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A Memoir

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By Matt Reid


Text .......... P1

 Video .......  P2

Graphics ... P3

Audio ........ P4


Text is the most basic form of multimedia. It used to communicate to the viewer through language. 


Definition: Data in the form of words or alphabetic characters.



  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Posters

 There are two types of printed text, Serif and Sans Serif (sans - French meaning "without"). The serif is a decrotive flourish on the tails of words. A popular font with serifs is New Times Roman. The most widely used sans serif font is Arial.


Serif                                     Sans Serif 


                         F                                                 F

 Notice the ends of the verticle and horisontal strokes of the serif font have details, where the ends of the sans serif font are square


Video is one of the easiest ways to ncommunicate to an audience through multimedia. This form of media apeals to all ages and people of all languages can understand. 


Definition: he recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images.



  • Movies
  • Advertisements
  • Streaming



Graphis are a great tool for communicating visually to an audience. They are engaging and simple for all audiences  


Definition: The products of the graphic arts, especially commercial design or illustration.



  • Scientific models
  • Architectural designs
  • CGI in films












Graphics editors such as PhotoShop allow for easy photo editing.


Audio a seies of waves compressed to form a media that can communicate aurally.


Definition: Sound, especially when recordedtransmitted, or reproduced:



  • Music 
  • Podcasts
  • Radio