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This booklet has been conceived in order to help you keep track of all the Regulatory Updates that have been released in the past few months. As we all know, our business is ruled by very strict and thorough rules and regulations, and we all must adhere to them in order to comply with all the International laws and restrictions. 


hopefully the following booklet will hel you to navigate and anticipate to any issue or circumstance you might encounter. 


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A recent Mexican Customs bulletin reminds exporters and their Customs agents that they must report the tax identification number of the foreign consignee for their export shipments.[i] As of July 1, 2015,  the agency will begin to actively enforce the requirements of Mexico’s General Rules on Foreign Trade Annex 22 which requires that export declarations (pedimentos) include the tax identification number or equivalent of the consignee in the country of destination.

This means that export declarations for shipments destined to consignees in the U.S or Canada must include the consignee’s Employer Identification Number (EIN), Tax ID, Social Security Number (SS#) or Canadian Business Number. Export declaration not containing the required Tax ID information may be rejected or result in a monetary penalty issued by the Customs.

Exporters in Mexico must provide the tax identification number of the consignee in the country of destination on the invoice or other shipping document so that their export agent or broker can report the tax identification number on the export declaration (pedimento).

Any questions regarding this matter may be directed to the trade compliance or our local Marken branch in Mexico.