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This book by Mercede is the real facts about McDonalds. I figured since there is always some type of myth about McDonalds, i wanted to find out the real information and i found some pretty interesting things.

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   The Real Of


By: Mercede Lara





Chapter 1: Are The Myths Really True


Do you think most of myths about McDonalds are true, well they aren’t?  This myth was a myth that was to me very interesting.



Most of the time there is the myth about McDonalds like McDonalds mass-produced food is made of industrial chemicals that are more so made for paint stripping than eating. The truth to this myth is most of what they call McDonalds mass-produced products which are mainly burgers are made of 100% USDA inspected beef.

      Chapter 2: Why are myths about McDonalds made up?


       In my opinion myths are made up to try to get customers to stop going to McDonalds, Not only McDonalds but all fast food restaurants but mainly McDonalds.


 In  one day McDonalds serves a total of 68 million people a day. So every myth that is made up makes McDonalds loose customers every day. Myths don’t really have a point but another reason they are made up to interest people and for story telling so some day they can tell people the great story of the past.

   Chapter 3: Should You Believe What You Hear ?


Should you believe what you hear? If you ask me, I would say “No don’t believe what you hear because the people that you hear it from either get it from people that got it from other people that got it online or even made it up.

People have a really good way of imagining stuff so what they hear is easy for them to think of it and then make and explanation for it. All the stuff I hear I always like to find out the background details behind it all. It’s all really not true so believe it if you want, but what you should really do is try to find out the actual story.

                   Chapter 4: What If You Were To Make Up A Myth?

People would end up believing you and tell everyone then everyone a certain person tells would end up making a big scene out of it.

Don’t make up a myth about anyone or anything because it’s not going to do anyone any good. The myth you make up could even put someone in life danger.

If someone made up a myth about harming somebody or a family that family would be extremely worried and wouldn’t know what to do and just be terrified. If you make a myth its either out of my two reasons A: Dispirit for attention B: To start a feud with someone. They could even harm them self.

Chapter 5: The 5 W’s about McDonalds

Who: Two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonalds

Where:San Bernardino, California.

When: December 12, 1948

What: Now there is over 35,000 McDonalds in this world

Why: : McDonalds was invented because the McDonald brothers first had a barbeque business but the biggest hit were their burgers so they decided to made a burger fast food restaurant.

Chapter 6: The Inventors

Brother Richard James “Dick” McDonald and Maurice James “Mac” McDonald were American restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, who developed and opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1940. Maurice McDonald died from heart failure in Riverside, California, on December 11, 1971 at the age of 69.

Richard McDonald died in Manchester, New Hampshire on July 14, 1998, at the age of 89. Richard’s wife Dorothy died soon after his death. In 1954 Ray Kroc a seller of milk shake machines noticed McDonalds used his machines so when he found out the McDonald brothers passed he knew he had the chance to become the owner of the all the McDonalds.


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