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This is one of the universal medicial herbs. Thyme.


Time for thyme is when you 

suffer from 

coughs, congestion, indigestion, or gas.

Use marigold if you are yellow as this herb- probably you have been in the sun all the day. It's good also for acne, ulcers and digestive problems. Try it.

Having brainstormed things associated with lavender, we can mention these:



antiseptic, and

eases pain!

Don't forget about echinacea in autumn or winter, since it could ease the symptons of cold or flu. It also brings relief to your immune system.

If you are among those people who sufffer from any of these -indigestion or colic, anxiety, tension, skin inflammations or irritations - bear in mind that camomile is your first aid herb.

Revision is the mother of knowledge:

Medicinal Herbs - use them at home



Thyme                            Coughs




Marigold                         Sunburn





Lavender                         Relax




Echinacea                       Flu




Camomile                      Indigestion