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Unique animal human friendship

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 Brutus And Casey Anderson

The Coolest Friendship Ever

By: Madison Gordon


     This book is about a true unique bond between animal and human. Although to most people these animals are scary, but in this remarkable story, a man named Casey Anderson did something that you can't even “bear”. In this book you will discover the friendship,laughter,  kindness, and of course love of this unique friendship. Just because animals can't speak, they still bring joy to our world, No matter how long it takes.  This unique human animal friendship has an amazing back story that you will never forget!


     In 2002 a man named Casey Anderson ,born in Montana wilderness saved two 5 month old cubs who were in an overpopulated wildlife captivity park. Sadly, only one heldout, His name was Brutus. From the day Casey rescued Brutus an unbreakable bond was formed.


 The Beginning 


Casey first seeing Brutus

    When Casey rescued Brutus, Brutus was supposed to be euthanized. A professional, Casey Jumped in and rescued Brutus. In fact,it was incredibly easy for Casey to take care of Brutus because of his job as a Yellowstone bear tracker. Having Bruts opened the world up for Casey.


Casey at a young age

      Raising a grizzly bear taught Casey a few things about how bears behave. They have  personalities and a intresting emotions. This new learning in bear behavior helped him trail grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park at night time. Amazingly, Casey observerved never seen before late night behaviors  of the animals.


     “When he was a little baby I was bottle feeding him, and i looked down in his eyes and he had a little tear in his eye. I just kinda chalked it up a little for he was straining from sucking on the bottle.” From that moment Casey realized something amazing.


Brutus as a cub

       Although, Brutus was born in an overpopulated captivity park he is very comfortable around people (as long as he is not threatened). Brutus actually adores human contact! He gives Casey lots of unconditional love. Since the bond is so close between Casey and Brutus, Casey treats him like a brother. Casey Anderson thinks Bears are misconceptions. Bears are very friendly animals. “we are trying to cure the myths and educate the public.” Casey says.  Casey insists misconceppted animals are very intelligent.



      A few years after Casey saved Brutus met, Casey and Brutus’ relationship is closer than ever. And Brutus has centernaly grown bigger! Brutus weighs 900 pounds and is six inches taller than shaquille o'neal. That is a lot for a seven year old bear! In fact, The average 7 year old bear only has a weight of 600 pounds!

 The 2 Best Friends


You probably think Casey is with Brutus all the time, but Casey has to go to work. To solve Brutus being alone, Casey formend a sanctuary called the Montana Grizzly Encounter (MGE). Everyday when Casey goes to work at MGE (taking care of the bears.) Brutus gets to go to MGE too and plays with his bear friends. Brutus even has a girlfriend! Brutus’ girlfriend name is Shina. “Her name is Shia She is kind of a tomboy girl.” Casey says talking about Shina. “Shes a third of his size, but she still pins him down on the grass and kind of shows him that she is the boss.”  In addition to giving Brutus a home and a place to show off his magnetic personality, the sanctuary also teaches the public about Grizzly bears.





MGE is located in Bozeman Montana

     During Thanksgiving Brutus doesn't spend his whole time hanging around outside for Casey to bring him a piece of his one turkey. Casey lets Brutus come inside. Casey even purchases Brutus a nice juicy turkey. Now, that is something to be thankful for!

     Bears in the wild hibernate. Brutus, however does not. Bears hibernate for only one reason, thats because there is no food available in the winter.Brutus never would want to do that! He loves to play year round! No matter what the season! In fact, Brutus’ favorite season is winter! Casey and him go outside and build a snowman and crash ice together!

     Even though Casey has a close friendship with Brutus, Casey says he never loses vision of danger. "I am very aware that he's a grizzly bear and he could swap my head off with one whack," Casey says. "This connection you see here comes from years of experience and training, and by no means should anybody ever be this close to a grizzly bear, whether it's in the wild or in captivity." So Brutus can not go so close to anyone but Casey. But on one special day Brutus got to prance down the aisle. No, Brutus did not get married to Shina. Casey got married! Brutus started as Casey's best man.

Casye uses this fish for Brutus in the pool

    In the summer Casey and Brutus have their free time,so they would travel to the pool together and practice “catching” fish. When Casey feels ready that Brutus is mature enough to get up and go into the woods they would start catching fish with “bear” hands together.


      Casey sometimes escorts Brutus into the woods. They go for long walks. And have picnics. Brutus has such a fun time he always begs to do it again! But Casey just gives him a belly rub in return.

Casey preparing for the party

Every year a time comes when it is someones birthday. On February 10th Brutus celebrates his birthday! Every year Casey launches him an awesome party! its almost “impawssible” to not have a good time! Casey gets Brutus a GIGANTIC cake. However, the best part of the party is… THE PINATA! Casey gets Brutus a gigantic pinata every year filled with teddy bears and marshmallows. Once Brutus opens his Pinata ALL the goodies fall out!

     Since Brutus feels comfortable around people, he is also comfortable atound cameras. Brutus was in the movie pretty ugly people. And also stars in educated camping films about keeping our eco system clean for animals.

Brutus in  Pretty Ugly People

      As a special treat for dropping in on The Oprah Show, Brutus gets to chow down a few of his favorite foods.Like blueberry pancakes, a turkey and avocado sub and salmon!


       On a normal day, Brutus consumes about 20,000 calories.Which is about 35 pounds of food. "He eats salmon, bison, beef, chicken." Casey says. "He likes apples, oranges, lettuce, carrots. He actually peels his own oranges." Casey says Brutus is “the boss of his eating schedule”. "If he looks like he's hungry and wants to eat, we feed him, but it's usually just one big giant meal a day," Grizzly bears mostly have a bite on things other animals have killed. In fact, 80 percent of the food they eat is vegetarian food like berries and roots.



     Casey says he always respects Brutus' needs and wants. "He's truly the boss.”Casey says. If he wants to be eating a sandwich, we allow him to do that. If he wants to be out in the sanctuary wrestling with his friends, swimming in his pond, we allow him to do that," We don't cross that line of respect, because when people do that with wild animals, that's when bad things happen."


Friends Forever

      It didn't take long for Casey to realize that Brutus needs Casey as much as Casey needs him.  Casey wants people to learn from his friendship with Brutus that animals and humans can live peacefully together.


      “In 2009, 80 grizzly bears died due to human and bear conflict in the Yellowstone area.” he says. These animals have a value even deeper than we can imagine, all wild things do. So we should try to care more because they're really special. And if we care. We can coexist peacefully with them.” Casey feels that having a bear around is normal.


      “Today i'm 33 years old and Brutus is 7, and grizzly bears in captivity can live to be 40”,Casey says. “Were going to be old dudes together, and its really wonderful that I get the rest of my life to spend with my best friend.” Casey does not care about what people think. He loves Brutus as much as Brutus loves him.

     Casey Anderson said grizzly bears are similar to humans because they are very emotional. Not only do bears have a wide emotional feeling including humor, but the furry creatures also shed tears of joy, Casey Anderson says . Each of them has a different personality and they all have charm and can capture people's attention.


     "When he was a little baby, I was bottle feeding him, and I looked down in his eyes and he had a little tear in his eye. I just kind of chalked it up for he was straining from sucking on the bottle," Casey says. "Then, several years later, Brutus got a bit of a bellyache, and I was rubbing his belly. And in his eye, he had the same tears. And at that moment I realized that grizzly bears can feel the same emotions we do."

Where can you find Brutus?

Today, You can find Brutus at Montana Grizzly Encounter playing with his friends. If you want to help grizly bears you can donate $1 to the Montana Grizzly Ecounter. You can also stay in touch with Casey and Brutus with National Geograpic.

      Montana Grizzly Encounter is found in Bozeman Montana

I dedicate this book to Lucia Harrison

      Madison Gordon has a family of 6 (including her two dogs) She loves sports and acting. She also loves to be with her friends.

 In 2002, Casey Anderson rescued two bears, one only survived. That bears name was Brutus.

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