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It Can Wait Campaign booklet

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It Can Wait campaign booklet

by Joseph McKay

Texting + Driving = Death

New Focus

When and Where

The campaign started in 2010 on nationwide by AT&T.

To stop all destracted driving involving phones not just texting

About the It Can Wait Campaign

44 states as of  February 2014 have ban texting and drivng.

Keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone.

Mission Statment


"Keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone."

In 2013, 3,154 people were killed and an estimated additional 424,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.

In many cases texting and driving is worse than drunk driving.

If the facts I have given are not enough to convince you not to text and drive then watch this


It Can Wait is over 8 million strong will you join too?

There many ways to help you stop texting and driving like puting your phone on silent or downloading the AT&T Drive mode app