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Media Matters for Women

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Connecting Rural Women to the Information Age

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What is MMW?What we do:Transform how women and girls inAfrica — especially those living inrural areas— receive and shareinformation.What defines success for us?Audience appreciation and broadcast reach.How we do it:Using mobile phone technology we deliver crucial information to rural women and girls by replicating what already happens in Africa’s music-sharing culture ----but instead of music, we share informative podcasts.

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We aim to create a new form of media geared specifically to women and girls in Africa and advance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5 and 5b:SDG 5:“Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”SDG 5b:“Enhance the use of enabling technology, in particularinformation and communications technology, to promote the empowerment of women.”Our goals

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We deliver podcasts in multiplelanguages to rural women and girls so that they can learn about topics such assexual and gender-based violence,women’s rights, COVID-19, economicpossibilities, available services, and more.Our listeners give us powerfulexamplesof how this learning has positively shaped their choices.Our content

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Our Assumptions:Access to information drives changeIlliteracy remains stubbornly high in Africa, audio is best  High quality audio podcasts can now be producedwithout studiosMobile phones + solar = broadcast reach to all  communities, even during pandemicsOur Learning:Production: Female journalists creating original audio content for their regions with  mobile production units are cost-effective.Distribution: Multiple channels are best, including peer-to-peer Bluetooth and WhatsApp sharing, MMW Listening Centers, outreach by MMW Youth Advocates, village to village broadcasts by Town Criers, and national and community radio.10 +   years of impact

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AccomplishmentsProven Concept:Pilot-proven in Sierra Leone & Democratic Republic of Congo  Now covering all 5 provinces of Sierra LeoneProduct variety: drama, in-depth reporting, public service announcements  Archive of +1,000 podcastsIn-country experienced professional teamsGood governance and management best practices in place Proactive International Advisory BoardsRecent Funding:Oak Foundation InternewsAmplifyChangeAfrican Women’s  Development Fund

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Our journalistsIn Sierra Leone our local journalists produce and distribute original content in several formats:feature-length podcasts, drama series, and public service announcements.Ndeamoh MansarayWestern Rura lAlinah KallonMak en iZainab SheriffKenema

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Knowledge of Sierra Leone and DRC media landscapes Proven crisis experience - EBOLA and COVID-19 Significant uptake by community leadersTrusted by listenersEffective in improving lives Ability to inform and influenceTop female journalists Trained teamCost-effective Electronic-viral approach “Last Mile” reach ScalableOur unique sellingpoints

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MMW has built a highly trusted communication network operating inmultiple languages which offers important branding and community engagement opportunities.A new media

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Our listenersPhilomina JosephMakeni“MMW programmes havebeen very informative,not only to patientswho listen tothem inour clinic waitingroom,butalsoto thepersonnel of theclinic, includingmyself."Mark Vandi, Kenema"The MMW programmes are very encouraging because they broaden the horizon of the students on how they candevelop themselves."Dennis ContehMakeni - Shebora Chiefdom“Our community used to have huge numbers of teenage pregnancies before we started playing and sharing the MMW programmes with Bluetooth. Now this has changed. The programmes have changed how parents and girls think about this.Parents encourage their girls to go to school and stay there. Because of this positive change a neighboring village, Pate-Bana, has asked that we share the programmes with them, too."Isatu JohnnyKenema“These programmes are good because the men often bully the women but when these programmes are played they are enlightened.”

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“Sierra Leone has a rich resource in its professional and innovative women journalists. I have been lucky to work with many of them. This important and much needed new programme will be a success.”George Bennett Former Head of the BBC African ServiceAn expert opinion

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Our offermediamattersforwomen.orgLet’s talk about:PartnershipsInvestment Opportunities Advertising &Sponsorship