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Match Patch Pro

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Concrete repair systems
Match Patch Pro FC
(Fast Cure)
FC Fast Cure concrete crack and spall repair
system is specifically designed to aesthetically
mimic existing concrete and meet the required
abrasion resistance for architectural clear sealed
and polished concrete flooring.
Exclusive Design
Match Patch Pro composition through its hybrid blend
of resin, Portland cement and latex binders
overcomes many of short-falls of the single binder
products. There are no known equal or better
architectural repair products.
Only architectural concrete floor repair material that
utilizes performance characteristics of multiple
concrete binders.
Exclusive in-field scientific color match system
allowing easy, on site color matching of existing
concrete slabs.
Cure for polish in two hours.
Cures for initial grind in 20 to 60 minutes.
Accepts concrete dyes.
Densifies with Reactive Silicates.
Can be matched to concrete of any age close to
perfection on site.
Does not shrink or crack.
Does not fish bowl when processed.
Bonds tenaciously at critical repair edges and does not
chip or break at the thinnest feather edges.
Can fill spall of any size up to .20 cubic feet, even very
shallow spalls or scratches.
A virtually invisible crack/spall repair material.
No resin/cement stain ghosting or halos around repair
The importance of using local sands
Mixing your local sands with part C
Blend local “DRY”
Masonry sand 2-1
with Part C Cements
for Patch. Wet sand
can be air dried or
torch dried.
Masonry sand is a
blend of 5-7 mesh
sizes #100 - #12
Repair Schedule
Repairs are installed first to prevent “fish bowling” of open
holes and spalls.
Grinder tooling will slightly travel into spalls larger than a
dime, sloping down the outside edges of spalls. No more than
one quick grinding pass should been done prior to installation
of Match Patch Pro.
If the floor has mastics or other residues; only do a quick
first pass with the tooling you have chosen, to expose the
spalls and cracks needed to repair.
If the floor is clean, with the spalls and cracks fully visible;
patch first, before you start grinding the field of the floor.
Surface Preparation
All dirt, oil, dust, foreign
contaminants and laitance
must be removed to assure
a trouble free bond to the
substrate. For repair of
spalled concrete, a stiff
wire brush can be used to
remove all loose concrete.
After wire brushing the
spalled area, remove all
loose dust and debris with
an industrial vacuum.
Matching the concrete
Perform a 12” color match sample polished at the level
specified for project on project concrete. Follow same
tooling steps floor will be processed densifying at #200
Resin and finishing with #400. The match Stick is #400
finish. Variable speed hand grinder is best.
Compare to Match Stick and 9 sand
patch color numbers on stick.
Compare number to Color Code Chart
Patch Black Brown
MP-1 1/16 tea 0
MP-2 0 1/16 tea
MP-3 1/16 tea 1/16 tea
MP-4 1/8 tea 0
MP-5 0 1/8 tea
MP-6 1/8 tea 1/8 tea
MP-7 1/8 tea 1/16 tea
MP-8 1/16 tea 1/8 tea
MP-9 0 0
MG-1 1/8 tea 0
MG-2 1/16 tea 1/8 tea
MG-3 1/8 tea 1/16 tea
MG-4 1/16 tea 0
MG-5 3/16 tea 0
There are only two color additives; Black and Brown.
There are two sizes of measurement for color in the 11
ounce mix; 1/16 teaspoon and 1/8 teaspoon.
There is also a One teaspoon for pre mixing 5 ½ quarts of
patch mix. The 1 teaspoon is the same as 1/16 teaspoon
and 2 teaspoon is the same as 1/8 teaspoon on the chart.
The 12 oz scoop is used for every mix. Fill the scoop with
mixed dry patch 1/4” - 1/8” below rim.
*Example: MP-7 chosen. 1/8 teaspoon of black + 1/16
teaspoon of brown to 11ounces of dry patch mix. OR 2
teaspoon of black + 1 teaspoon of brown to 5 ½ quarts of dry
patch mix
Perform color match sample
Many times the adjoining color on the Match Stick
will match. Make adjustments as needed for closest
match possible if specified or budgeted.
Step by step mixing instructions
1. Pour 1 measured scoop of part C/sand. 2. Add chosen colorant to part C/sand and mix.
3. Pour 2 ounces part A into mixing cup.
4. Pour 2 ounces part 2 into mixing cup.
You always use the scoop for
each mix including a 5 ½ quart
mix that you have pre-colored.
You can use 8 ounces to 11
ounces of dry mix to 4 ounces
of mixed resin. Always be
consistent for mix and
7. Mix remainder of part C/sand “peanut butter.”
5. Mix A and B quickly to streak free.
6. Add id half of color mixed part C/sand.
Place Patches
3. Topically add water to top of patch. Let
soak in 10 minutes and dry completely.
1. Install mix into cleaned repair, over fill.
4. Apply densifier at your scheduled step.
2. Grind cured patch flush with concrete.
Using wide mouth bottle for cracks
A wheeled cart as shown is a great way to store
and work with Match Patch Pro products.
The US Saws VGS 10 variable speed edger is a
great way to grind Match Patch Pro materials
flush and flat on adjoining concrete, using the
same tooling as your big grinders.
If patch material cannot be installed easily do to curing, discard and mix
more. Move fast as a 11 ounce mix has an 8 minute pot life.
If you are too light in color on your patch, you can use concrete dye to tint
installed patch for desired color.
If you are dying the floor, consider #9 on stick (un-tinted) as patch dyes
darker than concrete.
Critical or porous patches need to be grouted. Refer to grout mixing
instructions on MPP FC Installation sheet.
Avoid high humidity and wet floor conditions, sand must be DRY.
Use re-usable wide mouth plastic squeeze bottles to install cracks.
Available from MPP.
Plastic incremented mixing cups are available in home improvement
stores. The cup can be re-used many times.
Each Kit contains:
Part A and B Resins
Part C Cements
Match Stick
Black and Brown
Before and After repairs
2016 Match Patch Pro
Repair Contest
Joint re-build Polyurea, brass and zinc.
“I could see this system on every polished concrete truck in
the nation!”
Bob Harris
Decorative Concrete Institute
Concrete Network
“Without a doubt an incredible material!”
Barton Kendall Dowe
Diamond Shine, Australia
“Game Changer “Hocus pocus” “Incredible Match!” “My
guys won’t use anything else” “Only product the Architect
will allow” “Unbelievable” ”My customers love it!”
“Magic!” ”Finally an answer
The Match Patch Pro Difference
Advanced repair systems with no known
better or equals.
Ability to already have every concrete color
stocked on your polishing truck or trailer.
Customer Satisfaction.
Extra money revenue for projects.
Dave Moore
Deco Prep
Match Patch Pro LLC 2016 all rights reserved.
I look forward to meeting you in person at our next trade show event.
“We are only as good as our repairs.”
Dave Moore
President - Match Patch Pro LLC