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Parent Handbook

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20 22 Parent Handbook

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Mount Beauty Primary SchoolLakeside AvenuePO Box 34Mount BeautyVIC 3699Ph: 03 5754 4354Email:


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 differentiated, in-depth and cohesive learning programs aligned to the VictorianCurriculumhighly effective teachers, focused on improving student outcomes through commitment toquality teaching, ongoing professional development, evidence based practices, mentoringand collaborationan inclusive learning environment that is responsive to student voice and individual needsaccess to multi-modal resources that engage and support student learningopportunities for parents, carers and the broader community to participate in andcontribute to initiatives which support the overall direction of the schoolto Mount Beauty Primary School.Values: At Mount Beauty Primary School our over-arching school expectation is that we act ina way that shows Respect for Self, Others and the Environment.Our culture is built around this and the following Values, Vision and Mission.Pridestrive to do and be your bestKindnessbe positive and polite in your words and actionsResilience     take responsibility for your learning, behaviour and choicesVision To empower our students to embrace learning, act with kindness, demonstrateresilience and take pride in themselves, their school and community.Mission: To provide a happy, safe and engaging learning environment in which allmembers of the school community can develop their full potential.As a school, we are committed to providing:We welcome you and yourfamily to our school and lookforward to working together.

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School Council  Enrolment Contents School Organisation Specialist Classes Staff School Policies  Student engagement & inclusion  Curriculum Student Well-Being Parent Payments  Travel to school   Newsletter  Healthy Lunches / Canteen  Parent / Carer involvement   School Uniform / Lost property  Before & After School Care (OSHC) 

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School Organisation

Normal School Hours

Parents are notified of any variation to these times.

8.45 - 9.00am    Morning Arrival9.00am    School commences10.30 - 11.00am    Morning Recess    12.20 - 12.30pm    Eating Lunch    12.30 - 1.00pm    Lunch    2.00 - 2.20pm    Afternoon Recess  3.20pm    Dismissal

In 2023 all students will commence school on Monday 30th January 2023

To support Prep transition, from the first week through to Friday 10th March, Preps will only attend school for four days a week, with a rest day on Wednesdays.

Office Hours

Monday8:45am - 4pmTuesday8:45am - 3:30pmWednesday8:45am - 3:30pmThursday8:45am - 4pmFriday8:45am - 4pm


As a requirement of the Department of Education and Training, please advise the school if your child is going to be absent by Compass, email or phone (57544354).   Absences must be advised by 9am on the morning of any absence.  Please include your child's name, class and reason for absence.

Late Pass

If your child arrives after 9.00am please take them to the Front Office for a late pass.

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Our Staff


Carolyn Serpell

Business Manager

Joy Nowakowski

Administration Assistant

Amanda Harvey

Teaching Staff

Ellen T’Hooft

Education Support Staff

Angela Toniolo

Kristie Illet

Kylie Eriksson

Kim Lynch

Deidre Halarewich

Kathleen Lewinson

Mary Curnow

Joel Armitage

Michelle Niedzwiedzki

David Fraser

Megan Hocking

Karen Crumpler

Misa Trnka

Melanie Wuethrich

Emelia Roffey

Nathan Gleeson

Bron Brewergray


Nicole Kilgour

OSHC Manager

Kathleen Lewinson

Stephanie Sanders

Emily Fraser

Literacy Support

Judith Ranton

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Enrolment Form:

Enrolment forms must be completed and returned to the school as soon as possible. It is important that any details of medical or other conditions for which the child may need special consideration are included on the back of the form.

Certificate of Immunisation:

All students require a school entry immunisation status certificate or a conscientious objection form.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to obtain the certificate from the local council, their GP or the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register and present a copy to the school.

Emergency Contacts:

An emergency telephone number and name, (neighbour, friend or relative who lives in the Mount Beauty area), plus that of a doctor nominated by the family is also essential. 

Satisfactory evidence of a child’s date of birth is mandatory.

Eligibility for admission:

Children who reach the age of 5 years on or before 30 April 2022 are eligible to attend school. All children aged six or more must attend school or be receiving approved alternative tuition.

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Student Wellbeing

Child Safety:

Mount Beauty Primary School is committed to child safety. Our school aims to ensure all students will feel safe and supported in an environment that is inclusive and based on a foundation of respect for self and others. There is zero tolerance of child abuse and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously, consistent with our Child Protection Reporting policy.  Please see our Child Safe Code of Conduct and Volunteer Code of Conduct on our website.  More information about the Child Safe policy can be obtained from our website or by contacting the office.

Medical Information:

It is essential to inform the school of any past or current issues, which may affect your child’s learning. These may include but are not limited to anxiety, allergies, known sight, speech or hearing difficulties. 

Personal Accident Insurance / Ambulance Cover:

As a school, we encourage our students to be active and to have opportunities to participate in a range of sports and activities.  Unfortunately, injuries can occur and it is important for families to know that the Department of Education and Training does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. 

Parents/ carers are responsible for all medical expenses incurred as a result of student injury, including transport costs such as ambulance or air ambulance costs.  As such, we strongly encourage families to have up-to-date ambulance cover and accident insurance.  Student accident insurance policies can be obtained from commercial insurers. 

Infectious Diseases:

In the case of some infectious diseases, a child must be excluded from school.  Please contact the school or your doctor for advice.

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Student Wellbeing

Asthma or Allergies Management:

If your child suffers from asthma or allergies, a school management plan must be completed. Please ask at the school office for an asthma or allergy management form.  Students MUST have their own puffer available at all times. 

Anaphylaxis Management:

Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction when a person is exposed to an allergen. If your child suffers from anaphylaxis a school anaphylaxis management plan must be completed and handed in to the office.  


If your child is required to take medication at school, this must be delivered to the office to be administered by a staff member.  Please ask at the school office for a Medication Request form.

Infectious Diseases:

In the case of some infectious diseases, a child must be excluded from school.  Please contact the school or your doctor for advice.

School Medical Service:

The Department of Education and Early Childhood provides a school nurse who visits us once a year.  Children in Prep undergo vision and hearing testing.  Children in other year levels can also be referred to the school nurse by their class teacher or parent.  

Head Lice:

If your child has head lice he/she can come to school after appropriate treatment has commenced. Please let your child’s class teacher know, so other families can be notified of an outbreak. Confidentiality is observed.

Private property brought to school:

The Department of Education and Training and schools does not hold insurance for personal property brought to school. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. As we cannot cover any loss or damage to personal property, we discourage students from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school.  

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As a Victorian Government Primary School, Mount Beauty implements the content and outcomes of the Victorian Curriculum through a transdisciplinary, inquiry-based approach to learning.  We offer personalised learning opportunities that engage and extend students with a diverse range of interests, needs and abilities.  Teachers strive to differentiate the learning and foster independent, inquiring and caring students.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship, which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

The curriculum includes the Learning areas: English, Mathematics, The Arts, Health & Physical Education, The Humanities, Languages, Science and Technologies.  These are overlayed with Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural and Personal and Social capabilities.


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In our commitment to delivering high quality teaching of the curriculum, Mount Beauty Primary School offers specialist classes in the areas of The Arts (Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Drama, Media and Visual Communication) and Languages (French).  These programs provide extended learning opportunities for our students to explore and understand themselves as learners, express their ideas creatively, collaborate and build confidence.  Our edible garden and library also support learning across the curriculum.


The Arts rooms are well equipped with a wide variety of instruments, tools and art materials that give children first hand experiences creating and making musical, performing and visual art works.  A focus on developing skills, knowledge and appreciation for the Arts and cultural diversity, provides opportunities for students to experience both traditional and contemporary arts media.

Students are able to display their skills and achievements through a range of whole school and community events such as arts evenings, school concerts and productions, choir performances and assemblies.  A creative and meaningful excursion and incursion program enables children to experience a range of performing arts productions such as operas, plays, orchestral performances, dance and traditional music performances.

Specialist Classes

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Instrumental Music:

Our students also have the opportunity to attend private music tuition in ukulele, brass or woodwind instruments during school hours.  For more information, please contact the School Office


All students from Prep to Year 6 are offered French as a language other than English.  In learning and exploring French, students develop communication skills, appreciation and understanding of another language and culture.  This enriches their personal development as interculturally aware citizens.

In the case of some infectious diseases, a child must be excluded from school.  Please contact the school or your doctor for advice.


Our library collection is housed in a bright and spacious area. Classroom teachers accompany students to the library each week to borrow and browse the collection of picture books, novels and information books.  Students are encouraged to borrow books of interest that can be read independently or be read to them, to foster their love of books, imagination and information. Our library technicians can help students and staff to locate relevant texts and reference books to support their learning and ensure the collection continues to grow with quality children’s literature.

Specialist Classes

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Student Engagement & Inclusion

A range of strategies are in place to promote engagement, positive behaviour and respectful relationships for all students in our school. 

You can read our Student Engagement & Inclusion Policy on our website

Our shared expectations for students, parents/carers and school staff are founded on the schools values and reinforced through our school’s positive behaviours:  

1.     Respect for Self.

2.     Respect for Others.

3.     Respect for the Environment.

See the next page for more information on positive behaviour.

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School's Positive Behaviours

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Parents are asked to assist in relieving traffic congestion by picking up their children after school at the Tennis Court Avenue end of the school. 

Please do not use the teachers’ car park during morning and afternoon pick up and drop off times. The teachers’ car park maybe used when picking up a child from the sick bay who needs to go home or to the medical clinic. 

All students who travel to school by bike, scooter or skateboard must wear a properly fitted helmet. Students must use the designated school crossing to cross Lakeside Avenue and obey the instructions given by the Crossing Guards.

When riding/skating to school, students must walk their bikes/skateboards while crossing the school crossing and in the schoolyard.

School Bus Travel

Free bus travel is available to families who reside not less than 4.8kms from Mount Beauty Primary School and attend their nearest government primary school. Families requiring bus travel to a school, which is not their nearest school, will be subject to a charge. Bus travel forms and more information on school buses can be obtained from the school office.

Travel to School

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Mount Beauty Primary School believes parents, carers and the school are partners in a child’s education and need to work together towards a shared goal of nurturing happy, balanced and inquiring students. The contribution of parents, families and community members is highly valued and recognised as a vital and significant part of our students’ school experience.

Community participation in school activities by parents, carers and community members, creates a positive, vibrant environment where children feel safe, supported and valued.  Promoting our students’ mental health and wellbeing, through a sense of social connectedness also helps them to become more successful at school.

We welcome all members in our school community to become involved in their child’s learning and the school.  It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and support each other and the children. If you are interested in contributing to day-to-day school life, there is a range of opportunities for participation in school activities and collaborative decision-making.

Parent/Carer Involvement

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Teachers welcome expertise, the support of parents and carers in the classroom.  This may be supporting children learning to read, guiding small groups through a learning activity, or showcasing your knowledge.  Your help in classrooms is invaluable.

Camps and Excursions

Camps and excursions are an excellent opportunity for parents and carers to be involved in children’s learning. Often teachers organising a camp or excursion will request the help of parent or carer volunteers in the supervision of children.  All volunteers attending camp must have a current Working with Children Check.

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply for $125 per year. Payments will go directly to the school and linked to the student. Applications can be obtained from the office.

Parent/Carer Involvement

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Fundraising and Events

Fundraising, to enhance school programs and support students and families, is essential for our school.  School Council’s Fundraising Committee and school staff, make enormous efforts to organise fundraising projects and events throughout the school year. These activities demand generous amounts of time and talent of parents, students and teachers.  The benefits for supporting new school initiatives and projects, and generating monetary support for families by reducing costs of excursions are significant.  In addition, these events provide families with a wonderful opportunity to create new social contacts in the community and build an enthusiastic and strong network of individuals supporting the school.

Edible Garden and Working Bees

Our beautiful and growing Edible Garden and spacious school grounds are ongoing projects that are generously supported by parents and community members.  The maintenance and care for our gardens by volunteers sustains the development of these projects.  You can contribute by assisting teachers and working with children in the garden, helping with watering, weeding and planting, or participating in working bees for general maintenance of our school grounds.

Parent/Carer Involvement

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Sports and Wellbeing Programs

Our physical education, health and wellbeing programs are enhanced by parent contributions to learning experiences and volunteers assisting at carnivals and other sporting activities.  Activities often in need of volunteers are athletics and swimming carnivals, health education projects, Year 5/6 ski program, 3/4 ski day, junior sports days, cross country meets, inter-school carnivals and sports days and swimming programs.

Working with Children Check

To volunteer in areas with student contact, the Victorian Government may require that you have a Working with Children Check.  This is FREE for volunteers.  Mount Beauty Primary School recommends all parents, carers and community members wishing to be involved in the school community as volunteers obtain a Working with Children Check.  Although not essential for some volunteer projects, it is highly valuable by ensuring you can participate in a range of activities over the course of your child’s schooling, including involvement in out-of-school community groups such as children’s sporting teams.  To obtain a Working with Children Check go to 

Parent/Carer Involvement

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Visitors and Volunteers

Please sign in and out at our Compass Kiosk located in the Front Office when you visit our school.  Visitors are required to wear a Visitor Pass lanyard and to comply with our Child Safe Policy and Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

The Child Safe Code of Conduct is to be read, signed and dated before volunteering at school. The Volunteer Code of Conduct outlines our expectations of all volunteers at Mount Beauty Primary School. 

Parent/Carer Involvement

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School Council is a governing body constituted under the Education Act and is responsible for setting the overall direction of the school.  Its members are comprised of parents, carers, staff representatives, principal and co-opted members (nominated by School Council).  Becoming a School Council member is a great way to be involved in collaborative decision-making in relation to your child’s schooling and to be part of the organisation and strategic direction of school activities.  School Council elections are held in March each year.

Joining a School Council Sub-Committee is another meaningful way to make a contribution to the school.  You need not be a member of the governing School Council and can focus your contribution in one area of the school’s development.

Council meetings are held at 7.00 pm on the 3rd and 8th Wednesday of each term.  They are open meetings and your attendance and participation is welcome. If you are interested in being a parent representative on School Council you may nominate yourself for election. Elections are held in March each year.

School Council

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Mount Beauty Primary School aligns all policies with the Victorian Government’s guidelines.  Our school policies are informed by the governance and operational policies and advice conveyed in the School Policy Advisory Guide and comply with a range of legislative and regulatory requirements.

You can view a range of school policies on our website. 

School Policies

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Parents / Carers are invited to make financial contributions to support the provision of educational items and activities necessary for the delivery of the curriculum.  

Parents/guardians will be notified of these financial contributions in Term 4 of the previous year. 

To assist parents, the School Office will be open on Friday 27th January 2023.   Payments can be made online via Compass, BPAY, direct bank transfer or eftpos at the Front Office.  Please contact the school to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding payments.

Extra Curricula Activities

For your planning, there are extra curricula activities that students are invited to participate in throughout the year. These activities complement the classroom-learning program and are offered in addition to the standard curriculum. Students may access these on a user-pays basis. Further information will be provided throughout the year about each of these events and will be invoiced separately. 

Parent Payments

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Healthy Lunches

Eating is an important social time for students and having plenty of fresh, healthy food and a freshly filled water bottle, is essential in helping students to have a great day.

Students will need:

-A healthy snack for morning recess

-A healthy lunch

-A second healthy snack for afternoon recess.

-A refillable drink bottle of fresh water. (No sugary drinks please.)

We appreciate your assistance in trying to provide your child a rubbish-free lunch.  Your child will also feel more confident about managing their lunch if you discuss with them what to eat and when. Please try to ensure your child has a lunch box they are able to open by themselves. 


Mount Beauty Primary School Council has formed a partnership with the Mount Beauty Neighbourhood Centre to provide a Canteen service for our school. This service is currently suspended while the Neighbourhood Centre undergos renovations.

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Newsletters are sent out via Compass each Thursday. Please ensure your email address/es are included on your child’s enrolment form. In addition, the newsletter is is uploaded weekly, onto our website and Facebook page.  

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School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory for all children attending Mount Beauty Primary School.  Uniforms can be purchased online from our website and picked up form our Office or placed in your child's bag on request.  Prices are kept to a minimum cost for families.  Payment can be made via direct deposit or BPAY online or eftpos in the Office.

SHOES: School shoes, runners or sandals with back straps may be worn. Shoes are to be well fitted so normal play can occur. NO thongs, slips, crocs are to be worn.

Please note that navy blue skorts, shorts and pants can be purchased elsewhere, but must be navy blue.  Please note that NO sleeveless tops may be worn.

Lost Property

By the end of each term we accumulate an incredible amount of lost property at school.  If your child loses an item of clothing, please check the pegs outside their classroom. We do not have a lost property area. Please label everything your child brings with permanent marker.

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Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Mount Beauty Primary School Council offers a comprehensive out of school hours care service (OSHC) for the community whether or not the students attend the school. The Mt Beauty Primary School Council runs services at Mount Beauty Primary School, Tawonga Primary School and Dederang Primary School including Vacation Care.

If you would like more information please contact our OSHC Coordinator on 0418 399 861.