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Ub Iwerks

By Megan Sweeney

I Chose to reasearch Ub Iwerks because i like Walt Disney animations and I havent heard of Ub Iwerks beofore so i decided to learn more about him. 

Ub Iwerks was Walt Disneys fist employee. Together they Created Oswald the Lucky Rabbt and Mickey Mouse. Iwerks was the cheif animator. He created shorts like Steamboat Willie 


Ub iwerks was born on March 24, 1901 in Kansas City, Mo. He died on July 7, 1971 in Burbank, Calif. He was the son of an immigrant German barber. When he was 18 years old, he met Walt Disney. They both worked for the Pesman-Rubin Commercial Art Studio in Kansas City. In 1923, Disney created his own Hollywood cartoon studio and invited Iwerks to join the organization. Together they created Oswald the Lucky rabbit. The distributor the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon series raided Disney’s staff in 1927, only Iwerks remained loyal to Walt Disney. The two created Mickey Mouse. Mickey starred in steamboat willie, which was a spectacular hit in 1928. Ub Iwerks always wanted to be an independent producer. He created an animation studio of his own in 1930. he supervised dozens of entries in the Flip the Frog, Willie Whopper, and ComiColor Cartoons series. 

In 1940 he returned to Disney’s studios, where he would remain until his death.





Oswald The Lucky


Flip the Frog 

Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie 

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