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The Mermaid and the Chameleon

Mermaid, Queen of the oceans, lakes and seas, felt she should be the highest royalty of the sea instead of the non- deserving Chukwu.




The Mermaid was



thought of as the most






and fashionable being



of all.




She declared a contest



be held to decide



whether she is better



dressed then 






Chuckwu was amused




by her plans, but agreed




to join in and the day



was set.



When the day arrived



Mermaid put a gorgeous



 dress on that was



prepared for the contest



 specifically. She had



woven the dress herself



so she could trust the



qualtity was perfect.




Chukwu sent his



Chameleon to fetch the



water goddess. What



Mermaid, creature of



water, didn't know was



the Chameleon can



change his appearance at






She met Chameleon, she



was horrified to see that



he wore the same outfit



as her. She thought



"I can't wear the same



clothes as a spectator of



the contest, especially



the god's messenger."



She returned to her



palace to change.  This



time she chose a



beautiful outfit made of



coral beads and put on



expensive jewelry.








More confident,



Mermaid returned to



Chameleon. Again



Chameleon was



wearing the same outfit




as her. So she rushed



inside to change again.



When she returned once



again she was wearing



the most expensive and



elaborate clothes she



owned; covered in rich



embroidery and spun



with golden thread



No one could be better



dressed. But to her



dismay, Chameleon



still wore the same



clothes as her. The



cloth finely woven and



embroidery as



elaborately designed.  



This time, Mermaid



gave up the contest. "If




his messenger is so well



dressed, how much



better dressed must



Chukwu be," the water



goddess thought.




Since then, no other




god has dared to




challenge Chukwu.