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This is an alternate world atlas overview for the entire continent of MaximeItaVero

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Uunvarian Spotlight:

Maxime Ita Vero 


Region Intro


     For the past 4 centuries, Maxime Ita Vero has been a subject of interest for many an Uunvarian scholar. The continent’s extreme xenophobia and intraregional strife have been headliners for ages, and has actually served as a cynosure of unacceptable protocol for rest of the continents in Uunvar. While the island continent may hold a rich and ancient history in the scope of each individual country, all of that is lost in the majority of historian’s eyes when contrasted with its erroneousness and social abhorrence.


Origin of Nations in Maxime Ita Vero

     The various nations of Bon Suenyos each have their own deep and unique history. Whether it involves the austere Nachtwald, the aboriginal people of Da Trump, the peace revering Servavitians, or the discordant Bon Suenyosians, all can tell their tale of development and modernization into the forms the countries they have come to be.

     If one were to view the inception of Veronian*1 nations chronologically, in accordance with archeological finds, the 6000-year-old Da Trumpians far precede any other, being the aboriginals of the continent. The next people to fall in line historically are the roughneck Nachtwaldians, aged at around 1500 years. The last two nations to have any archived proof of ancient existence are Servavit, which is 650 years old, and Bon Suenyos, being a meager 320 years of age. On another hand, however, when chronologizing the inhabitants by documented history, the Nachtwaldians are found to be the oldest, with their earliest text dated at 1169 years. While historians seem to enjoy deliberating the exact reason for this, the majority have stood by a breakthrough from the Veronian Historical Institute, later corroborated by the Trumpian Society of Historians. Field workers from the VHI found a hidden palace of the ancient tribal king Coreus Lewandowskus. Despite having a reign of leadership lasting only 73 years - lasting from 1097 years of the nation’s existence to 2070 of them - his regime’s motto lived on for the next three millennia. That now infamous motto was, “To despise all recording of knowledge is to enamor all protection of society as sacred and clean.” Therefore, any and all historical documents were prohibited from being made and destroyed when discovered.


Interaction between the Societies of Maxime Ita Vero

     In the face of our modern society, efforts have been made to increase intracontinental connections, largely through the formation of supranational organisations and recent supporting of local and intracontinental trade. However, on the distant world of Uunvar, this stress on continental unity is absent - for the most part. One continent in particular, Maxime Ita Vero, is actually experiencing increasing continental disunion, and has experienced this ever since the meeting of the occupying nations.

     Due to the reclusive tendencies present throughout the peoples of Maxime Ita Vero, their cultures have remained fairly unique, with infinitesimal amounts of acculturation and/or assimilation occurring. Each of the residing peoples prefer to keep to themselves, having little interaction with each other, save for that concerning trade and it’s necessary transportation. Yet despite the reclusiveness, xenophobia, and little interaction, the states of Bon Suenyos have all encountered each other in some form.

     The first two cultures to interact with each other within the continent were the autochthonous Da Trumpians and the newer Bon Suenyosians, whose origin is unknown*2. This encounter, which took place in the Valley of Cabras Niños, was a virulent one. Since both of the powers (Son Buenyos was a large city-state and Da Trump was an emerging state) were seeking to claim the Valley - abundant in sumptuous lumber as it was - for their own, and neither side would back down, a series of skirmishes known as the Forest Fires befell. The Valley has now become the site of the Maxime Disputed Territories.

     Interactions involving the other states have been scarce in number, with the only noted ones - excluding trade - following as,

  • The Los Soles migration from Son Buenos to Servavit

  • The Sacapuntas’ mating with some of the Nachtwaldian population

  • Nachtwald’s numerous attacks on lost wanderers and Sevavitian cartographers. 

     As the continent continues to mature, expansion in large-scale interregional trading (such as that of large manufacturers and corporate conglomerates), transcontinental immigration into Maxime Ita Vero is at a record high. This is majoritively due to corporations relocating or establishing new firms on the massive island in order to capitalize on these wholesale trading covenants. There are no supranational organisations present that involve any of the continent’s nations, and scholars foresee no change in this reality for many centuries to come. None of the states have showed any semblance of a desire for increased communication and interaction; this attitude has even infected the small-scale and personalized international trading efficacy for the economically booming nations.


*1Veroan is the term used to describe peoples from, residing in, or culturally associated with the continent Maxime Ita Vero. It’s a term akin to European or Asian.

*2A recent archeological discovery near the mouth of Lake Lago has led some historians to believe that the original Bon Suenyosian settlers arrived from another continent. The old remains of a wooden ship, which constitutes the discovery, have plans to be be traced back to origin.

The States of Maxime Ita Vero

Atlas World Narrative for Servavit

     The Democracy of Servavit is a stunning nation that has come so far from the little colony of Terra Coligo. The once-was small settlement became a nation with a formidable economy and profuse, well-guarded political rights. At its inception, there was a meager population of settlers that has flourished into the now 554 million “hard working” Servavitians. A “powerhouse” economy is another trait of the nation-state.

     Servavitians pay in blessings that can be traced back to its ancestors in the original “Land of the Mist” colony. The Legit philosophy is largely influential in the nation. The founder of the philosophy is known Credunt which means “The Trusted”. He was a simple man who saw that the people of Terra Coligo’s problem was their ignorance. He began to write down the 5 ways to dispose of one’s ignorance, this book was later rechristened Liberalis*, which it was named after its altruistic and seemingly divine view on generosity. These 5 ways are as follows,

  1. Read more. Books are knowledge and insight into the mind of another. Endless empathy and understanding can be found within its pages.

  2. Talk through disagreements. Violence brings only hurt and silence only distance. Be heard and understood.

  3. Have a listening ear. You can learn nothing more from yourself. Be open to the opinions and knowledge of others.

  4. Be observant. Observing others around you will give you a better understanding of who they are. Observing your surroundings will make you more prepared for what may come.

  5. Be grateful. Don’t block out problems by any means, but do not dwell on them for that is the fastest way to unhappiness. Focus on what is good and good things will continue to come.

     This philosophy carried on to the nation-state of Servavit. The 0% divorce rate can be credited to the mentality of, “If you follow the Legit philosophy, divorce will never be necessary” and thus the governing powers felt it was better outlawed.

     Servavit is now a Democratic Nation, this however, is a rather recent development. The Democracy of Servavit was not too long ago the Protectorate of Servavit. Protected from the Nachwaldians by Da Trump. After a rather heated correspondence with Bon Suanyos, Servavit learned of the true evil that is Da Trump. Secretly, it’s “kind” government had been plotting to slowly over-throw the nation of Servavit and then use it’s people to engage in a blood-thirsty battle against the Nachwaldians in order to overthrow that nation as well. Servavit soon shared this information with the Nachwaldians and they aligned against the would-be empire of Da Trump. It is now it’s own, independent democratic nation.

     The political freedoms are the world benchmark in Servavit. The Democratic nation-state prides itself on it. The civil rights are “very good” and are on track to only improve. The elected representatives are often Legit born and raised and govern by such beliefs. The people, who are more often than not, also born and raised in Legit ways elect them for such reasons.

     The economy in Servavit is, as stated before, a powerhouse. The Natural resources of Servavit are silver, iron ore, and natural gas. The powerhouse Servavitian economy, worth 31.4 trillion blessing a year, is fairly diversified and led by the Automobile Manufacturing industry, with major contributions from Tourism, Door-to-door Insurance Sales, and Book Publishing.

     Relationships between Servavit and other countries are, as you can imagine, rather… difficult. Servavit is a kind and forgiving body of citizens so, currently, Nachwald and Servavit are on good terms and trade, where oil is imported into Servavit and Iron-Ore is exported into Nachtland. Da        Trump and Servavit are not on good terms, but trade was still necessary. Da Trump exports phosphorus to Servavit for its farms and iron ore is exported to Da Trump. Bon Suenyos exports Scandium to Servavit iron ore.

     Urban development seems to be on a high rise. The economy has allowed for many improvements among technology, architecture and science.

     The transportation in Servavit is simple. The economy is widely dependant on its car manufacturing therefore, I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear, they drive cars. Trains are used to cross borders between countries so that transporting goods would be easier.

     In Rostow’s model Servavit is in the age of high mass consumption. Servavit is a Core country in Wallerstein's World Systems theory.

     Though it kills me to admit, I’m afraid that in all honesty Servavit has negatively impacted its environment. Due to the never ceasing industries and digging out natural resources, the environment is in far poorer shape. To make matters worse for the planet the people do not seem to mind nor care to lift a finger to aid in its redemption.


*from Latin, Liberalis translates to generosity.


Bon Suenyos Atlas World Narrative

     “Present day Bon Suenyos, epitome of social stability, is a beaming product of 320 arduous years of exploration, risk-taking, and peaceful deliberating”. That’s what all of the history books - written, approved, and published by people of the dominating Paraguas people - will tell you. The underlying truth behind the nationally divided state, governmentally a constitutional dictatorship functioning as a republic, is an odious one. After 82 years in existence, the mammoth city-state of Son Buenos, with political and moral views crossing the threshold at which they could no longer be contained under a unified culture, experienced a three-way split: the split was the birth of what would be Bon Suenyos. The country - then without a name - was swiftly taken control of by the ascendant Paraguas culture, and deemed Bon Suenyos. A mere decade of Paraguas. The Sacapuntas people were shunned as ruthless bandits, forcefully assimilated upon the expansion of the Paraguas-controlled state. They were forced into the primary economic sector, forming the brunt-bearing, hard-nosed occupation spread of the nation. Outcrying culturalists were shunned by the government and then accosted in their civil endeavors by the public.

     Ninety years later, when the public had long accepted their sins as rightful acts and now viewed the Sacapuntas’ place in society as a natural given, a large group of Los Soles people immigrated into the state - the first of many, galvanized into doing so by a message hidden in their cultural texts. As to avoid backlash from the socially progressing community, the intelligent Los Soles people were employed as bankers, stock brokers, and technicians - majoritively working in areas concerned with money. Despite their numbers being few, the influx of service, economy, and retail-related workers shifted the economy to make the tertiary sector its ancillary source of income.

     However, Bon Suenyos wouldn’t experience it’s first economic boom until the Paraguas themselves, prided on their scientific and technologic prowess and ingenuity, implemented a mass-scale energy reform in which the state metamorphosed into a nuclear-driven (emerging) powerhouse. With this Bon Suenyos no longer had to use their fairly innefficient shale oil as a fuel source, rather, they could trade it with surrounding nations. Additionally, this created a trade partner with Nachtwald: Nacthwald mines and enriches uranium, which is then railroaded to Bon Suenyos for use in nuclear power plants. The vast increase in available energy allowed for more complex mining and refining equipment, which was then used in amplitude, greatly increasing scandium and terbium outputs, the former of which saw widespread use as an alloy in sports equipment. The latter wouldn’t return much profit until the “Trade Deal of the Century,” as Bon Suenyos called it, in which several tonnes of terbium, a plethora of sports equipment, and many tonnes more of shale oil were all traded with Da Trump, repaid with a copious supply of Phosphorus, a tonne of natural gas and a prodigal sum of Paysoes. While Bon Suenyos does produce their own fuel cells using their terbium, the Da Trump Cell Society elected to manufacture their own fuel cells, given the resources. Other notable trades include the large sum - 15,000 Tonnes of Iron ore traded from Servavit

     As far as government is concerned, as stated above, Bon Suenyos functions as a Republic with constitutional dictatorship. Therefore, while the country does run off of popular sovereignty, the presidential leader does have the ability to assume complete control for a maximum of, and is required to relinquish supreme control within any time therein, a single week (7 days). While this was originally met with large waves of resistance from citizens after being unilaterally instilled 100, but was finally accepted by the public after their leader, Ian Carter, handled the Scandium Economic Crisis with lucid action. The crisis came about after a set of railcars came off the tracks on it’s way from Nachtwald into a Bon Suenyos city, smashing into several Scandium and Terbium mines, bringing the economy to a standstill. The Bon Suenyosian president Bill Billings exercised his autocratic powers, reshaping the railroad system. This started a transportation reform throughout the whole nation, affecting modes of transport for both the common public and commercial industry. Present day cities Son Ciudad and Porto Del Suenyos owe both their formation and economic success to this reform, set in place over the span of a week and carried out within a mere 2 years. The capital city, Bon Suenyos, became an economic hub, housing many corporate conglomerate headquarters.

     The shift to nuclear power has proven to be Bon Suenyos’ largest proponent of the country’s economic expansion. However its positive effects on the nation reach even further: The Climate Satisfaction Rating, polled and calculated by the Bon Suenyos Cencus Society, has increased 496% to a 9.6 (for a maximum of 10) since the country converted 80% of it’s energy to nuclear power. Exploiting the lack of international regulations in Maxime, Bon Suenyos has, for the past 50 years, expunged their nuclear waste by transferring it into the disputed territory (temporarily agreed to by both parties as a neutral zone as of current) between Bon Suenyos and Da Trump.


     In relation to Rostow’s Modernization Model, the development of Bon Suenyos can be broken down into all 5 categories:

  1. Traditional Society - This period in Bon Suenyos’ history can be classified as the first 70 years of existence, in which all citizens resided within or in the hinterlands (formed in the last 5 years) of the one and only settlement Bon Suenyos. Later on, this increased attention towards a single city would lead to its expansion into a massive city-state

  2. Prerequisites to Takeoff- Spanning an entire 102 years, this second stage was by far the longest experienced in Bon Suenyos. It’s anomalous length is due to two key factors present in Bon Suenyos’s evolution: The first factor involves the unwillingness of Son Buenyos’s citizens to migrate out of the city-state’s reach, one that was largely influenced by the rising Paraguas people. The second, directly related to and following the first, was the civil strife caused by the Paraguas’ rise to power. When the three-way split transpired an appreciable division of resources correlated. This, along with the skirmishes (most of them purely civil) between the cultures, considerably increased the time it would take to reach a sufficient grounds for takeoff.

  3. Takeoff - While some historians argue that Bon Suenyos experienced the beginning of its Takeoff period 5 years before the Los Soles people returned to their native land, most historians agree the Takeoff’s inception betided upon the “immigration” of the Los Soles, and lasted for 30 years. They found occupations in the tertiary sector of the economy, and 7 years later the shift to nuclear power launched Bon Suenyos into a sort of industrial revolution.

  4. Drive to Maturity - Lasting 68 years, Bon Suenyos’ drive to maturity manifested through it’s increase in trade, following a transportation reform occurring in the thirty-third year of the drive. An increase in the spread of commodities was experienced: More alloys were available for application in a larger variety of sports equipment and aircraft material. These very aircrafts utilized the country’s terbium for usage in fuel cells, and maritime trade exploited the ubiquitous supply of shale oil along the coast. The majority of shale oil  extraction from shale rock was done offshore, preventing Bon Suenyosian environmental damage.

  5. High Mass-consumption - For the last 40 years, Bon Suenyos has experienced a period of high mass-consumption. Increased wages, imposed by the government, greatly increased the spending ability and disposable income of citizens, leading to a rise in product demand. As a result, waste and hazard outlets, allowing for production at unprecedented levels while minimizing domestic consequences, are being used at all-time highs. The increase in economic stability and settling, strong government have both led to the classification of Bon Suenyos as a core state, in accordance to Wallerstein’s World Systems Theory.

Bon Suenyos 

Da Trump Narrative

Da Trump is an ancient empire that is still here today. The first da trumpians were there 6000 years ago. They followed their leader, Donald Trump, to take down the other small villages. They eventually formed da Trump, and Now control Half of Ita Vero. The Country went through tough times, like the clay war. Now Da trump is a republic, and our leader is nicknamed “the Trump”. It is open and free which gives my country good civil rights and political freedom. The religious system is much different. The founder of my religion is Donald trump, one day he put on a toupe made of wheat and all the trumpians bowed down to him. The religion's doctrine is the art of the deal, written by Donald trump, used every day by the trumpians. The religious sites is the grand wall square. The god's name is also Donald trump. You must follow the 5 pillars of trump. The trumpian landscape is very influenced by its religion, it's covered with walls. Tex-mex is banned by Wallianism. clothing restrictions are only wearing a toupe everyday and All the leaders of da trump are Wallianism. In retrospect to my religionmy nation follows the rank size rule. My largest city is Trump, where the religion was formed. my second largest city is Tedaruz, a trade hub with servavit and also is my capital. My third largest city is Stank, A city in the mountains that mines phosphorus. My nation of Da Trump has control of two essential natural resources in The continent. One is natural gas, it is located in abundance near the biggest city, trump. it is on the eastern bank of the "uge" lake which is southeast of the city. it is being drilled liberally and is supplying all the power to Da Trump. My second resource is phosphorus. it is located on the cliffs of MT. Montanas, which is formed by having the arid air and the limestone rock mix. On my first resource, natural gas, my main city very close to it and experiences exponential growth with the industry. my second resource, phosphorus has made a boom city with its industry becoming big. It is called Stank, because the phosphorus makes everything stink. Natural gas can make electricity and heat homes. phosphorus is used to create fertilizer.  In my continent I have 3 other nations, Servavit, Bon suenos, and Nactland. Servavit has natural gas and Iron ore. I trade phosphorus with servavit in exchange for Iron ore. In bon suenos I trade silver for phosphorus. Lastly, I will be trading Uranium for phosphorus In Nactland. This will all be transported by train throughout the continent. My position within Rostow's model is a 5, age of mass consumption. My Wallerstein's systems theory is core, because of the developed qualities da trump has. My environmental factor is much worse than my development.  Most of my country is starting to go into desertification because of my overuse of farm lands and it’s already semi-arid qualities. That is the narrative of my nation.


The Empire of Da Trump 


     The government in Nactland is a republic. This government has preserved the right to vote, freedom of speech and the press, and other basic human rights like marriage. Both civil rights and political freedoms are high. Nactland’s economy is socialist. Our natural resources are oil and uranium. We make cars and produce nuclear energy, but do so with many limitations because Nactland’s economy is mostly ecotourism. This affects many things. Nactland has limited space for urban development because one of their main concerns is preserving wildlife. Nactland is mostly neutral, so it’s relationship with other countries is good for the most part. They mostly trade with Servavit, and this creates a mutual bond between the countries. Transportation is mostly public transport and bikes. Nactlandians travel long distances by bus or train rather than by their own cars or trucks.

     Nactland would be semi-peripheral and in stage five (mass consumption).