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Michael Vincent - Electric Fox EPK

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The New MICHAEL VINCENT Album ELECTRIC FOX Delivers an Exciting Infusion of Positively Electric Energy !

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MICHAEL VINCENT is a well-known SF Bay Area singer/songwriter and recording artist who performs with his backing band U No Who in clubs, bistros, and concert venues across the country. His new album ELECTRIC FOX showcases an exciting new direction in Michael’s writing style that displays a range of genres from power pop to alternative, blues, Americana/roots music, and even edgier punk and metal influences while always maintaining that signature MICHAEL VINCENT feel. In addition to featuring some exhilarating new material like the single “Together,” a frenetic and fast-and-furious depiction of a couple trying to make it against all odds, ELECTRIC FOX is also a compilation of personal and audience favorites from the last 25 years, including a redux of three songs previously recorded on an earlier Americana/Roots project that have now been updated with an exciting infusion of positively electric energy!

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“Michael Vincent’s new album Electric Fox is a fitting showcase for the Bay Area-based singer-songwriter, with the veteran artist exploring a wide range of styles including alt rock, power pop, blues and roots across the 8-track disc.

Vincent’s stirring style works well on the inviting folk rocker “Together,” uptempo indie rocker “Fool, My Eye” (the latter featuring great lead guitar work from Scott Warren), melodic power pop nuggets “Last Summer” and “Living Room,” tender romantic sortie “In a Whisper” and crunchy modern rocker “(Kinda Like) Forever.”

-Robert Kinsler, Rock ‘n’ Roll Truth

“This vibrantly strong new recording opens on the Americana-hued “Together” and then brings us the rambunctious “Fool, My Eye,” the flourishing rock of “The Longest Time” and then comes the melodically rhythmic “Last Summer.”

Up next is one of my own personal favorites, the 80’s-esque, playful indie rock of “Living Room” which is itself followed seamlessly by the free-flowing “In a Whisper,” the album rounding out on the R.E.M.-imbued “(Kinda Like) Forever,” coming to a close on the upbeat, pop-rock of “Travel.””

-Exclusive Magazine

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“I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Electric Fox, by Michael Vincent and it's a cool, modern, edgy pop release. 

Opening with Together, Bay area, singer/songwriter Vincent crafts his lyrics and melodies supported by his band, U No Who. With Anthony Fulgar on drums, Scott Warren on lead guitar and David Mendoza on bass and harmony vocal, these guys rock. Solid harmonies with Mendoza and jangly guitar work by Warren give this track that indie feel. 

Kinda Like (Forever) is my favorite track on the release with it's almost Kinks like feel with loosely structured guitar work and a tight bottom by Fulgar. 

Wrapping the release is Travel with an up tempo beat. Vincent uses a call and response setup with Warren on guitar balancing his vocal lead. A firm bass line by Mendoza and excellent accent swats by Fulgar give the track a real kick.”

-Bman's Blues Report

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Check Out The Vibes Broadcast interview with MICHAEL VINCENT!

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