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Mcdonalds main goal is to target consumers who are urgent for fast food. fast and fresh food is whats served to attract consumers. And for many years, it has been a total success. McDonalds has grew rapidly since whe its started and continues to grow. teens are a huge impact in fast food and McDonalds is alway a first option to them.




McDonalds sees that teens come and go a lot out ofmcdonalds, therefore it seeks for a perfect spot where teens could have the ease to come and go as well. In a place where schools are located at, after school hours is where the rush hour would begin and income rises.





Cashiers are there too help you pick the desirable food that you may want. they could eiher help you pick to see which ones best, or simple help you find the better offer. without a chashier, McDonalds wouldnt be functioning correctly if there isnt any type of financing behind the food.





McDonalds now has an order online and get it delivered in to yor front door type of thing. Now, you wont have to get up and go all the way to mcdonalds just for a big Mac or etc. All you got to do is order online exactly what you want, and recive it in only minuets.




Any time you may recive the wrong order by accident, employees or maybe even manager may intervine with the issue you may have witht the food itself. may be cold food, un fully cooked food or even forgot lettuce or ect. Or another risk McDonalds may come with maybe bringing a new type of drink or burger without knwoing the reaction of cunsumers.



 TV commercials, internent ads, flyers or hear about it on the radio are all way on how promotion will be promoted. TV commercials may show a person eating a big mac whic may make anyone else crave the sensation.



The dollar menue is one of the most known menues out there that mcdoanlds has. Who will resist grabbing from the dollar menue for a whole entire meal where if you buy else where perhaps four dollars for a burger, you could get it for a single dollar.



Being a fast food restuarant, Order and recive your food in just minutes without having the need to wait in line or in a seat for maybe half an hour or so for a meal that will fill you up aswell.



Employee has every right to help a consumer pick the best choice of meal for the consumer. May be the best deal, or the best food pick on the menue, or simply something that can be served the quickest.