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The Fulwiders


This was the year of empty nesting. 

We kinda hate that word but since the chicks flew the coop, 

the term continues to stick. 

Our goal in 2018 is to look for a new term.


Keegan is now a freshman at Gonzaga University and has really embraced the Spokane lifestyle. He is figuring it all out: dorm-life, new friends, "cafeteria" food, activities and college homework. He seems to be doing well. He has reports that he has determined the following: 

a) he loves Colorado b) he loves us and c) he really likes college. We will take it!

He made the fall team of the GU club baseball team. It seems to be very "fall ball" as far as being very casual and they did not play many games. He is contemplating playing again in the spring. He is one of the only freshman to be playing which makes us proud! We wish we could see him play. 

He has made some amazing friends this semester and many of them live in Colorado. He plans to see them over vacation and will have new roommates from this group next year. He is majoring in Sports Management and is contemplating a Poli Sci minor. All early days in this area but we are confident he will figure it out. 

Keegan was asked to be a contributor to his friends blog about travel (insert link). He wrote about his 24 hour trip to Arizona to see his beloved Rockies play the Wild Card game. He was disappointed in the final outcome but had a blast this season cheering on the team.

Continues her amazing journey at The University of Notre Dame. She has really hit her stride at school and is enjoying every minute. Football games, dorm activities, friends and travel. 

She is still dating Sanjay Patil whom she met in high school. Kurt says you can't get much better than "the Sanj". He is a junior at Harvard and the two try and see each other as much as possible. They talk every night and continue to be best friends. 

She is majoring in English with the goal of teaching but we are in "negotiations" about that. Grad school is in her future regardless so that is also something she needs to work out.

She plans on going to Ireland in a language immersion program next summer. I keep telling her that she and the other 12 people who speak Irish will have great conversations in a pub in Galway.