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In this booklet there will be explanations of the nine functions of marketing for McDonald's.

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McDonalds's Nine Functions of Marketing

By Ebony Hernandez

Mcdonald's provides products, primarily food, to a wide market. They are the world's leading food service and they are primarily owned by independent local business people. They have a variety of optionf for meals that has the slogan of it being open 24/7. For instance, McCafé presence across most markets and franchisee cash flows. There is drive in pick up available to make it more conveniant for customers as well as servers inside the restaurant. Employees are required to make the customer feel comfortable and have good communication skills. 

     Consists of assisting in design and developement of products, which requires service to meet needs for prospectice customers

Product & Service Management 

Marketing Information Management

Mcdonalds's markets based on their location as well as their target for the product. For instance Ronald Mcdonald is an appeal to attract young children to buy food. They have also done this by creating happy meals with toys. There is a broad market for the business, they have a variety of food that anyone can choose from which includes salads, burgers, mcflurry and more. Another thing they have done was name their food items after the Mcdonalds, McChicken. 

    Needs to obtain, manage, and use market information to improve decision making. It also is meant to improve the performance of marketing activities.

     McDonalds's is able to finance their business by have individual owners. They also have investors in the business to help control production. Howeer, it is thuoght that Mcdonalds is a real estae business, where the customers are the tenants paying rent. The restaurant is operated by either a franchisee. The corporation's revenues come from the rent, royalties and fees paid by the franchisees.


     Used for the budget, usually in marketing and obtaining necessary financing. The ways of getting financial assistance to customers so that they become consumers. 



    Requires planning and procedures needed to obtain goods and services for business operations.

McDonald’s uses a production line method to maintain product quality consistency. That way the consumers’ expectations about McDonald’s is high. They are goal oriented to spread their business in different locations to reach the maximum market possible. The supply chain management itself is made to create revenue. 


     Determining the best methods and procedures to be used, in order for customers to locate the products and services. 

McDonald's distribution and the way the restaurant chain gets its products to the market is important since it is the largest food service business. There are over 30,000 local restaurants and it is located in 121 different countries. Their goal is to be the first in the market and to establish the brand as rapidly as possible by advertising. This has helped McDonald's develop a strong market share in the fast-food market around the world.

    Uses advertisement to communicate with customers, while informing them of the product or service. The promotional method is to overall convince the audience of buyin the product or service. 


    It is common to come across coupons, online deals and other promotions to attract more consumers. For instance, the Monopoly game that gives away prizes to winners is used to create more interest in the food which increases revenue. Since there are other restaurant that are in this competitive market, they have to keep up with the low prices and larger portions. 


    Meant to direct the personal communications with customers in order to target their needs through the product or service.

McDonalds is known to selling their 80% share in China. However that may be seen a aa problem because the company doesn't ahve food that would be appealing in the China market. The company itself is selling over 2,00 restaurants, which is global. The growth has slowed since 2014, due to the increase of competition and the popularity of higher end restaurants. 

    Involves planning, controling, and preventing through procedures that are used to limit business losses. 

Risk Management 

Most restaurants don't have the green look which attracts less customers. There is also an increase in obesity and other health issues that has been blamed on fast food industries. In specific, people have said that McDonal's was unfit for consumption. They would have to make new management in order to fix the publicized issues.