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This booklet simply describes the reasons why riders should always use genuine parts in their Mercedes Benz. Categories of non real parts are also explained here. However, you should always select the right one.

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5 Reasons to Always Use
Genuine Parts in Your
5 Reasons to Always Use
Genuine Parts in Your
You must buy high quality car parts particularly if you are looking
to buy parts of Mercedes-Benz but it is your basic right that you
should buy quality parts in less prices for a longer run.
Genuine Parts
Genuine parts that all those parts of car that are made by car
manufacturers and they also test all parts before giving their access
to end user. These parts are considered integral parts of the
Mercedes Benz. On the other hand, according to automotive
experts, genuine parts meet the performance, safety standards and
all other requirements.
However, when you go to a vehicle repairer, non-genuine parts are
installed into your Mercedes and this booklet is going to describe
non-genuine parts of Mercedes Benz as well.
Counterfeit Parts
mispresents their quality
and origin and many
countries of the world it is
totally illegal. The use of
substandard material in
them also make the risky to
Salvaged Parts
These are also considered genuine parts because these
are mostly removed from damaged vehicles. However, you
must take the services of Mercedes Benz automotive
professionals to check the credibility of these parts.
Aftermarket Parts
These parts are available in cheap price but you should not
use these parts because original manufacturers do not
make them that’s why they are risky to install in Mercedes