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Famous Animator-

 Kumiko Takahashi

I choose Mrs.Kumiko Takahashi because she has a lot of famous work in the anime enditry. I have watched three of her anime shows which are The Ouran High Host, Club Snow White with the Red Hair, and Kaichouwa Maid Sama In anime she always brings humor to the table in different ways each time. Her style is what I love most about her work. 



Before Kumiko Takahashi was an animator she was a drummer in a band called Chatmonchy. When she was in the band she thought she was meant to do smething else.She said that she was losing the power to move on in music. She would write poems in her extra time. After that she decided to be an animator.

Before Animation


Takahashi has made a lot of stories after she left the band. Many people comment to tell her how well her work is. I have some favorites too. She has shown that "You don't have to feel bad for some thing you love."

Works Of Art