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By: Maya Arellano

Famous Animator-Alex Hirsch



     I chose Alex Hirsch because of his amazing shows as an animator. I've watched each episode in both series Hirsch attempted to make. I love his sense of humor and his cleverness that leads to fun puzzles and codes hidden in some of his episodes. If anything, Alex Hirsch is everything I dream of being when I grow up! He is just an amazing artist and I highly recommend you watch his shows Gravity Falls and Fish Hooks. Available on Disney XD.

    Alex Hirsch grew up with his twin sister Ariel in Piedmont, CA. Back when he was little, Alex had a pretty creataive mind. One time at his family's summer lodge, he had attempted to catch a leprechaun. Everytime he went back to check on his cleverly built cage, he would find green glitter. He new it was his parent's doing but that never stopped him from continuing his search for creativity!

Starting a Career

Before Fame

      After his highschool years, Alex enrolled in California's School of the Arts. In 2007, he had earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Later, in 2008, Alex managed to earn his first job as a storyboard artist. As a couple years pass, Cartoon Network asked Alex to create a show called Flip Jack. Seeing as this might be a once in a lifetime experience, he took it. Only then did he get the call asking if he could create his own film for Disney...

     Alex Hirsch based most of the main characters off of important people in his life. Dipper is based off himself, Mabel is based off his sister, Ariel, Grunkle Stan is based of Uncle Stan, and Soos is based off Alex's college partner! Alex Hirsch also ends up voicing a bunch of characters in the show like: Grunkle Stan, Soos, Old Man McGucket, Bill Cipher, Jeff the Gnome, Quinton Trembly, and Sev'ral Timez.

     Gravity Falls is an award winning kid's television series. It's a show about two twins, Dipper and Mabel, staying at their Great Uncle Stan's shack in Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer. In the woods they discover that Gravity Falls is not what it seems. It contains Monsters, Gnomes, Zombies, and 3 mysterious journals that, if combined, can create enough ultimate power to destroy the world!!!  

Gravity Falls!!!

Dipper Pines