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Natsuki Takaya

I choes  Natski Takaya ,becuse I all was relly like anima ,but the one I moset injoyed was Fruit Backet it made me laphe,cyreis, criy, and love all the carictors like i was the main charictor.Natski Takaya inspiered me to want to be a animator I relly like romantic comidy  and I like telivigon, and I dont relly like to read that much. Then I hered about manga its like a comicbook ,but so much more.My gole is to make it to the top and maybe work for Pixar or Funamaton. But ether way Natski Takaya is a graet animator  that grabs your atenshon and never lets it go ,and that is what I want to do. Make kids laphe and intristed in my work as I am for her work.


Natsuki Takaya(Naka Hatake) was born on July 7, 1973 in Shizuoka, Japan but was raised in Tokyo. Revealed that she wanted to be a mangaka since 1st graed,when her sister started drawing,and manga was all was arownd so she reaad a lot of it as a kid and she injoyed drerwing anima and she thout ."Hay, i could manga author".She won the kondansh manga aworedfor shojo manga for friut basket in 2001.

 she made Fruit Bascet in 2001/ Thos With Wings in 1996/ Phantom Drem 2008.



books by natsuki takaya!!!!!!

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