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ST. JOSEPH’S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH MOOSE JAW, SK CANADA Fourth Sunday of Lent March 19, 2023 Weekly Liturgy Schedule Mass Intentions Priest Parish Activities Monday, March 20 @7:00 pm Mass Feast of St. Joseph Tuesday, March 21 @9:00 am Mass And Novena of Our Lady K of C &Families-Special Intentions Fr. Yodel 9:30 am Pioneer Lodge Communion Service-Evelyn 10:00 am & 7:00pm Catechism Study @ Gerard’s Room 10:30 am West Park Mass- Fr. George Wednesday, March 22 @ 9:00 am Mass 10:30 am Mass at Providence Place 11:50 am- 1:30 pm June Ostgaard- Repose Josefina Pequena-Repose Silent Adoration Fr. George Fr.Yodel Deacon Lamont 9:30 am 9:30 am Chez Nous Communion Service-Evelyn 10:30 am Providence Place Mass-Fr. Yodel Thursday, March 23 @ 9:00 am Mass Ofelia Mercado Abesamis- Repose Fr. Yodel 10:30 am Bentley Mass-Fr. Yodel 10:30 am Mulberry Mass-Fr. George 7:00 pm Parish Penance Service-Fr.George,Fr.Yodel,Fr.Nestor Friday, March 24 @ 9:00am Mass Divine Mercy Adoration Souls in Purgatory-Repose Fr. George Stations of the Cross after 9 am mass-Fr. George 10:30 am St. Michael School Mass- Fr. George Stations of the Cross at 7 pm – Sacramental Prep Candidates Saturday, March 25 @ 5:00pm Mass For the People Fr. George 9:30 am Trauma Workshop-Parish Hall 11:00 am Micha Subido Baptism Sunday, March 26 @ 9:00 am Mass @11:00 am Mass Therese Frigon-Repose Ed Schenher-Repose Fr. George Fr. George 10:00 am CWL Welcome Newcomer’s Coffee@ Parish Hall 12:15 pm Parish Annual General Meeting@ Parish Hall ***It’s time again!!! St. Joseph’s is in need of Spring Cleaning. If you can spare time on Saturday, April 1st from 10 am to approximately 2 pm please come and help clean and prepare the church for our Easter celebrations. Many hands make light work. Lunch will be provided. Thank you*** Our Pastor: Rev. Father George Thattuparampil Cellphone# 306 727 3280 Assisting Priest: Fr. Yodel Cereno Church Website: Phone Number: 306 694 1944 A Deacon/Pastoral Rev. Deacon Lamont Dyck Admin Assistant: Elizabeth Granil Caretaker: Martin Rossler Confessions 30 mins before the mass start on weekend masses Admin Assistant: Elizabeth Granil Caretaker: Martin Rossler Mass Hours: Tuesday @ 7pm Wednesday - Friday @ 9 am Saturday mass @ 5pm Sunday mass @ 9am & 11am Mass HouReadings for April 2nd – Palm Sunday 1stRdg: Isaiah 50:4-7 Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 22:7-8, 16-17, 18-19, 22-23 (R.1) 2ndRdg: Philippians 2:6-11 Gospel: Matthew 26:14-27.66

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4th Sunday of Lent Light. At our most basic level of awareness, at the core of our being, we know the power of light. Physically we seek it, are energized and refreshed by it, drawn to its warmth, its nourishment, its luminous beauty. Our strong connections to light mean its properties have emotional and spiritual resonance. Vision, insight and revelation can become interconnected. Spiritually, light is associated with the life itself with transformation and hope. “Let there be light!” is the first command of the Creator God of Genesis. “I am the light of the world,” declares Jesus, God’s fullest self-revelation in time as he brings vision – light to darkness- to a blind man. Through Jesus’ resurrection we are similarly transformed in Christ, says St. Paul to the church of Ephesus – so live “as children of the light.” Here we are, people and Church, making our annual Lenten pilgrimage. Active disciples, the body of Christ in our time and place, we seek renewal in living Jesus’ mission of love. Today’s readings illumine our path in their use of light imagery to define discipleship. Our invitation? Reflect the light of Christ! We are called to transformation, individually and as Church… where the light of compassion can transform relationships, alleviate the darkness of systemic injustice and reveal the holiness of all that is. Friday Station of t Station of the Cross during Lent at 7:00 PM March 24 – Deacon Lamont’s Sacramental Prep. March 31 – St. Joseph’s CWL April 07 – 9:00 am Good Friday – Fr. George Prayer Blankets will be available after all Masses this weekend, March 18/19. At other times, if you know of someone who is sick or in a difficult situation, please call Marlene Jerred at (306) 693- 3393 to get a Prayer Blanket. The CWL thanks the City of Moose Jaw Heritage Advisory Committee for the honour of receiving the Municipal Heritage Award for Advocacy/Heritage Education in recognition of our 100th Anniversary Vintage Fashion Show and Tea. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ A Welcome Newcomers Coffee will take place on Sunday, March 26 in the parish hall after the 9:00 am Mass. If you are new to St. Joseph's Parish within the last year, please join us for coffee and snacks. We will have a welcome package for you. If you are a long-time or not-so-long-time parishioner, please come to welcome our newest parishioners

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St. Joseph Parish Events for March & April 2023 March 2023 20 Monday 7:00 pm Mass - Feast of St. Joseph followed by refreshments at Parish Hall 23 Thursday 7:00 pm Penitential Service (Reconciliation Service) 25 Saturday 9:30 am – 4:30 am Trauma Workshop at Parish Hall Must pre-register, email to register. The registration deadline is March 17. 25/26 Saturday & Sunday - Food Bank Sunday 25/26 Saturday & Sunday - Development & Peace Special Collection is on March 25th & 26th 26 10:00 am Welcome Newcomers Coffee at Parish Hall 27 Monday 2:00 pm Chrism Mass @ Holy Rosary Cathedral with Bishop Emeritus Weisgerber

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April 2023 1 Saturday 10:00 am Cleaning Bee/Décor for Palm Sunday Lunch is provided 5:00 pm Palm Sunday Mass 2 Sunday 9:00 am Palm Sunday Mass with K of C Pancake Breakfast 11:00 am Palm Sunday Mass with K of C Pancake Breakfast 6 Thursday 7:00 pm Holy Thursday Mass w/Rick’s Choir Washing of feet Eucharistic Adoration till 10:30 pm 7 Friday 3:00 pm Good Friday Service w/Simone’s choir 9:00 am Station of the Cross with Fr. George 8 Saturday 10:00 am Decor/Prepare the church 8:00 pm Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil/Rick’s choir With 2 Baptism 9 Sunday 9:00 am Easter Sunday mass – Renewal of Baptismal Promise 11:00 am Easter Sunday mass – Renewal of Baptismal Promise With 2 Baptism

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Knights of Columbus: Knights of Columbus Vocation Endowment fund for priests: “When we invest in the education of our seminarians, we humbly and boldly demonstrate our faith in God, knowing that He is calling forth priests to serve us. Please continue to pray for vocations and please prayerfully consider investing in the education of our Saskatchewan seminarians.” We currently have 10 Seminarians from the four Saskatchewan Dioceses, the Eparchy and the Abbey. As practicing Catholics, we each have a role in encouraging these Seminarians through prayer and financial support. These donations are tax-deductible. More information can be found here, where tax donations can be made: . Thank you for your support. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Save the date: April 16th. We will have our Divine Mercy Celebration with a mass on April 16th from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, mass will start at 3:00 pm Divine Mercy We need you in the Parish Directory. You can either place your information in the directory yourself or, we can do it for you. The more parishioners are included in the directory, the better and the closer our community will be. Please either call Gilles at (306) 631-7458 if you want help to be placed in the Directory or e-mail if you can/want to do it yourself, to get full directions.

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Happy Days Childcare Family Childcare Home Helping families for over 30 years 261 Hall Street W. Moose Jaw, SK. 306-639-7212 Contact: Simone Deyotte Rose’s Sewing I will replace Broken zippers, Hem pants or slacks, etc. Reasonable Rates 306-693-9521 Jones Parkview Funeral Services Phone: 306-693-4644 Funeral Home Crematorium Family Resource Centre In The Heart Of The Community With A Heart For The Community 474 Hochelaga St. W Moose Jaw, SK 1711 Main St. N Moose Jaw, SK S6J 1L6 (306)331-0010;(306)694-1333 622559 Sask Ltd. o/a Espresso Joe’s Coffee and Bubble Tea House Urban Garden Salads and Pizza Dairy Queen Grill and Chill Joey’s Urban