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Matt Groening


By Max Hoener

I chose Matt Groening because I watch the show that he made, The Simpsons. I did some research on him, and I found him to be extremely interesting.  

Why I chose Matt Groening

Matt Groening was born in Portland, Oregon on Febuary 15, 1954. He went to Evergreen State College in Washington (state). He was the school newspaper editor and graduated in 1973. He went to Los Angeles to find a job, and got hired by a local newspaper.


He created the comic strip Life in Hell.  The comic gained national attention and attraceted James L. Brooks, who asked him to create an animation for The Tracy Ullman Show. It was called The Simpsons.

When Tracy had to cancel her show, Groenings had enough national attention to get its own series.


Starting Job

The Simpsons is now a very popular show, and it has been on the air for 20+ years now. It is the longest rrunning animation ever!

The Simpsons

In 1997, now a respected artist, Matt Groening created a new show called Futrama. It is about a pizza delivery guy who wakes up 1000 years in the future. It aired for 4 years, but was then cancelled, but picked up by another channel.





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