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"Arabian Nights", "Moroccan" is the theme for our campsite, with an emphasis on "genie Lamp" to carry out the event theme "wish upon a cure."

We need a genie lamp of some kind as our main focal point or in an area close to the relay track.  If a large genie lamp is not possible a smaller one will do, like the size of a pinata.


Without this lamp catching attention we will only be seen as a group of gypsies.  

One idea for making a small but effective focal point in front and center is a small conversation seating are only for looks and taking up minimum space.  


Using the green fabric foldable bench and cubes, a shepards hook for hanging the pinata and metal trellis we ablready have.  Maybe 2 large lanterns we have also if we line the inside with colored paper.


This should get the wish idea out there and set the mood. 

This is available at shindigz for 25$ It is flat on the back for hanging.  It is huge.