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United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

"UNICEF was created in response to crisis and we have never stopped responding to emergencies, and trying to build better recovery. "

Made in December of 1946 to provide relief to those who were effected by WWII.

We also aim to help children affected or possibly will be affected by AIDS

We strive to shield children from violence, abuse, exploitation and harm.

We help to provide water, sanitation, and proper hygiene to children in need. The goal is to secure universal access to clean water and safe sanitation.

Providing health care,food, and clothing to the vulnerable.

"We’ve also aimed to help improve the overall long-term health of the world’s most disadvantaged children before disaster puts them to the test. For example, immunization, education and other preventive programs introduced by UNICEF over the years have slashed infant and child mortality rates."

Giving Voices to the Children that have Lost Theirs.

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