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This agency was founded in 1946, with the intentions of defending children around the world. Their mission and main focus is to provide special care for children who are the victims of wars, extreme poverty ,disasters.

There focus is headed in the direction where children are concerned. This company has 20 partnerships, they have many donors that donate not only there money but their time and assistance.

What Can you do to change a Child's life?

What to help Change a Child's life? 

Donate to our origination so we can continue to fund projects 

Become involved, teach for us, spread the word.

Work for us, we are all around the world making a difference and so can you!

Look us up, There is more than enough information on our website that can help you help us make a difference in these children's life.

There is never to much time, help, money, or love that you can give to these children. They only want one thing, a Chance. 

          Will you watch, or will you take action?