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In this advertisement shows a container that looks like it would hold McDonald french fries. It actually hold vegetables. This ad showing us that these food are fresh and you should eat them. I think it's  a nice way to present the ad and the color and art work grabbed my attention for it. I think this ad was successful. 


This advertisement is a very interesting one. You can see that there is someone getting pulled down to the ground. This ad represents if you take drugs you are shortening your life. I really like this ad. I also like what they say with the picture “drugs drag you deep down” really shows the audience how serious that is.

This advertisement is very sad especially for us animal lovers. This shows a dog laying there around makeup. This showing how cosmetics companies are using animals to experiments on makeup and see if it safe for us humans. This ad speaks volumes even tho there is nothing much said with words but the graphic image. To show us to stop buying from brands who do this.