Credit Smith Group Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 5

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Spring Fitness Be Healthy and Active at Any Age strength and performance levels inevitably decline with age But that doesn t mean you can no longer derive a sense of achievement from physical activity or improve your health The key is to set lifestyle goals that are appropriate for your age And remember a sedentary lifestyle takes a much greater toll on athletic ability than biological aging Myth 4 I m too old to start exercising Fact You re never too old to get moving and improve your health In fact adults who become active later in life often show greater physical and mental improvements than their younger counterparts If you ve never exercised before or it s been a while you won t be encumbered by the same sports injuries that many regular exercisers experience in later life In other words there aren t as many miles on your clock so you ll quickly start reaping the rewards Just begin with gentle activities and build up from there Myth 5 I can t exercise because I m disabled Fact If you re chair bound you obviously face special challenges However you can lift light weights stretch and do chair aerobics chair yoga and chair tai chi to increase your range of motion improve muscle tone and flexibility and promote cardiovascular health Many swimming pools offer access to wheelchair users and you can also find adaptive exercise programs for wheelchair sports such as basketball Myth 6 I m too weak or have too many aches and pains Fact Getting moving can help you manage pain and improve your strength and self confidence Many older people find that regular activity not only helps stem the decline in strength and vitality that comes with age but actually improves it The key is to start off gently How to stay fit when your routine changes to come over so you can go for a walk new neighborhood Look for activities that match your interests and abilities You re on vacation Ask another friend to go with you on your daily walk Reach out to other older adults in your area many are in the same boat so be the one to break the ice Join an exercise class at your local community center or senior center This is a great way to meet other active people Six Myths About Exercising And Ageing Myth 1 There s no point to exercising I m going to get old anyway Fact Regular physical activity helps you look and feel younger and stay independent longer It also lowers your risk for a variety of conditions including Alzheimer s and dementia heart disease diabetes certain cancers high blood pressure and obesity And the mood benefits of exercise can be just as great at 70 or 80 as they were at 20 or 30 Myth 2 Exercise puts me at risk of falling down Fact Regular exercise by building strength and stamina prevents loss of bone mass and improves balance actually reducing your risk of falling Myth 3 It s too frustrating I ll never be the athlete I once was Fact Changes in hormones metabolism bone density and muscle mass mean that your What if you hate to exercise If you dread working out you re not alone But you don t have to exercise until you re soaked in sweat or every muscle aches to make a big difference to your health Think about activities that you enjoy and how you can incorporate them into an exercise routine Listen to music or an audiobook while lifting weights Window shop while walking laps at the mall Get competitive while playing tennis Take photographs on a nature hike Meet new people at a yoga class or fitness center Watch a movie or TV show while walking on the treadmill Instead of chatting with a friend over coffee chat while walking stretching or strength training Walk the golf course instead of using a cart Walk or play fetch with a dog If you don t own a dog offer to take a neighbor s dog for a walk or volunteer at a pet shelter or rescue group Go for a run walk or cycle when you re feeling stressed see how much better you feel afterwards Find an exercise buddy someone whose company you really enjoy and try activities you ve never tried before you may find something you love At worst you ve spent time with a good friend More beneficial activities for older adults Walking Walking is a perfect way to start exercising It requires no special equipment aside from a pair of comfortable walking shoes Senior sports or fitness classes Exercising with others can help keep you motivated while also providing a source of fun stress relief and a place to meet friends Water aerobics and water sports Working out in water reduces stress and strain on the body s joints Yoga Yoga combines a series of poses with breathing Moving through the poses helps improve strength flexibility and balance Tai chi and qi gong These martial arts inspired systems of movement can increase balance and strength Classes for seniors are often available at local YMCA or community centers Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 6 Many hotels now have fitness centers Bring along your exercise clothing or equipment resistance band bathing suit or walking shoes Get out and see the sights on foot rather than just by tour bus Your usual exercise buddy moves away Caring for an ill spouse is taking up too much of your time You move to a new community Work out to an exercise video when your spouse is napping Ask a family member or friend Check out the fitness centers parks community websites and recreation associations in your Getting started safely feel lousy Stop exercising immediately and call your doctor if you feel dizzy or short of breath develop chest pain or pressure break out in a cold sweat or experience pain And put your routine on hold if a joint is red swollen or tender to the touch the best way to cope with injuries is to avoid them in the first place If you regularly experience pain or discomfort after exercising try exercising for less time but more frequently throughout the day Start slow and build up steadily Try spacing workouts in ten minute increments twice a day Or try just one class each week If you re concerned about falling or have an ongoing heart problem Getting active is one of the healthiest decisions you can make as you age but it s important to do it safely Get medical clearance from your doctor before starting an exercise program especially if you have a preexisting condition Consider health concerns Keep in mind how your ongoing health problems affect your workouts For example diabetics may need to adjust the timing of medication and meal plans when setting an exercise schedule Listen to your body Exercise should never hurt or make you Illness keeps you out of action for a few weeks Wait until you feel better and then start your activity again Gradually build back up to your previous level of activity You re recovering from injury or surgery Talk with your doctor about specific exercises and activities you can do safely Start slowly and gradually build up your activity level as you become stronger start with easy chair exercises Prevent injury and discomfort by warming up cooling down and keeping water handy Commit to an exercise schedule for at least three or four weeks so that it becomes a habit and force yourself to stick with it Experiment with mindfulness Instead of zoning out when you exercise try to focus on how your body feels as you move the rhythm of your breathing the way your feet strike the ground or your muscles flexing for example Practicing mindfulness will improve your physical condition faster better relieve stress and anxiety and better help you to avoid accidents or injuries

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HOME IMPROVEMENT The trend toward aging in place for retirees and seniors is quite different from previous generations of empty nesters who looked forward to retirement communities and lives of leisure Even though Baby Boomers may be in better physical condition than their predecessors aging takes a toll on physical well being with mobility and vision problems causing the most concern The option for an increasing number of families today is to open their homes to their elderly relatives whether it stems from need or preference Grown children often remain at home or return home single parents frequently share homes with their own parents Changes in the structure size and makeup of American households requires taking a new look at architecture and design that will address the needs of various age groups from toddler to senior citizen We Keep You Y in Your Home We are a Homecare Agency that assists the elderly ill and disabled with Personal Care Meals Med Reminders Household Chores Laundry Errands Respite Care Companionship Signs Your Loved One May Need Support in the Home A cluttered home Inadequate personal hygiene Problems driving Extreme change in weight Confusion or loneliness Frequent falls Withdrawal from family friends Ask ho ow you might be b eligible f for no out of pockett expenses Our Core Values Respect our client s home mind body and properrty Always show love kindness understanding and patience Contact us anytime Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 8 248 262 7111 www heavensenthss com

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There are many easy ways to remodel your home to accommodate aging in place for you or a family member Take a cue from commercial standards when modifying your home Resulting from passage of the American with Disabilities Act ADA in 1990 there are some relatively simple ways to accommodate an elderly person One of the main areas where mobility can be a challenge is in the bathroom Simple renovations such as comfort height toilets bath bars step through tubs and showers with no curbs add safety and convenience in the bathroom and make aging in place possible Stairs can also present a significant challenge for you or an aging family member in the home The addition of a chair lift makes two story homes suitable for seniors who have trouble walking and exterior ramps can be added to make entry easier Caring for an Alzheimer s patient presents additional challenges beyond mobility Oftentimes an Alzheimer s patient may be very mobile but the disease makes them more likely to forget where they are going Electronic door chimes that sound throughout the home are an easy way to stay alert when caring for an Alzheimer s patient in the home As we age we lose our ability to see at night and in darkened areas first Lighted switches and motion activated lighting are two conveniences as well as a safety features Lighted cover plates and outlets make it easier for someone with vision loss to find the switch The changing makeup of the family has led to the growth of a new architectural science Universal design Simply defined it is a specialty that seeks to create environments and products that offer safety and comfort for all people with no need for adaptation or functional changes In this country multigenerational households are more common today than they were even 10 years ago due in part to the recent recession Planning ahead for the possibility of such a reality if you are building or remodeling is worth a bit of time and effort Homes that incorporate universal design principles are not only perfectly suited for the needs of an aging population but are also appropriate for families with young children These highly practical principles are generally easy to implement in the planning stages of construction and add cost effective value Here are some basic guidelines Replace door knobs with levers Trade traditional faucets for models with blade handles or motion controls Eliminate stairs and level changes wherever possible widen all hallways to at least 36 inches eliminate long halls whenever possible and make most if not all doorways and room openings at least 36 inches One easy way to assure that a bathroom is usable by small children as well as someone in a wheelchair is to simply lower one vanity sink and eliminate the cabinet underneath opting instead for a slim vanity shelf Consider automatic flushing mechanisms Install anti scalding temperature controls in showers Lower wall switches and raise receptacles throughout the home so that they are easier to reach install illuminated versions where appropriate for safely Consider wall ovens with doors that open to the side Lower the cook top so that burners are easily accessible by a short person or from a wheelchair Investigate refrigerator and dishwasher drawers store dishes in below counter drawers and eliminate upper cabinets Install pull out shelves and corner lazySusans There is no denying that society is changing on a global scale as more and more individuals live longer An estimated three million individuals will turn 65 every year for the next two decades or so Aging in place for you or a family member can be accomplished with some simple remodeling fixes Sources www hhnmag com articles 5 298 Boomers Will TransformHealth Care as They Age www washington edu doit u niversal design process principlesand applications www aginginplace org C CAREGIVER RS LIKE YOU U Contact the t Henry Ford C A R R E ProgramSM Caregiv C e eer Assiistance Resources and Education P Program WEB www henryford com family f careg givers To oll Free number 866 6 574 7530 Email Careg giverResources hfhs org Support pp gro g ups p and classes are being g offfered virtually y with the opt ption to jjoin by p phone tablet iPad or computerr Join our o Facebook group Henry Ford Health System Family Caregivers and become part off an online e community of caregivers Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 9

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Summer Destinations for Senior Travelers Florida Texas New Mexico by AMY FORTUNE Does sunshine and warm air give you the travel bug If so you are not alone Summer is a great time revisiting favorite destinations and discovering new places But if you are itching to explore uncharted territory as a senior where do you start What is your ideal vacation spot You may be looking for a place that offers easily accessible sites and activities affordable dining options and senior friendly accommodations Of course you also want tons of fun chances to meet new people and opportunities to make beautiful memories So where should you go Here are a few ideas to spark your inspiration and make you want to start packing Four Fun Safe and Affordable Vacation Spots for Seniors Grab your spouse best friend or favorite family member and check out these wonderful summer travel destinations Or if you need a little me time pick the ideal spot from the list for you and you alone Florida Whether you like shopping theme parks golf fine dining or beaches Florida has it all There is after all a reason why so many senior citizens retire in Florida And having held the title of Chosen Destination for Seniors for many years Florida boasts many restaurants hotels and attractions that cater to senior needs and interests If you are traveling with grandkids or other young children or you are simply a kid at heart consider adding Disney World to your Florida agenda Santa Fe New Mexico The renowned artist Georgia O Keefe was inspired by the natural beauty of Santa Fe and built her summer home there And while her actual home is closed off to the public visitors can tour the surrounding area of Ghost Ranch This historical site along with dozens of museums including the Florence Hawley Ellis Museum of Anthropology and the Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology make Santa Fe a wonderful destination for curious types with a lust for learning Santa Fe also boasts incredible dining options for epicureans Corpus Christi Texas Corpus Christi attracts beachcombers who enjoy easy access to countless activities that are fun and engaging for visitors of all ages You can spend an entire day at the Texas State Aquarium and make some new flippered friends in Dolphin Bay Veterans and military buffs can take a tour of the USS Lexington Or for a relaxing afternoon you can take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens In the evening enjoy an excellent seafood meal at one of Corpus Christi s many fine restaurants Then take in a show at the historic Harbor Playhouse Bryson City North Carolina If slow and easy is more your speed check out this smalltown jewel tucked in the heart of the Smoky Mountains Visit Bryson City to enjoy great galleries charming restaurants and unique boutiques While there you can also walk the trails of Smoky Mountain National Park and gaze in awe at the waterfalls Then get your tickets for the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad and ride a passenger train to a gorgeous location like Fontana Dam As a bonus Bryson City is just minutes away from the Cherokee Indian Reservation and about an hour away from Asheville North Carolina and incredible city with amazing dining shopping and live entertainment options Take Your Best and Safest Trip this Summer Traveling during the COVID19 pandemic can be tricky but it can be done safely with a little planning Be sure to call ahead and make all of the necessary reservations Ask your destination if they have any restrictions or protocols they would like you to follow Also make sure that you have your mask hand sanitizer an adequate supply of necessary medications an easy to access list of emergency numbers and secure places to transport sensitive documents money and payment cards When itt ccom mes to hearing health hcare trustt a doctor b Dr Tiffany Inma an is a private rivate practice p owner in Troy oy Michigan ichigan specializin ecializin ng in hearing loss and d tinnitus tinnitu When W you have hearing he loss you u want to t work with wit tthe besstt Tiffffany Inman Au D D F AAA Don t on t wait se ee Dr Inman man today tod Call all 248 839 5429 839 542 or schedule sched e an appointment tmen online at www w w In nma anA Audio olog gy y com Quick Facts b PLOG KHDULQJ ORVV GRXEOHV WKH ULVN RI GHPHQWLD DQG D PRGHUDWH KHDULQJbORVV LQFUHDVHV WKH ULVN RI GHPHQWLD YH IROG b 6WLPXODWLRQ RI WKH QHXUDO SDWKZD V RI WKH EUDLQ LV HVVHQWLDO IRU PHPRU 8QGHU VWLPXODWLRQ RI WKH FRJQLWLYH V VWHP OHDGV WR LUUHYHUVLEOHbFKDQJHV LQ FRJQLWLYH IXQFWLRQ b When treated w with hearin ring aaids RI SDWLHQWV GLDJQRVHG ZLWK O KHLPHU V ZHUH UHFODVVL HG WR D OHVV VHYHUH FDWHJRU HDULQJ DLGV FDQ ERRVW FRJQLWLYH IXQFWLRQ ZLWKLQ D HDU RI FDUHJLYHUV VDLG WKDW RQFH WKHLU IDPLO PHPEHUV ZHUH W ZLWK KHDULQJ DLGV WKH ZHUH PRUH VRFLDO OHVV GHSUHVVHG KDG D EHWWHU DWWLWXGH DQG LQ DOO FDVHV WKHLU UHODWLRQVKLS LPSURYHG b Don t wait Call us today b Te T est drive d a hearing device before you buy with a Lifesty yle Assessment 1651 W Big Beaver Rd Troy MI M 48084 248 839 5429 2 www InmanAu I udiology com Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 10

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SUDOKU 8 4 9 4 4 2 9 7 3 Wheelchairgetawaysofmichigan com 5 6 4 1 9 9 6 4 1 1 800 887 7868 Daily Weekly Monthly rentals Serving all of Michigan 7 8 8 2 8 9 8 9 5 6 5 2 5 6 4 2 2 PROVIDING QUALITY VAN RENTALS SINCE 1993 Delivery fees vary by city HAND CONTROLS AVAILABLE Pour your hear t into creating A wr itteen funded funer al plan Yo our loved ones will appreciate Yo our last gift from the hear t More th han you ll ever know Make Pllans Today o Call Emaiil for o Appointment 46530 Romeo Plank Rd Macomb MI 48044 586 412 8999 sarah lee ellenaffuneralhome com Lee EllenaFuneralHome com Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 11

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Senior Dating Dating Tips for Older Seniors Article submitted by Rebecca Sharp Colmer Eldercare Advocate Author Publisher Speaker Find Rebecca s books online Today s seniors have probably noticed that some of the traditional dating rituals may have changed Now we have Internet dating speed dating and lunch dating Don t worry romance and chemistry are still the key ingredients These days the trend in dating for older seniors is geared more toward having fun and companionship rather than for casual sex or marriage We have seen a shift in people s habits and beliefs Current events and changes in technology may require you to update your dating style from years ago Here are some tips to help seniors in the dating world A coffee date for the first meeting is a good idea because it keeps the date at an hour or two Also these places are usually crowded well lit safe and perfect for meeting a stranger Be practical not cheap Cast a wide net Never give out personal financial details to anyone you have just met Trust your own instincts If anything makes you uncomfortable walk away for your own protection and safety Watch for red flags Pay attention to displays of anger intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you Acting in a passive aggressive manner making demeaning or disrespectful comments or any physically inappropriate red flags Good conversation starters Comment on his her hobbies and interests If yo have children you will never run out of stories Ask him her about their favorite restaurant recipe or food 35 of women prefer to date younger men It s okay to have dating as a lifestyle Maybe you have Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 12 spent the good part of your life with a partner and you want to live the rest of it as a single person That s fine just be up front with your date that you are not trying to find another partner Good hygiene can mean the difference between a polite pat on the back and a night of love Always take a bath or shower before your outing The power of a smile should never be underestimated Use your smile as a secret weapon Do not approach or try to meet someone at any of the following places a funeral a crowded elevator a dark alley the XXX aisle of a video store If your date is going well mention date number two before date number one is over Don t get stuck living in the past Live in the present Unload your baggage before you start dating You are never too old to be at risk for HIV In fact the fastest growing AIDS rates are among people 50 and older Even if you don t like your date do not give him her a hard time Everyone deserves to be treated with respect Intimate behavior repeated over and over with the same person leads to attachment regardless of the suitability of the person To show your date that you are interested speed up or slow down your speech to match his hers Remember dating as a senior is much easier than dating as a teenager You have much better social skills now Get connected with other people who are in your situation Be honest about what you are looking for from dating Let your expectations work for you and not against you Don t confuse sexual attraction with emotional bonding Dating is fun at any age The time to start dating is right now So stick out your hand flash them a smile and meet a new friend

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REQUEST A FREE QUOTE TODAY 800 762 4143 AtlasHomeImprovement com It s All About Trust Family Owned Operated Michigan s Premier Home Improvement Company FREE HEATED SEAT AND BACKREST NO PAYMENTS UNTIL 2022 MARCH MADNESS SALE UP TO 1250 OFF Minimum Purchase Required Restrictions Apply Call for Details Limited Time Offer With minimum purchase made at initial appointment and approved credit Atlas Home Improvement is neither a broker nor a lender Financing is provided by third party lenders unaliated with Atlas Home Improvement under terms and conditions arranged directly between the customer and such lender all subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of nance documents 0 APR with 36 equal payments Showroom at Atlas Headquarters 10824 Plaza Drive Whitmore Lake MI 48189 800 762 4143 Showroom Open 9am 6pm or By Appointment Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 13

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ESTATE PLANNING Currently most people aren t exposed to the federal estate tax thanks to the generous unified federal estate and gift tax exemptions However there are still good reasons to review your estate plan and possibly update it to reflect the current gift tax regime and federal estate as well as life events Also there s always uncertainty about the future direction of the federal estate and gift tax rules Here are some proactive estate planning moves to consider Review the Basics The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act TCJA made favorable changes to the federal estate and gift tax regime For 2020 the unified federal estate and gift tax exemption is 11 58 million or effectively 23 16 million for married couples That s generous by historical standards For 2021 the exemption is scheduled to increase to 11 7 million or effectively 23 4 million for married couples In 2026 the exemption is set to fall to about 6 million or 12 million for married couples after inflation adjustments unless Congress changes the law sooner Designate Your Beneficiaries It s important to periodically review your beneficiary designations especially if you ve experienced a major life event This may seem like common sense but failure to update beneficiary designations is a common oversight Remember A will or living trust document does not override beneficiary designations for life insurance policies retirement accounts and so forth Your estate planning pro can provide a checklist of assets that need beneficiary designations As a general rule whoever is named on the most recent beneficiary form will get the money automatically if you die regardless of what your will or living trust document says So if you ve forgotten to update your beneficiary designations or you erroneously think it doesn t matter because you have a will or living trust you ll need to fix your designations immediately Beyond just ensuring that your money goes where you want it to go another advantage of designating beneficiaries is that it avoids probate In contrast if you name your estate as your beneficiary and then depend on your will to parcel out assets to your intended heirs your estate must go through the courtsupervised probate process Update Real Property Ownership If you re married and own property with you and your spouse named as joint tenants with right of survivorship JTWROS the surviving spouse will automatically take over sole ownership of the property when the other spouse dies On the other hand if you own property with a nonspouse as JTWROS the surviving joint tenant will automatically take over sole ownership when the other joint tenant dies That s great if it s your intention and you ve already set up JTWROS ownership But if that s what you intend and you ve not yet established JTWROS ownership consult your legal advisor as soon as possible Important Perhaps the biggest advantage of JTWROS ownership is that it avoids probate Establish or Update Your Will If you die intestate without a will the laws of your state will determine the fate of your minor children and assets Unless you like being at the mercy of your state you need a written will to make your wishes known The main purposes of the will are to name A guardian to care for your minor children if any until they reach adulthood and An executor who will pay the estate s taxes and any other bills and then deliver what s left to your intended heirs and charitable beneficiaries A will also specifies which beneficiaries including family members friends employees and charities should get which assets Create or Update a Living Trust For those with significant assets a living trust can be an effective tool to help avoid probate Here s how it works You establish the living trust and transfer legal ownership of assets for which you wish to avoid probate such as your main home and your vacation property You should also have a socalled pour over will drafted That document stipulates that assets which aren t officially owned by the trust still belong under its umbrella Examples might include vehicles valuable Persian rugs coin collections and jewelry The trust document names a trustee such as an attorney professional advisor or adult child to manage the trust s assets after you die The document also specifies which beneficiaries will get which assets from the trust and Make The Move To thejamesferndale com Social Fitness Activities Game Room Theater Optional Dining Housekeeping Services Onsite home care services by A M Home Care Hilton Rd Studio One and Two Bedroom Floorplans With Utilities Included Fitness Center Onsite Salon Historic Building Controlled Access 696 e Av rd wa od Wo 248 861 2099 BRAND NEW INDEPENDENT LIVING 55 E 9 Mile Rd 75 22111 Woodward Ave 8 Mile Rd Save up to 1750 No Community Fee and Waived Application and Admin Fees Call for details Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 14

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Family Owned Operated Established in 2003 A Place to Call Home when Because a living trust is revocable you can change its terms at any time or even unwind it completely as long as you re alive and legally competent For federal income tax purposes the existence of the living trust is completely ignored while you re alive As far as the IRS is concerned you still personally own the assets that are legally held by the trust So you continue to report on your personal tax returns any income generated by trust assets and any deductions related to those assets such as mortgage interest on your home However for statelawpurposes the living trust isn t ignored and if done properly it avoids probate When you die the assets in the living trust are included in your estate for federal estate tax purposes However assets that go to your surviving spouse aren t included if he or she is a U S citizen thanks to the unlimited marital deduction privilege Important If you set up a living trust you must transfer legal ownership of the most important assets for which you wish to avoid probate typically homes and other real property to the trust in order to successfully avoid probate Set Up an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Life insurance death benefits are generally free from federal income tax However the death benefit from any policy on your own life is included in your estate for federal estate tax purposes if you have so called incidents of ownership in the policy It makes no difference if all the insurance money goes straight to your designated beneficiaries It doesn t take much to have incidents of ownership For example you have incidents of ownership if you have the power to Change beneficiaries Borrow against the policy Cancel the policy or Select benefit payment options This unfavorable life insurance ownership rule can cause unsuspecting individuals to be exposed to the federal estate tax Important The life insurance ownership rule is more likely to adversely affect single people That s because the death benefit from a policy on the life of a married person can be left to the surviving spouse without any current federal estate tax hit thanks to the unlimited marital deduction privilege assuming the surviving spouse is a U S citizen In contrast single people don t have that privilege which leaves them without an easy way to remove life insurance death benefit proceeds from their taxable estates To avoid this pitfall individuals with large estates can set up irrevocable life insurance trusts to own policies on their lives The death benefits can then be used to cover part or all of the estate tax bill This is accomplished by authorizing the trustee of the life insurance trust to purchase assets from the estate or make loans to the estate The extra liquidity is then used to cover the estate tax bill For all these reasons you should review your estate plan If you wait your current estate plan with all its flaws or your completely missing estate plan will be locked in when you die Contact your estate planning professional to schedule a meeting If you have any questions please contact Lisa Riccardi at lriccardi vlcpa com or 859 3313300 People who live at Aleardi s Lilac Inn or Nannie s Inn are special They are your mothers and fathers aunts and uncles grandparents friends and neighbors We have the professional staff and We resources to deliver the right care for every resident Aleardi s offers a home based lifestyle for seniors who need assistance with activities of daily living including eating bathing dressing and medication management At Aleardi s we take living personally and offer our seniors a variety of options to help them enjoy a full life on their terms Our Mission is to promote the dignity and value in each resident by providing a home based environment that is stimulating comfortable and caring while nurturing the mind body and spirit Owners Denise Alearrd di Lacie Santia 6 Ressidences Farmington H Hills Bloo omfield Hills and W We est Bloomfield 1 Staaff to 6 Resident Ratio Ofte en Times 2 Staff to 6 Resiidents Hom me Based Environment Personal Furniture Allowed Each h Residence Is Single Floo ored All L Located in an Inviting Safe e Residential Neig ghborhood on a W Wo ooded d Lot Larg ge Common Living Areas Closets Patios More Michigan State Licensed and All Staff Iss CPR First Aid Trained Finger Printed with Backgrouund Check Tr A AGING IN PLA AN ACE RESIDENTIAL CARE H HOME 734 788 8 3000 AleardisP Place com Anna Luisa Di Lorenzo M D FACS Sue Lim M D Danielle Mayne O D M S Come Visit Our Newly Expanded Of ce and Optical Boutique We Now Carry Oliver Peoples An Entire Lifetime of Eye Care Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology Examinations for Glasses Contact Lenses Premium Intraocular Lenses Diabetic Eye Glaucoma Management Laser Cataract Surgery Refractive Surgery PRK and LASIK Intralase Oculoplastic Surgery Botox CALL 248 822 7003 to schedule an appointment or visit www SomersetOphthalmology com 2877 Crooks Road Suite B Troy We accept most Insurance Plans Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 15

Page 16

Frank Derrr MD Medical Director Thomas Millman MD Medical Director Amber W Wa arnat t MD Frank C Fr Cao ao MD Laura Grantt MD Jillian Boyd yd OD Cataract Evaluation Feellowship Trained Glaucoma Specialist on Staff Fellowship i d OOculoplastic l l ti SSpecialist i li t on St Staffff F ll hi TTrained Management of Diabetic Eye Disease Dry Eye Management and Treatment Onsite Ambulatory Surgery Center ffoor Cataract Glaucoma Oculoplastic and Minor Surgical Procedures accredited by AAAHC Onsite Optical shops Same Day Emergency Appointments Available Most Major Medical and Vision Insurance Plans Accepted 375 Barclay Circle Rochester Hills Michigan 48307 248 852 3636 17900 23 Mile Road Suite 100 b Michigan 48044 Macomb 586 416 1544 www w millman derrr com We hav ve e been safelly y reopened since mid May of 2020 We W e adhere tto o and follow all CDC State and Local guidelines to assure our patient s s and our staff s s safetty y while work wo kiing patients through in a conve venient manner Support to be a mo ore Confide C n f dent nt Careegive ve r IIff y you re ou re c caring aring ffor or a lloved oved o one ne w ith a s erious iillness llness a nd want want to to with serious and keep k eep them them at at home home Hospice Hospice of of M ichigan can can help help Michigan Hospice H ospice o off M Michigan s ichigan s e expert xpert tteam eam provides provides guidance guidance training training a nd emotional emotional support support to to help help and yo y ou b e a more more skilled skilled and an d you be FRQ GHQW FDUHJLYHU DW KRPH FR F RQ GHQW FDUHJLYHU DW KRPH Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 16 Gardening Advice Growing Older Garden Care Tips for Seniors With spring upon us millions of Americans are getting out their spades and hand rakes for gardening season Gardening is great for everybody but it can be particularly beneficial to seniors With a variety of health and emotional benefits gardening is one of the best low impact activities for seniors including those with mild physical limitations memory problems or those who require various forms of senior care Gardening is an extremely healthy and rewarding activity for seniors says Larry Meigs CEO of Visiting Angels The benefits of garden care for seniors are plentiful Studies have shown that lowimpact exercise such as gardening can drastically reduce seniors risk of injury and other physical conditions Gardening helps seniors maintain or even increase flexibility and strength What s more gardening provides a peaceful engaging activity This can be therapeutic helping to relieve emotional stress for lonely or frustrated seniors Gardening can even provide a therapeutic outlet for Alzheimer s sufferers Of course as with any physical activity it s important that seniors take care when they garden to prevent exhaustion or injury Here are some tips if a loved one has a budding green thumb Limber Up Reduce the risk of joint stress and cramps by have your loved one stretch and warm up with a walk before gardening Choose the Right Tools Make sure your loved one has the right tools for each job to reduce the effort and joint stress caused by digging raking and other activities Experts suggest strong lightweight ergonomic tools Protect Hands Skin Have your loved one wear durable gardening gloves to protect hands against thorns branches brambles and roots Have them apply sunscreen before starting work to protect any exposed skin Avoid Heat Sunlight To avoid sun stroke sunburn and dehydration suggest that your loved one garden during the morning or evening when it s cooler and use shade to their advantage Make sure they stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and taking regular breaks Increase Ease of Access Try to ensure that your loved one s garden and plants are as easy to access as possible Raised beds and narrow plots can help keep your loved one out of uncomfortable positions Break Up Tough Tasks Have your loved one break tough jobs like weeding into five minute pieces taking breaks in between to relax or do easier jobs If you have an elderly relative or loved one who loves to garden but finds the activity increasingly difficult senior care from your local Visiting Angels home care provider may be the answer Contact your local Visiting Angels office to find out if senior care is right for your loved one If you re interested in more information about how in home care can help your senior loved ones contact your nearest Visiting Angels office today or call 800365 4189

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Exercising their green thumbs helps seniors reap mental and physical rewards NO ONE SHOULD MISS the satisfaction of digging their hands into sun warmed dirt says horticultural therapist Patty Cassidy even when turning a spade isn t as easy as it used to be Author of The Illustrated Practical Guide to Gardening for Seniors Cassidy learned to garden smarter with age and now teaches gardening techniques that can promote better health among older adults Connection with nature through yard work can give seniors a lift and also help them stay strong In a study of 3 300 women aged 50 and older researchers at the University of Arkansas found that subjects who gardened at least once a week showed higher bone density than those who did other types of exercise We hadn t expected yard work to be important says the study s lead author Lori Turner But the team found only two activities to be significant for maintaining healthy bone mass yard work and weight training Still lifting bending weeding and pruning can take a toll Once you start feeling physical limitations says Cassidy you should begin modifying your gardening habits These tips can help ease the way Pace Yourself If you ve taken a winter break from yard chores start slowly and work your way into shape Once you begin working in your yard change your position and activity every 20 to 30 minutes then rest for 10 minutes And if you have problems with arthritis in your hands soak them in warm water before putting on gloves Raise the Ground For people who prefer to sit while exercising their green thumbs a rectangular raised planting bed with an adjacent chair or board for seating may be the best solution The height can vary but the width should be about an arm s length so you have easy access to the plants and won t lose your balance while reaching across the bed says Cassidy Raised beds can be built with a wide range of materials from treated wood and secondhand lumber to concrete blocks and even piles of dirt Get Vertical If you cultivate vines on trellises outside walls or along fences you can work standing up and that will reduce pressure on your lower back and knees And native vines such as trumpet creeper and fox grape can attract wildlife The height of such gardens should not extend beyond arm s reach especially if you are growing fruits or vegetables that require harvesting Go Native Reassess the types of plants you re cultivating Reducing yard work says Cassidy can be as simple as not growing high maintenance plants such as roses and instead opting for native species Plants that are native to the region where a gardener lives require less upkeep and tend to be drought resistant which can also mean less work Water and hoses are heavy says Cassidy so I recommend cultivating species that once established will take care of themselves Natives also entice birds butterflies and other beneficial insects Think Small You don t need a large yard to gain the mental and physical satisfaction of cultivating plants and viewing nature you just need to maintain a sense of proportion If you live in an apartment for example you can use containers to grow herbs and native species that will attract hummingbirds butterflies and other pollinators With the right choices you could even have fall color and berries growing on your balcony or deck Gardening on any scale can provide a natural motivation to get up and go For a regional list of lowmaintenance native plant species to cultivate visit www nwf org nativeplants For information about attracting wildlife to your yard and other natural gardening tips go to www nwf org nwfgarden Mark Wexler is editor atlarge of National Wildlife magazine Become an NWF Wildlife Gardener and sign up for our Garden for Wildlife newsletter It s free and you will receive great gardening tips and learn how to certify your yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat site or your community as part of NWF s Community Wildlife Habitat program Welcome to The Fa amily It s not like e home It is home 14560 Lakeside Cir C Sterling Heights MI 48313 4 shorre ehavenseniorliving com A place ace wher where you belong For more details and a personalized visit call to F today 586 803 0900 4500 Dobry Dr Sterliing Heights MI 48314 townviillagesterlingheights com Shorehaven is more m than senior living it s a way of life For more details and a personalized visit call today 586 247 3220 Living Gracefully is something we can do o every day no m matter our age Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 17

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2021 Spring Guide for Senior Housing Options We hope you find the 2021 Spring edition of our Senior Housing Guide for Oakland and Macomb Counties helpful The facilities are grouped by county sorted alphabetically by city and then by name Each provides a variety of services and offers a range of amenities We encourage you to contact them directly to learn more For your convenience we have provided a key indicating the type of care available at each facility IL Independent Living Independent living is simply any housing arrangement designed exclusively for older adults generally those aged 55 and over Housing varies widely from apartment style living to single family detached homes In general the housing is friendlier to aging adults often being more compact with easier navigation and no maintenance or yard work to worry about AL Assisted Living Assisted living is a Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 18 residential option for older adults who need help with some of the activities of daily living things like cooking meals getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night keeping house and traveling to appointments An assisted living facility may be a good choice if you need more personal care services than you can get at home or in an independent living or retirement community MC Memory Care Memory care is a form of senior living that provides intensive specialized care for people with memory issues Many assisted living facilities and nursing homes have created special memory care units for dementia patients There are also stand alone memory care facilities RC Respite Care Respite care provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver enabling you to take a much needed break from the demands of caregiving Some senior residential communities offer short term overnight services HC Hospice Care Hospice and palliative care offers a dignified and comfortable alternative to spending your final months in the impersonal environment of a hospital far from family friends pets and all that you know and love Palliative medicine helps you manage pain while hospice provides special care to improve the quality of life for both you as the patient and your family

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2021 Spring Guide for Senior Housing Options Macomb County Facility Address City Phone Website IL Advantage Living Center Armada 22600 W Main Street Armada 586 784 5322 www advantageliving net X Dunn Family Co op Apartments 8400 Engleman Street Center Line 586 756 3322 www csi coop X Father Murray Nursing Center 8444 Engleman Center Line 586 755 2400 www fathermurrayvhc com X Grace Premier Assisted Living 29891 23 Mile Road Chesterfield 586 924 0455 www graceseniorliving com X X The Village of East Harbor Senior Living 33875 Kiely Drive Chesterfield 586 725 6030 www pvm org X X X American House Lakeside 15731 19 Mile Road Clinton Twp 586 913 8038 www americanhousemi com X X Church of Christ Assisted Living 23561 15 Mile Road Clinton Twp 586 285 7143 www cofccc org X Clinton Creek 40500 Garfield Road Clinton Twp 586 354 2700 www clintoncreekmi com Clinton aire Healthcare Center 17001 17 Mile Road Clinton Twp 586 286 7100 www savaseniorcare com Hampton Manor of Clinton 18401 15 Mile Road Clinton Twp 586 785 0005 www seniorcommunitynearme com Lockwood of Clinton 24500 Metro Parkway Clinton Twp 586 790 1100 www lockwoodofclinton com X X Oakmont Parkway 36725 Utica Road Clinton Twp 586 217 3879 www oakmontcommunities com X X Our Place Senior Assisted Living 22410 Glenwood Street Clinton Twp 586 473 6547 www ourplacesal com Partridge Creek Senior Village 17200 Dove Street Clinton Twp 586 329 2114 www voami org X Pine Ridge of Garfield 36333 Garfield Road Clinton Twp 586 723 0000 www trueconnectioncommunities com X Rose Senior Living Clinton Township 44003 Partridge Creek Blvd Clinton Twp 586 840 0840 www roseseniorliving com X Sanctuary at Clinton Villa 17825 15 Mile Road Clinton Twp 586 792 0358 www trinityhealthseniorcommunities org X The Parkdale Senior Living 15 N Gratiot Avenue Clinton Twp 586 273 2600 www parkdalesl com X X Villa Bella of Clinton Township 15894 19 Mile Road Clinton Twp 586 412 8910 www villa bella net X X Fraser Villa 33300 Utica Road Fraser 586 294 3152 www fraservilla org Meadows Assisted Living Care Campus 71 North Avenue Mt Clemens 586 461 2882 www meadowslifemi com Prestige Commons 33503 23 Mile Road New Baltimore 586 725 9300 www prestigecommons com Serenity Village Assisted Living Llc 47640 Gratiot Avenue New Baltimore 586 949 6220 www serenityvillagemich com StoryPoint Chesterfield 51760 Gratiot Avenue New Baltimore 586 598 8000 www storypoint com Leisure Manor 68453 Stoecker Lane Richmond 586 727 0700 www richmondleisuremanor com Medilodge of Richmond 34901 Division Road Richmond 586 727 7562 www medilodgeofrichmond com Angelica s Place 328 E Lafayette Romeo 586 336 9440 www angelicasplacemi com X Orchard Grove Health Campus 71150 Orchard Crossing Lane Romeo 586 894 8810 www trilogyhs com X Woodwards Assisted Living 309 S Bailey Street Romeo 586 372 7164 www friendsandfamilyinc org X American House East I 17255 Common Road Roseville 586 298 3121 www americanhouse com X X American House East II 18760 13 Mile Road Roseville 586 298 3114 www americanhouse com X X Beechwood Manor Inc 24600 Greater Mack Avenue Saint Clair Shores 586 773 5950 IL INDEPENDENT LIVING AL ASSISTED LIVING MC MEMORY CARE X X X X X X X X X X X X X RC HC X X X X X X X X X HC HOSPICE CARE X X X X X www beechwoodmanor net RC RESPITE CARE AL MC X X X X X X X X X X X X SEE AD FOR DETAILS Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 19

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10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer s Disease Your memory often changes as you grow older But memory loss that disrupts daily life is not a typical part of aging It may be a symptom of dementia Dementia is a slow decline in memory thinking and reasoning skills The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer s disease a fatal disorder that results in the loss of brain and cell functions It may be hard to know the difference between age related changes and the first signs of Alzheimer s disease Some people may recognize changes in themselves before anyone else notices Other times friends and family will be the first to observe changes in memory behavior or abilities To help identify problems early the Alzheimer s Association has created a list of warning signs for Alzheimer s and other dementias Individuals may experience one or more of these in different degrees 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer s Disease 1 Memory loss that disrupts daily life 2 Challenges in planning or solving problems 3 Difficulty completing familiar tasks 4 Confusion with time or place 5 Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships 6 New problems with words in speaking or writing 7 Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps 8 Decreased or poor judgment 9 Withdrawal from work or social activities 10 Changes in mood and personality If you or someone you care about is experiencing any of the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer s disease please see a doctor to find the cause Early diagnosis gives you a chance to seek treatment plan for your future and participate in clinical trials Diagnosing Alzheimer s earlier has huge cost savings implications said Keith Fargo Ph D director of scientific programs and outreach for the Alzheimer s Association Studies show the expenses associated with identification of people with mild cognitive impairment the earliest stage at which clinical symptoms are present are lower than those associated with people in the later stage of dementia In addition costs are lower once a person with Alzheimer s gets on the right care path The disease is better managed there are fewer complications from other chronic conditions and unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided The sooner the diagnosis occurs the sooner these costs can be managed and savings can begin To learn more about the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer s disease and the tools and resources provided by your local Alzheimer s Association Greater Michigan Chapter visit alz org gmc or call 800 272 3900 What are the warning signs of elder abuse Helping Seniors and Their Families for Over 45 Years Caring for an aging parent or loved one Call Us We Can Help We are a nonprofit focused on supporting seniors so they can live independently and safely wherever they call home We provide a network of services and programs which include In home care services Meals on Wheels Help finding housing Help finding transportation Support for family caregivers Caregiver educational classes Health and wellness classes Medicare counseling For more information call us at 800 852 7795 or visit aaa1b org Serving Livingston Macomb Monroe Oakland St Clair and Washtenaw counties Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 20 While one sign does not necessarily indicate abuse some indicators that there could be a problem include bruises pressure marks broken bones abrasions and burns Sudden changes in alertness and unusual depression may be indicators of emotional abuse And bedsores unattended medical needs poor hygiene and unusual weight loss are indicators of possible neglect Behavior such as belittling threats and other uses of power and control by spouses or those who should be in a position of trust are indicators of verbal or emotional abuse Strained or tense relationships frequent arguments between the caregiver and elderly person are also signs Visit the Families and Caregivers section at ncea acl gov for more information about how caregivers can help prevent elder abuse

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With top ratin ngs for customer service and plans p Our Medicare plans go above and beyond for members Not to mention award winning ratings Did D you know Our health plan has been rated highest in custome er satisfaction in Mich higan But don t take our word forr it I brag to my friends how good my HAP insurance is HAP P s u u t y u i i i t great to me Customer service is excellent I ve never had d any issues They are really good about listening to you Even if I need d tto call ll th t HAP H the Helpline l li th the people l are so nice i Mary Ann S HAP Customer 9 out of 10 0 new HAP Medicare Ad dvantage members prefer HAP s cove erage to their previous s health insurer Our Medica are Advantage HMO ea arned 4 5 Stars out of 5 Stars from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services C CMS Our Medica are Advantage PPO ea arned 4 Stars out of 5 Stars To learn mor more re about HAP Medicare e Solutions call 800 868 3153 TTY Y 711 For more information on Star Ratings visit medicare gov Health Alliance Plan HAP has HMO HMO POS PPO plans with M di Medicarecon t tracts t E Enrollmen ll t depends on contract renewal Y0076_2021 MI Senior Guide Prin nt_M Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 21

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Have the Final Say Planning Your Own Funeral Memorial Service Planning your own funeral is not something anyone gets excited about In all honestly who would But you know what There is great value in doing so If you are considering planning your own funeral ahead of time we sincerely commend you It takes courage to do so and you will find it s very rewarding once it s done To help you on your quest you ll find in this article why you should plan your own memorial how to do it and four different ways you can ensure your funeral is paid for Why You Should Be Planning Your Own Funeral The reason why you should plan your own funeral is quite simple If you don t plan your own funeral your family will have to while in their darkest hour Here s the cold hard truth of it When you pass away your family will be going through an incredibly dark time full of grief and sadness Your loved ones having to make tough choices via planning your funeral only adds to the emotional stress they are enduring due to your passing Nobody likes to think of their own mortality let alone plan for it But here s some good news Planning your own funeral is actually very easy Not to mention it won t take as much time as you d think to knock it out All you are really doing is documenting exactly how you would like to be remembered The best part is once you ve done it you never have to do it again Taking a little time planning this ahead of time will pay huge dividends in the future You ll save your family from a lot of grief and they will know how much you cared because of what you ve done You Have To Document Your Plans Or They Do No Good CHOOSE the Medicare Medicaid plan that cares for you For information on AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care Plus Medicare Medicaid Plan and other options for your health care call Michigan ENROLLS at 1 800 975 7630 TTY 1 888 263 5897 Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a m to 7 p m AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care Plus is a health plan that contracts with both Medicare and Michigan Medicaid to provide benefits of both programs to enrollees We are in Macomb and Wayne counties 1 877 686 1767 TTY 711 www amerihealthcaritasvipcareplus com You could literally just use a blank piece of paper and that would suffice No matter how you do it you must document your final wishes or all your preparation is worthless However you choose to transcribe your funeral plans you need to store them in a place where they are easily accessible by your family The idea is upon your passing your family will locate your final wishes so they can follow your instructions This will alleviate them from having to make these tough choices while they are grieving There are lots of free funeral planning guides online if you prefer to have something that pre outlines everything Ultimately it does not matter exactly how you document your final wishes All that matters is that you do it so your family can put it to use Planning out your own funeral has a process that will actually be very familiar to you No seriously it will be Think of it this way Have you ever bought a vehicle You likely have at some point in your life Think back to your last car buying experience It probably went something like this Calculated your budget Decided if you want a car truck van etc Identified which makes and models you were interested in Compared those models to see which one s you like most Selected a model Chose the color interior exterior options etc Bought the vehicle The procedure to plan your own funeral will be just like that The only real difference is A You won t take delivery of your product right now at least we hope not and B you will be selecting options related to a funeral rather than a car Seven days a week 8 a m 8 p m Burial Donation H0192_001_PRA_937150_ACCEPTED_09042020 By far the biggest choice you will make is choosing to be Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 22 Cremation Or

Page 23

buried cremated or donating your body to science Your budget may play a role in deciding which one of these you go with Remember the cost of a funeral varies greatly among these three options On average a typical burial service will cost anywhere from 7 000 10 000 At the same time a cremation service will cost between 1 500 5 000 Donating your body to science will usually cost nothing With the availability of affordable funeral life insurance plans to cover endof life costs most people can adequately insure themselves for an amount necessary to cover whatever sort of memorial they prefer What To Do With The Remains If You Choose A Burial Or Cremation Look at the following list and decide which ones if any apply to you Then document your preferences along with all the other stuff Memorial service location Where the remains will be placed Type of casket or urn Flowers Music Attendees Name s of those who you wish to make your arrangements Open or closed casket for a service Clothes glasses jewelry to be worn for a viewing and or final resting Any military preferences for veterans Marker headstone preferences Pallbearer suggestions Obituary preferences key points you want addressed in your obituary Post funeral reception preferences At this point you ve fully planned out your entire funeral which means your family won t have to make these tough decisions Now all you ve got to do is put together a plan to ensure the expenses of your funeral don t fall on your family The truth is most families don t have the cash needed to pay for the funeral outright As a result loved ones will resort to taking on debt in order to ensure you receive a respectable memorial service Very often the debt they agree to takes years to pay off If you do nothing else please make sure you financially prepare for your funeral to ensure your family doesn t have to take on debt to do it for you Having said all of that you have four basic options to pay for your final expenses Life Insurance Save Money Pre Need Contract Funds From The Deceased s Estate Put Together A Will Or Living Trust The best thing to do is to consult with a wills and trust attorney and let them help you decide which is best for you You ll want a will or trust to shore up the legal matters associated with death Just like all the other elements of your funeral if you don t prepare for the legal ones you condemn your family with having to deal with them Anthony Martin Feeeliingg Overrwhelmeed If you choose to be buried you then must select what you want done with the casket If your wish is to be cremated then you must choose where the urn or ashes are placed Believe it or not there are quite a few options There are pros and cons to each so decide which one you think best suites you Viewing Or No Viewing Do you want your loved ones to have one final chance to visit your body Some people do and some people don t The choice is certainly yours but it s definitely something you must decide upon Viewings can take place at a funeral home church synagogue or any other location of your preference assuming the owner of the building agrees to it One thing to keep in mind is that if you prefer to donate your body to science and you want a viewing you will be required to pay for the cost of the viewing Now Choose The Details To Round Out Your Plans At this point you ve chosen between a burial cremation or donation You ve selected what to do with the remains and you ve decided whether or not to have a viewing All you have to do now is finalize the details such as location flowers music etc L us SIMP Let S PLIFY your LIFE GERIAT ATRIC MEDICAL CARE MANAGEMENT Senior Housing Evaluation Placement Arrange Health Care and Community Services Oversee Daily Living Needs CONVENIEN NT COST EFFECTIVE Serving alll of Michigan Since 1991 MANAGED REH HABilitation Consultants Inc 39303 Country Club Drive Suite A 50 Farmington Hills MI www managed rehab com 877 614 6410 or 248 848 9120 Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 23

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2021 Spring Guide for Senior Housing Options Macomb County Facility Address City Phone Website IL AL MC RC HC Bickford of Shelby Township 48251 Schoenherr Road Shelby Twp 586 685 5800 www bickfordseniorliving com X Hampton Manor of Shelby 51831 Van Dyke Avenue Shelby Twp 586 333 4940 www manorsl com X Pine Ridge Villas of Shelby 4200 W Utica Road Shelby Twp 586 739 5520 www trueconnectioncommunities com Shelby Manor Senior Living 14184 22 Mile Road Shelby Twp 586 405 9623 www shelbymanorseniorliving com X X X Sunrise of Shelby Township 46471 Hayes Road Shelby Twp 586 532 9559 www sunriseseniorliving com X X X Cranberry Park at ShorePointe 26101 Jefferson Avenue St Clair 586 498 4500 www shorepointeliving com Rivers Edge Assisted Living South 1427 Oakland Avenue St Clair 810 650 5902 www assistedlivingsaintclair com American House Sterling Heights 11255 15 Mile Road Sterling Heights 586 722 1206 www americanhousemi com American House Sterling Meadows 36430 Van Dyke Avenue Sterling Heights 586 480 1403 American House Sterling Woods 36430 Van Dyke Avenue Arden Courts of Sterling Heights X X X X X X X X X X www americanhouse com X X X Sterling Heights 586 480 1403 www americanhouse com X X X 11095 E 14 Mile Road Sterling Heights 586 795 0998 www arden courts com X X My Doctor s Inn 8384 Metro Parkway Sterling Heights 586 250 5575 www mydoctorsinn com X X Oakmont Manor Senior Community 41255 Pond View Drive Sterling Heights 586 991 3117 www oakmontcommunities com X X Oakmont Sterling Senior Community 41155 Pond View Drive Sterling Heights 586 217 3908 www oakmontcommunities com X X Pine Ridge of Hayes Senior Living 43707 Hayes Road Sterling Heights 586 247 0901 www trueconnectioncommunities com X X Pine Ridge Plumbrook 8350 Plumbrook Road Sterling Heights 586 274 2500 www trueconnectioncommunities com X Pomeroy Living Rehabilitation Center 34643 Ketsin Drive Sterling Heights 586 978 2280 www pomeroysterling com Pomeroy Living Sterling 2200 15 Mile Road Sterling Heights 586 554 7200 www pomeroysterling com Shorehaven 14560 Lakeside Circle Sterling Heights 586 247 3220 www shorehavenseniorliving com Sterling Heights Comfort Care 44256 Mound Road Sterling Heights 586 250 1110 www comfortcaresl com Town Village Sterling Heights 4500 Dobry Drive Sterling Heights 586 803 0900 www townvillagesterlingheights com Waltonwood Lakeside 14750 Lakeside Circle Sterling Heights 586 580 1057 www waltonwood com Brookdale Utica 45969 Northpointe Blvd Utica 586 997 0955 www brookdale com Northpoint Village of Utica 45201 Northpointe Blvd Utica 586 739 9545 www npointvillage com Advantage Living Center Warren 12250 Twelve Mile Road Warren 586 751 6200 www advantageliving net X X Arbor Inn 14030 E 14 Mile Road Warren 586 296 3260 www thearborinn net X X Autumn Woods Residential Hlth 29800 Hoover Road Warren 586 574 3444 www autumnwoods com X Park Place 29250 Heritage Parkway Warren 586 298 3115 www americanhouse com X Tivoli Manor Co op Apartments 28103 Imperial Drive Warren 800 593 3052 www csi coop X Windemere Park Warren 31800 Van Dyke Warren 586 722 2600 www windemerepark com X Vista Springs Washington Place 11900 Shire Blvd Washington 586 331 9400 www vistaspringsliving com IL INDEPENDENT LIVING AL ASSISTED LIVING Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 24 MC MEMORY CARE RC RESPITE CARE HC HOSPICE CARE X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X SEE AD FOR DETAILS

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0 0 3 3 4 3 1 0 1 01 Belleville Carleton Center Line D b Dearborn Heights Detroit Ecorse Ferndale NEW Flat Rock Ha Park Hazel Highland and Park Tour our locations virtua ally Resident members benefit from Senior em mpowerment Continuinng education Diversitty open mem mbership Democratic control Social interaction i Not for proofit operation Kalamazoo Madison Heights Plymouth Pontiac Riverview Romulus Royal Oak Southgate Trenton Warren Wyandot dotte www w CSI coop C 1 800 593 30 3052 TDD 1 800 0 348 7011 A limited number of apartm ments e are availa able in some location ons for younger persons who are physically disabled and need the special feature ures of a unit designed for the mobility impaired Income limits lim s apply Mos Most utilities are included Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 25

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7 Great iphone Tips For Seniors It can be challenging for us all to stay up to date with the latest technology features as they come out We ve shared seven useful iPad and iPhone features we regularly use for ourselves and our families to make life a little easier Please note that these tips may not be available on the iOS version you have installed on your iPhone or iPad To find the iOS version installed on your device go to Settings General About 1 Use your iPhone as a magnifying glass With your iPhone or iPad you can use the inbuilt camera as a magnifying glass This is a useful feature for when you may need to read small print somewhere 2 Scan documents using the camera With iOS 11 you can take a photo of a document to create a scanned PDF version of that image A handy feature if you ve ever needed to send back a signed document form or scanned image and don t find yourself near a scanner 3 Add Emergency Contacts on your iPhone You can add emergency contacts from the Health app on your iPhone Open the Health app and tap the Medical ID tab Tap Edit then scroll to Emergency Contacts Tap green plus icon to add an emergency contact Tap a contact then add their relationship Tap Done to save your changes With Emergency SOS on iOS 11 you can quickly call for help and alert your emergency contacts 4 Safari Reader Browser REHABILITTA ATION THERAPY AT Physical Occupational Speech Cognitive Counseling There s no be etter place to he eal Neurologic Conditions Condition ns Stroke Parkinson Parkkinson ss Disease osis Post COVID Recovery Spinal Cord Injury Multiple Sclero Spasticity Orthopedic Rehab Joint Replacement Recovvery orders Speech Language Disorders Brain Injuries Balance Disor WE HA AV VE MUL LT TIPLE LOCA AT TIONS TO SERVE YOU Farmington Farmington Hills Waterffo ord Ypsilanti Flint All thera ap pies can be provided in person or via TELEHEAL LT TH rainbowrehab com Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 26 800 968 6644 Safari Reader makes it easier to read long articles on a website by leaving out ads links and other information that may be surrounding the content 5 Increase the size of the font On your iPhone or iPad you can customise the text for many apps like Mail Messages Notes and Contacts to make it easier to read 6 Take a screenshot and mark it up Press and quickly release the side button and the top volume button Tap the thumbnail image to mark up the screenshot or share it with someone You can also save it to your Photos 7 Purchase apps books or music without your credit card Buy an iTunes or App store Gift card and redeem the amount for credit to your Apple ID Use that credit to make a purchase in any of those stores for music movies TV shows apps books and more Apple Support has more tips for the latest versions of iOS Get more help at https support apple com YourLink Pty Ltd is focussed on the digital inclusion of seniors whether living in the family home aged care residence or retirement village The award winning YourLink platform includes a free app designed for seniors to connect with family friends and the local community The app is designed with seniors for seniors YourLink works in the community and with aged care and community organizations to deliver digital inclusion activities supporting older Australians Clients include Adssi HomeLiving Australia Hardi Aged Care and Anglican Care Australia YourLink is an Apple Authorized Reseller a member of the Apple Consultants Network a Be Connected partner and a Stay Smart Online partner

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11 Unexpectedly Innovative Apps for Seniors Typically older adults are not the targets for high tech products and apps Built around teenagers and younger adults the iPhone and Android app market is flooded with games and social media programs for those generations However many apps can aid the lives of older adults and offer helpful tools for making everyday life easier Here is a list of the top eleven innovative apps seniors can easily use 1 Car Finder AR Available For Andriod 1 99 Car Finder AR helps you remember where you parked your car and uses augmented reality and 3D Google Maps to find your parking spot Not on Android Try the app Anchor Pointer Compass GPS for finding your vehicle The app uses the GPS from your phone to give you walking directions back to your vehicle 2 Lumosity Available For iPhone Free with Luminosity subscription The aging process often affects memory frustrating seniors who make great efforts to stay mentally active To help keep your mind sharp download this clever memory improvement app that contains hundreds of games and puzzles Designed by neuroscientists Lumosity is proven to benefit memory recall and information retention 3 Pandora Available For iPad iPhone Android Free Listen to any music genre with Pandora s customizable stations Improve your stations by upvoting or downvoting each song selection Periodic commercial breaks allow users to listen to Pandora channels free of charge For 4 99 per month subscribers listen to their music without commercial interruption 4 Skype Available For iPad iPhone Android Free Making international and longdistance calls can add up costing you hundreds of dollars to stay in touch with your family and friends Skype users are able to make long distance calls send instant messages and enjoy video conferencing for a fraction of the price Skype allows users to call or video chat to mobile phones and landlines for a small fee You can even video chat over wireless Internet free of charge 5 The Weather Channel Available For iPhone Free Never let the weather surprise you again Receive constant updates on the day s weather and what to expect in the forecast Mobile alerts let you know if your forecast predicts severe weather giving you ample time to get indoors before an approaching storm The Weather Channel app also allows you to track different locations at the same time 6 Pillboxie Available For iPhone and iPad 0 99 It can be tricky keeping up with medications The Pillboxie app reminds you to take medications at the scheduled times you set Customize your medications by color and drag them into the sectioned pillbox graphic to easily organize your prescription schedule This useful app ensures you will never again forget to take your daily medications and will make sure you don t take the wrong medication on a wrong day 7 Epicurious Available For iPhone iPad Android Free This app contains more than 30 000 recipes that have been carefully compiled from quality cooking sites Epicurious offers reviews tips and pictures shared from other users for each recipe Sync your shopping list for quick retrieval at the grocery store and organize favorite recipes on this cooking app 8 Blood Pressure Monitor Available For iPhone and iPad Free Track your blood pressure and weight over time without having to call your doctor or comb through old records The Blood Pressure Monitor app provides statistical information periodic health reminders and allows you to export data so you can share it with your personal health care provider This tool is a great way for seniors to oversee their health regimen and stay in shape 9 iBooks Available For iPhone and iPad Free If you already have an iPad or iPhone iBooks is a great app to have If you would like to use your Apple devices for reading instead of investing in a separate device like the Kindle or Nook the iBooks app is perfect for you 10 NPR Available For iPhone iPad Android Free NPR has a little bit of something for everyone The NPR app gives older adults their world news and relevant stories in a concise and easy to use app 11 Simple Social Available For Android Free An app designed with older but active adults in mind Simple Social is a cleaner less cluttered version of the classic Facebook app that now also allows integration with Twitter Users are able to browse effortlessly through the app without investing long hours to learn how to navigate the interface These easily accessible apps are designed with aging adults in mind and can simplify and enhance your life A locally owned and operated company that for over 30 years has been there for seniors from all walks of life Senior Living Communities Life isn t just lived It s celebrated at every stage Visit us and discover for yourself why it s not just living It s Pomeroy Living Independent Assisted Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Serving Oakland and Macomb Counties in Orion Rochester Sterling info pomeroyliving com Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 27

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Senior Discounts Everyone loves a great deal Check out the following list of the best deals and discounts offered for seniors When Alzheimer s or another dementia touches your life we are here to help Arby s Discount 10 percent off or drink discount Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Famed for its slow roasted meat sandwiches offers senior discounts that may vary by location 24 7 Helpline Support Groups Education Programs Care Consultations Social Engagement Programs A W Restaurants Discount 10 percent off Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor The all American food chain offers a senior discount at some locations 800 272 3900 alz org gmc Banana Republic Discount 10 percent off Qualifications Ages 50 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Check the Banana Republic website for other discounts as well such as student or teacher breaks You planned for retirement But did you plan for aging You don t need to do this alone BP SPW QLXTWTP YO L T _PO WTaTYR TYOP PYOPY_ WTaTYR XPXZ d NL P LYO TY SZXP NL P Z _TZY 7P_ _LVP dZ ZY L aT _ LW _Z ZQ PNZXXPYOPO NZXX YT_TP ML PO ZY dZ YPPO 0LNS ZYP T PaTPbPO QZ _SPT ST _Z d ZQ LWT_d NL P W bP WW QLNTWT_L_P _SP _ LY T_TZY NZYYPN_TYR dZ bT_S P Z NP LYO TYQZ XL_TZY LWZYR _SP bLd BP L P L 1 00 P aTNP LYO bPWNZXP _SP Z Z _ YT_d _Z R TOP dZ Call us today to discuss your needs Michael Mithen NHA CSA mmithen carepatrol com 248 563 4923 OaklandCounty CarePatrol com 2021 CarePatrol Franchise Systems LLC Each office is independently owned and operated CarePatrol is an equal opportunity employer Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 28 Big Boy Discount Varies by location Qualifications Ages 60 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Some Big Boy locations offer a discount though there is not a company wide policy Check ahead at your local eatery to find out Bonefish Grill Discount 10 percent off Qualifications AARP members Locations Novi Troy This causal dining seafood spot s discount is available for lunch dinner or Sunday brunch Must have a valid AARP card Boston Market Discount Varies by location Qualifications Ages 65 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Boston Market also offers discounts through their VIP club Sign up on their website Burger King Discount 10 percent off and other discounts on drinks and coffee Qualifications Ages 60 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Ask and see if there is a senior discount on Burger King s freshly brewed coffee Also see the website for more savings Carrabba s Italian Grill Discount 10 percent off Qualifications AARP members Locations Canton Clinton Township Novi Southgate Troy Be sure to show a valid AARP membership card to receive this discount Chili s Discount 10 percent off Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Join the My Chili s Rewards program for more savings and offers from the Tex Mex style cuisine chain Dairy Queen Discount 10 percent off Qualifications Varies by location Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Some locations of the soft serve ice cream icon offer bargains Most are open year round but call ahead to be sure during colder months Denny s Discount 15 percent off Qualifications AARP members Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Show your valid AARP membership card to receive the discount at this American fare sitdown chain Know of some great senior discounts in Michigan we missed Let us know by sending an email to News gazettemediagroup com and we ll add them to the list

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Senior Discounts Dunkin Donuts Discount Free donut with purchase of an XL coffee Qualifications AARP Member Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Check out Dunkin Donuts website for more offers and check ahead to see if this is offered at your location Einstein s Bros Bagels Discount 10 percent off Qualifications Ages 60 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Join the Shmear Society to receive more discounts and deals Goodwill Discount 10 percent off on Tuesdays Qualifications Ages 60 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Tuesdays are Senior Savings days at Goodwill Receive 10 percent off all donated merchandise Joann Fabric and Crafts Stores Discount 20 percent off Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Keep your eyes peeled for the next Senior Discount Day Kohl s Discount 15 percent off on Wednesdays Qualifications 60 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor The popular retail department store offers bargains once a week Time your purchases though because this offer can t be combined with Kohl s Cash McDonald s Discount Vary by locations Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Many McDonald s locations offer some form of senior discount on coffee and other beverages Michaels Discount 10 percent off Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Do your crafting at a discount with this offer This choice comes with a bonus It also includes sale items Motown Thrift Discount 25 percent off entire purchase Monday Friday Qualifications Ages 55 plus Location 8050 N Middlebelt Road Westland Score great bargains on gently used clothing and household items on weekdays while supporting U S veterans Outback Steakhouse Discount 10 percent off Qualifications AARP members Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Show a valid AARP membership card and get 10 percent off of your bill at Outback Royal Oak restaurants Discount 20 percent off before 6 p m on Tuesdays Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Ale Mary s Hamlin Corner Lily s Seafood Lockhart s BBQ Mesa Tacos Tequila Mr B s Pub O Tooles Pronto ROAK Royal Oak Brewery Rock on Third Taphouse Tom s Oyster Bar Visit various downtown Royal Oak eateries before dinnertime on Tuesdays and snag a bargain doesn t apply to daily specials or alcohol with a discount card Salvation Army Discount Varies by location Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Salvation Army senior discounts can be up to 50 percent Check ahead to grab deals resale goods Tim Hortons Discount 10 percent Qualifications Ages 55 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Get your breakfast on the go at a discount Walgreens Discount Up to 20 percent off the first Tuesday of the month Qualifications Ages 55 plus and AARP members Location Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Get a Balance Rewards Card to enjoy discounts on Seniors Day which is the first Tuesday of the month at this popular drugstore chain Taco Bell Discount 10 percent off and drink discounts Qualifications Ages 65 plus Locations Various locations in metro Detroit Ann Arbor Different locations may offer different things so check ahead to see what your local spot offers Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 29

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2021 Spring Guide to Senior Housing Options Oakland County Facility Address City Phone Website IL First Main of Auburn Hills 3151 E Walton Blvd Auburn Hills 248 282 6026 www agewellliving com X X Randall Residence of Auburn Hills 3033 N Squirrel Road Auburn Hills 248 481 5927 www randallresidence com X X All Seasons Birmingham 111 S Elm Street Birmingham 248 237 3856 www allseasonsbirmingham com X Baldwin House Birmingham 200 Chester Street Birmingham 248 260 9712 www baldwinhousebham com X The Sheridan at Birmingham 2400 E Lincoln Street Birmingham 901 623 8167 www seniorlifestyle com X X Briarbank St Elizabeth 39315 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Hills 248 644 1011 www briarbank com X Cedarbrook of Bloomfield Hills 41150 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Hills 248 658 8795 www cedarbrookofbloomfieldhills com First Main of Bloomfield Township 100 W Square Lake Road Bloomfield Hills 248 282 6031 Haven Lee Homes 760 Wattles Road X AL MC X X www agewellliving com X X Bloomfield Hills 248 885 5885 www havenleehomes com X Samaritas Senior Living of Bloomfield Hills 6257 Telegraph Road Bloomfield Hills 248 723 6275 www samaritas org Sunrise of Bloomfield Hills 6790 Telegraph Road Bloomfield Hills 248 858 7200 www sunriseseniorliving com X Commerce Comfort Care 100 Decker Road Commerce 248 896 1400 www comfortcaresl com X First Main of Commerce Township 2500 Martin Pkwy Commerce 947 465 4393 www agewellliving com X Rolling Hills Retirement Community 3300 Crumb Road Commerce 248 716 0844 www rollinghillsretirement com Aleardi s Lilac Inn 28326 Shady Lanen Drive Farmington Hills 734 788 3000 www aleardisplace com American House Farmington Hills 24400 Middlebelt Road Farmington Hills 248 260 2142 www americanhousemi com X Brookdale Farmington Hills 36550 Grand River Avenue Farmington Hills 248 476 7478 www brookdale com X Brookdale Farmington Hills North 27950 Drake Road Farmington Hills 248 489 9362 www brookdale com Courtyard Manor of Farmington 29750 Farmington Road Farmington Hills 248 539 0104 www courtyardmanor com Detroit Baptist Manor Gamma 30245 W 13 Mile Road Farmington Hills 248 626 6991 www thebaptistmanor org Farmington Hills Inn Assisted Living 30350 Twelve Mile Road Farmington Hills 248 851 9640 Grand Oak Senior Living 28207 Grand Duke Drive Halsted Place Apartments X X X X X X www farmingtonhillsinn com X X Farmington Hills 248 571 8077 www grandoakseniorliving com X X 29451 Halsted Road Farmington Hills 248 489 8988 www halstedplace com X Marian Oakland 29250 W 10 Mile Road Farmington Hills 248 474 7204 www marianoakland org X Orchard View Care Home 26450 Orchard Lake Road Farmington Hills 248 631 6156 www orchardviewcarehome com X Sunrise at North Farmington Hills 29681 Middlebelt Road Farmington Hills 248 538 9200 www sunriseseniorliving com X X The Baptist Manor 30301 W 13 Mile Road Farmington Hills 248 626 6100 www thebaptistmanor org Vicky s Place 31401 W Stonewood Court Farmington Hills 734 922 3803 www vickysassistedliving com X X Ferndale Park Co op 20800 Wyoming Avenue Ferndale 248 542 0881 www csi coop X The James Ferndale 22111 Woodward Avenue Ferndale 248 301 9899 www thejamesferndale com X Grace Senior Living 985 N Lapeer Road Lake Orion 248 977 6200 www graceseniorliving com X X Orion Assisted Living 1814 S Lapeer Road Lake Orion 248 814 6714 www orionassistedliving com X Orion Oaks Assisted Living Memory Care 3451 Clarkston Road Lake Orion 855 662 5622 www thelaurelslakeorion com X X Pomeroy Living Orion Independent Cottages 101 E Scripps Road Lake Orion 248 621 3100 www pomeroyorion com X X Cambridge East Healthcare Center 31155 Dequindre Road Madison Heights 248 585 7010 www savaseniorcare com Madison Heights Co op 500 E Irving Street Madison Heights 248 585 3185 www csi coop Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 30 MC MEMORY CARE RC RESPITE CARE X X X AL ASSISTED LIVING X X X IL INDEPENDENT LIVING RC HC X X X X X X X HC HOSPICE CARE SEE AD FOR DETAILS

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We have a safe move in program American House Senior Living Communities has been serving seniors and providing the highest quality service for over 40 years We are committed to providing this service to our seniors during this pandemic For any move ins recently occurring we have created our Home Safe Program protocols At this time we are able to accommodate move ins to our community for those in need HUK JHU KV ZV ZHMLS X PJRS HUK L JPLU S The easy decision is to say we re not going to take any new move ins at this time but our mission compassionate senior living provided by passionate people drives us to help serve our local communities As a result we ve designed a program to take strict precautions to ensure every individual who moves into our communities during this time is doing so in the safest environment Referrals and move ins can be conducted through voice to voice meetings video conferencing and virtual tours to assist with evaluating needs and facilitating timely move ins There are no in person evaluations or visits that are required prior to move in Visit our new website TLYPJHU V ZL40 JVT MVY ZWLJP J KL HPSZ HIV V Y JVTMVY PUN communities in Rochester Hills We re here to help Please give us a call today Make American House your Home Sweet Home Elmwood 248 260 9788 Stone 248 260 9789 AmericanHouseMI com Elmwood AmericanHouseMI com Stone Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 31

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MUSIC WE LIKE WHAT WE LIKED A New York Times analysis of Spotify data has found that the songs we listen to during our teen years set our musical taste as adults According to the study for men the most important period for forming musical taste is between the ages of 13 to 16 Men were on average aged 14 when their favorite song was released For women the most important period is between 11 and 14 with 13 being the most likely age for when their favorite song came out It also found that childhood influences were stronger for women than men and the key years for shaping taste were tied to the end of puberty songs including Oh Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison This song is most listened to by 74 year old women which means they were 17 when the song was released in 1964 Meanwhile Van Morrison s Crazy Love is most listened to by 67 year old men who were 16 when the song was released in 1970 Baby boomers adults born between 1946 and 1964 see if you agree We ve provided a list of the 1 Pop Singles in the USA according to Billboard s Year End Charts released between 1962 and 1980 Were these some of your favorite songs as a teenager The NYT study also highlights a number of Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 32 Today you are You were 16 in The 1 Pop Single Was 75 years old 1962 Stranger on the Shore Mr Acker Bilk 74 1963 Surfin U S A The Beach Boys 73 1964 I Want to Hold Your Hand The Beatles 72 1965 Wooly Bully Sam The Sham 71 1966 California Dreamin Mamas and the Papas 70 1967 To Sir with Love Lulu 69 1968 Hey Jude The Beatles 68 1969 Sugar Sugar The Archies 67 1970 Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon Garfunkel 66 1971 Joy to the World Three Dog Night 65 1972 First Time Ever I Saw Your Love Roberta Flack 64 1973 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Tony Orlanda Dawn 63 1974 The Way We Were Barbara Streisand 62 1975 Love Will Keep Us Together Captain Tennille 61 1976 Silly Love Songs Wings 60 1977 Tonight s the Night Rod Stewart 59 1978 Shadow Dancing Andy Gibb 58 1979 My Sharona The Knack 57 1980 Call Me Blondie

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Can I still enroll in a Humana ntage plan Medicare Advan Call a licensed Humana sales agent Local Of ce 800 649 00 0 59 TTY 711 Monday Friday y 8 a m 5 p m Humana com m Yo Y ou may be eligible to enroll even if you M Annual missed the December 7 Medicare Election Period deadline if You ve moved Yo YYoou ve lost coverage YYoou are newly quali ed ffoor Medicare And other circumstances tha at may qualify fy you Humana is a Medicare Advantage HMO PPO and PFFS organization an nd a standalone prescription drug plan with a Medicare contract Enrollment in any Humana plan depends on contract renewal Applicable to Humana Gold Pluss HMO H8908 004 For accommodations of persons with special needs at meetings call 1 877 320 1235 TTY 711 8 a m 8 p m sevven days a week At Humana it is important you are treated fairly Humana Inc and its subsidiaries do not discrim minate or exclude people b because of their race color national origin age disability sex sexual orientation gender gender identity ancesttry marital status or relig gion Discrimination is against the law Humana and its subsidiaries comply with applicable Federal Civil Rights laws If you believe tha at you have been discriminated against by Humana or its subsidiaries there are ways to get help You may le a complaint also known ass a grievance Discrimination Grievances P O Box 14618 Lexington KY 40512 4618 If you need help ling a grievance call 1 877 320 1235 or if you use a TTY call 711 You can also le a civil rights complaint with the U S Department of Health and a Human Services Of ce ffo or Civil Rights electronically through their Complaint Portal available at https ocrportal hhs gov ocr porrtal lobby jsf or at U S D Department of Health and Human Services 200 Independence Avenue SW Room 509F HHH Building Washingto on DC 20201 1 800 368 1019 800 537 7697 TDD Complaint forms are available at https www hhs gov ocr of ce le index htm fo ml California residents Y You may also call Califfo ornia Department of Insurance toll free hotline number 1 800 927 HELP 4357 to le a grievance Auxiliary aids and services free of charge are available to you 1 877 320 1235 TTY 711 Humana provides free auxiliary aid ds and services such as q quali ed sign language interpreters video remote interpretation and written inffo ormation in other ffo ormats to pe eople with disabilities whe en such auxiliary aids and services are necessary to ensure an equal opportunity to participate Language asssistance services free off charge are available to you 1 877 320 1235 TTY 711 Espa ol Spanish Llame al n mero arrriba indicado para recibir servicios gratuitos de 7L QJ 9LL W 9LHWQDPHVH LQ J L V L Q WKR L DVLVWHQFLDbOLQJ VWLFD Chinese Korean WU Q QK Q F F F G FK Y K WU QJ Q QJ PL Q SK 7DJDORJ 7DJDORJ LOLSLQR 7DZDJDQ DQJ QXPHUR VD LWDDV XSDQ QJ PDNDWDQJJDS QJ PJD D VHUELV R QJbWXORQJ VD ZLND QDQJ ZDODQJ ED DG 5XVVLDQ b UH O LV HQ UHQFK UHROH 5HOH QLPHZR NL SL ZR OD D SRX UH HVHYZD V YLV G SRX ODQJ J NLbJUDWLV UDQ DLV UHQFK SSHOH OH QXP UR FL GHVVXV SRXU UHFHYRLU JUDWXLWHPHQW GHV VHUYLLFHV G DLGH OLQJXLVWLTXH P Polski Polish E VNRU VWD EH S DWQHM HM SRPRF M NRZHM HM SURV DG ZRQL SRG Z HM HM SRGDQ QXPHU 3RUWXJX V 3R RUWXJXHVH Ligue para o n mero DFLPD LQGLFDGR SDUD UHFHEHU VHUYL RV OLQJX VWLFRV bJU WLV WDOLDQR WDOLDQ KLDPDUH LO QX XPHUR VRSUD SHU ULFHYHUH VHUYL L GL DVVLVWHQ D OLQJXLVWLFDbJUDWXLWL JUDWXLWL HXWVFK HUPDQ KOHQ 6LH GLH REHQ DQJHJHEHQH 1XP PPHU XP NRVWHQORVH VSUDFKOLFKH A 13 DUVL LOIVGLHQVWOHLVWXQJHQ X HUKDOWHQ Japanese 1 1 A 3G D 2 F 5H1 1 F 4E 1G AHB E 3 1 TYl TeeLLO 9LaLUZ W0dah7 b44sh bee hani 7 91 J UDELF D1 D 5 D da 1wo d66 nik1 adoowo D91 bee wolta 7g77 bich h 99 h0d77lnih 47 bee t 11 jiik eh saad bee 1k1 1n7d D1BE DE JF 9D G D DD 5HD 9DI E E FJ DDE3 9 D C Y0040_GHHK4UHEN21_C Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 33

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2021 Spring Guide to Senior Housing Options Oakland County Facility Address City New Horizons Co op 31101 Edward Ave Anthology of Novi Now Open Website IL Madison Heights 248 585 1792 www csi coop X 42400 W 12 Mile Road Novi 248 378 1365 www anthologyseniorliving com X Brookdale Novi 45182 W Park Drive Novi 248 669 5330 www brookdale com X Fox Run Senior Living Community 41000 W 13 Mile Road Novi 248 926 5200 www ericksonliving com X Meadowbrook Commons 25075 Meadowbrook Road Novi 248 648 3190 www mymeadowbrookcommons com X Novi Lakes Health Campus 41795 W 12 Mile Road Novi 248 533 0222 www trilogyhs com Rose Senior Living Providence Park 47400 Heritage Drive Novi 248 513 8900 www roseseniorliving com Suncrest Senior Living 25390 Wixom Road Novi 248 207 5378 www suncrestseniorliving com The Manor of Novi 24500 Meadowbrook Road Novi 248 477 2000 www themanorofnovi com Waltonwood Twelve Oaks 27475 Huron Circle Novi 248 468 1794 www waltonwood com X X X Blossom Ridge Residences Senior Living 3145 Lily Trail Oakland 248 759 8500 www moceriblossomridge com X X X Oakland View Senior Living 90 W Predmore Road Oakland 586 212 7126 www oaklandviewseniorliving com X X TenderCare assisted living Oakland MI 2510 Orion Road Oakland 248 860 8818 www mitendercare com X Pomeroy Living Orion 101 E Scripps Road Orion 248 621 3100 www pomeroyorion com X X X American House Oakland 1915 Baldwin Avenue Pontiac 248 270 5472 www americanhousemi com X X X X Elmhaven Manor 600 W Walton Blvd Pontiac 248 451 1370 www elmhavenmanor com X X McDonald Senior Apartments 370 Baldwin Avenue Pontiac 248 292 2095 www voami org X X Pontiac Village Estates Co op 1200 Colony Lane Pontiac 248 276 8939 www csi coop X Presbyterian Village North 420 S Opdyke Road Pontiac 248 334 4379 www pvm org X American House Freedom Place Rochester 3565 S Adams Road Rochester 248 260 2655 www americanhouse com Barrett Regency 5101 Rochester Road Rochester 248 494 6719 www barrettregency com Cedarbrook of Rochester 790 Letica Drive Rochester 248 622 2122 www cedarbrookofrochester com Sunrise of Rochester 500 E University Drive Rochester 248 601 9000 www sunriseseniorliving com X X Waltonwood Main 1401 N Rochester Road Rochester 248 923 4780 www waltonwood com X X All Seasons Rochester Hills 175 E Nawakwa Road Rochester Hills 248 710 0536 www allseasonsrochesterhills com Ambrosia Villa Rochester Hills 597 Dakota Court Rochester Hills 248 207 6511 www seniorcaremichigan com American House Elmwood 2251 W Auburn Road Rochester Hills 248 260 9788 www americanhousemi com X X American House Stone 3741 S Adams Road Rochester Hills 248 260 9789 www americanhousemi com X X Anthology of Rochester Hills 1775 S Rochester Road Rochester Hills 248 923 5976 www anthologyseniorliving com X Atina Senior Living Inc 1527 John R Road Rochester Hills 248 266 6315 www atinasl com X Avon on the Lake 2889 Sandpiper Street Rochester Hills 248 852 3444 www yescommunities com X Bellbrook 873 W Avon Road Rochester Hills 248 656 6300 www bellbrookrochesterhills org X Heritage Hills Assisted Living Care 2166 Kennedy Drive Rochester Hills 206 432 1898 www heritagehillscare com MediLodge of Rochester Hills 1480 Walton Blvd Rochester Hills 248 651 4422 www medilodgeofrochesterhills com X MediLodge Rochester Hills 1974 Rochester Industrial Drive Rochester Hills 248 609 0138 www medilodgeofrochesterhills com X Pomeroy Living Rochester 3434 W South Blvd 248 829 1030 www pomeroyrochester com IL INDEPENDENT LIVING AL ASSISTED LIVING Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 34 Rochester Hills MC MEMORY CARE Phone RC RESPITE CARE HC HOSPICE CARE AL MC X RC HC X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X SEE AD FOR DETAILS

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2021 Spring Guide to Senior Housing Options Oakland County Facility Address City Phone Website IL AL MC RC HC Stratford Place 910 W South Blvd Rochester Hills 248 270 4040 www stratfordplace com X X Waltonwood University 3250 Walton Blvd Rochester Hills 248 710 8957 www waltonwood com X Barton Towers 333 N Troy Street Royal Oak 248 546 6292 www csi coop X Chester Street Residence 1725 Chester Road Royal Oak 248 439 6800 www chesterstreetresidence com X X Royal Oak House 1900 N Washington Avenue Royal Oak 248 585 2550 www royaloakassistedliving com X X Royal Oak Manor Co op 606 S Williams Street Royal Oak 248 541 4197 www csi coop Waltonwood Royal Oak 3450 W 13 Mile Road Royal Oak 586 353 8536 www waltonwood com Brookdale Southfield 25800 W Eleven Mile Road Southfield 248 727 2000 www brookdale com X X Franklin Terrace Senior Living 26962 Franklin Road Southfield 248 358 0212 www franklinterraceseniorliving com X X X Imperial Senior Suites 27600 Franklin Road Southfield 888 524 6658 www seniorlivingsouthfield com X Park At Franklin 28301 Franklin Road Southfield 248 353 2810 www parkatfranklin com X X X Park House Southfield Senior Living II 27577 Lahser Road Southfield 248 230 2512 www parkhousesouthfield com X St Anne s Mead 16106 W 12 Mile Road Southfield 248 557 1221 www stannesmead org X Sterling Place 22800 Civic Center Drive Southfield 248 206 3144 www holidayseniorliving com X American House Troy 2300 Grand Haven Drive Troy 248 436 4621 www americanhouse com X Anthology of Troy 3400 Livernois Road Troy 586 434 0333 www anthologyseniorliving com X X Belmar Oakland 5990 N Adams Road Troy 248 602 2400 www belmaroakland com X X Brookdale Troy 4850 Northfield Pkwy Troy 248 952 5533 www brookdale com X Comfort Home of Bloomfield 6372 Tutbury Lane Troy 248 910 9487 www comforthomeofbloomfield com Prime Residential Care 496 E Lovell Drive Troy 586 554 7867 www primeresidentialcare net X Stratford House 2026 Stratford Drive Troy 586 909 7600 www stratford house1 com X X Sunrise of Troy 6870 Crooks Road Troy 248 293 1200 www sunriseseniorliving com X X Canterbury on the Lake 5601 Hatchery Road Waterford Twp 248 243 4562 www canterburyonthelake com X X Caremore of Waterford 4353 W Walton Blvd Waterford Twp 248 674 2658 www caremoreseniorliving com Lourdes Senior Community 2300 Watkins Lake Road Waterford Twp 248 673 1720 www lourdesseniorcommunity org Mendelson Assisted Living Home 2450 Watkins Lake Road Waterford Twp 248 618 6362 www lourdesseniorcommunity org The Inn at Cass Lake 900 N Cass Lake Road Waterford Twp 248 780 7724 www holidayseniorliving com Waterford Oaks Senior Care East 3385 Pontiac Lake Road Waterford Twp 248 390 6602 www waterfordoaksseniorcare com X Waterford Oaks Senior Care West 3387 Pontiac Lake Road Waterford Twp 248 682 6788 www waterfordoaksseniorcare com X All Seasons West Bloomfield 5600 Drake Road West Bloomfield 248 413 8984 www allseasonswestbloomfield com X American House West Bloomfield 5859 W Maple Road West Bloomfield 248 436 4085 www americanhouse com X Ideal Senior Living 2405 Lochaven Road West Bloomfield 248 242 6881 www idealseniorliving com Independence Village White Lake 935 Union Lake Road West Bloomfield 248 360 7235 www independencevillages com X X Provision Living at West Bloomfield 5475 W Maple Road West Bloomfield 248 781 2380 www provisionliving com X X SKLD West Bloomfield 6950 Farmington Road West Bloomfield 248 661 1700 www skldcare com Sunrise of West Bloomfield 7005 Pontiac Trail West Bloomfield 248 738 8101 www sunriseseniorliving com X Townehall Place of West Bloomfield 4460 Orchard Lake Road West Bloomfield 248 683 1010 www townehallplace com X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 35

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Fall F all in in love love wi lo w with ith ur other speciiaalls Call abouutt oour s Located in the Lincoln Center 15894 Nineteen Mile Road Clinton Tow nship MI 48038 VW 3ODFH 586 412 8910 1 Villa Bella net Michigan Seniors Guide Spring 2021 Page 36