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Jordan Le Tissier


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Text                                                      Pg 3


Audio                                                   Pg 4


Graphics                                              Pg 5


Animation and Video                        Pg 6


Interactivity                                        Pg 7


Word cloud and relevent words     Pg 8

Text is easy to use, and understand as a form of multimedia. It is understood by a wide range of people, therefore it is universal (depending on the language).


Serif and Sans-serif

Serifs are the decorative parts on letters that look fancy.

Sans is the French word for without, so without serifs, the letters look more proffessional


Audio in multimedia is said to bring it to life, it is a sound file usually mp3. It is also universally known, like text, and it provides the viewer of a multimedia project with a little entertainment



Photomorphing is the manipulation of photos, usually to put two or more images together, for example this Saint Bernard/Hippopotamus, or me performing the YMCA.

Graphics in multimedia is usually used for something like an interactive picture book, or to show an easy process rather than use difficult words.

Animation and Video

Animation and video are forms of multimedia which are used for a visual representation of a subject, but in greater detail than an image as it holds many images together and plays them in order, very quickly


Interactivity in multimedia is a very important convention, as it allows for more access for the viewer, and it doesn't bore them with something performing actions for them. Some examples would include the Home button on each page, or the Contents page

Relevant words