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            Labs Intro

   You wake up,you're covered in big furballs that are licking your face can feel the love and joy.These amazing labs will have you on the edge of your seat in a snap.As you read on,you will feel more and more like a true lab.You hunch down,steady on four legs.You strut across the floor as the silent wind blows across you.This is the way of the true lab.



Labs are very unique and special creatures and this causes them to have very unique and special details that not everyone would notice - they care about you more than you think -white markings can appear on a lab usually on the toes,chest,chin,and the pads of their paws.I think this shows that a lab can be more than one type of color even though people already discovered different colors on a lab.Speaking about discovery yellow labs have been discovered not too long ago too long ago they were discovered a little less than a century ago.(The first yellow lab was born in an all black lab family.)Labs can also have light pink noses but usually goes away when older. if you were thinking about getting a lab get a vacuum ready because they have a double fur coat and that means they shed a lot.Labs don't have clear nails they have brownish-blackish nails.


Discription and Discoveries



You just found out that your loving and playful lab is vulnerable to heart desises!!Readon to dicover facts that will keep your lab healthy and safe.Did you know that if a lab is in pain his or her actions could be different such as,decreasd movement,weight gain or loss,and excesssivley licking or biting himself or herself.That makes me think I should be very careful watching my dog.Also,if your dog is allittle shy around you,you should hold the collar firm but light.This can lead to trust between you and your dog but if your still not in that stage you should NOT let go of the collar.If you do he or she could run away and get badly injured.Labs should not have any goo in there eyes,if they do wipe it off immiditly so the eye does not get infected.And if you dog gets stresses one of the signs they could do is shakes(like they are shaking off water.)

Importance In Health

As you settle down all cosy in your bed as your four legs finally take  break suddenly your beautiful fur goes away,four legs turn in to two and you feel like a true human.........who knows a lot about Labrador retrivers 


which one do you think is true,labs have bad odars in there fur because of oil OR labs are in line for the strongest and healthyest teeth.Read on to discover the disturbing or dilitful answer to this question.


Labs get along with lots of dogs such as,golden retreviers,brittany spaniels,boxers,and german sheperds.Did you know that the state with the most people who bought and were they are most popular is in the United States with more than 100,000 people who bought a lab.Labs are very well known to be a police dog,fire dog,or do military work as a detective.They are also loyal,devoted, and will be ready to go anywhere you go.

      Are you ready to find out the question I asked you eariler,the answer is labs have bad odars in there coats because of oil

    read on to find out the cons about a lab.


Labs are well known to jump up and greet them or lick people constintly.I am a big fan but most peopke are not.Labs will also eat or swallow anything so get ready for shelfs for valuble things.In my mind this connects to every kind of dog when they are a puppy because I have a boxer and he looks like a "mini horse" so he gets thngs all the time and chews them up.Labs also demand attention and wants to be your"shadow."And most of all make sure he or she does not get to stressed or upset because if she or he does he or she might pounce or attack

Pros And Cons

You would think that Labs are loving,like to cuddle,and are harmless but if they see a intruder they will want to protect  there family 

     Labs can always tell how you are feeling and they would feel the same way. Also,if you get a lab and you want him/her to have a friend try to make the other dog around the same size so the smaller lab does not get seriously hurt. A memory I have is when I was very young. My oldest dog Banchee got attacked by a very big German Shepard and she had to get rushed to the animal hospital. Luckely she made it out okay. Hears a funny one, if you show or he or she sees where the towles are you should shut the door firmly if you dont,you could be on a wild goose chase !!!Also if you have a lab and you live by a pool/lake be prepared because labs love water and at any second there can be a big furball in the water paddling along.If you dont want your house to get ruined you should cut your dogs nails every three to four weeks so you dont have teared furniture.Lets hope these helpful tips do you good.

Helpful Tips