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An explanation to one of the biggest scientific mysteries in history may be explained in this book.

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By: Michael Coady 

How are our personalities formed? 




 Many have pondered over the years, how our personalities are formed. Some neurologists have suspected that They are formed either from genetics or exposure to enviorement. 

Some say that genes make up 1/2 of our personality while environmental experience makes up the other half. Others suspect that our personality is entirely formed from family blood.

It has not been officialy stated, but most officials say that the nature and the nurture. Nature being genes and Nurture the environmental change, make us but it is our choices that guide us.

It may be intimidating but our personalities, as from research, are set for life by the time we are in 1st grade. As our minds are growing. You probably have heard our minds as of young are like a sponge. Well it is the same consept, Our minds are picking up what the world is putting down. These signs may not show till of late though.

In total, I did and didn't find a difinitive answer, but I did find somewhat of an answer. It may not be really clear yet, but we do have these basic clues to the puzzle of our existence. Like our genes make up one part, enviorment another. There may be a third part or a fourth and so on.

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