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"Do it for America!"

Margaret H. Morgan


"Do it for America!"


Early Life                     


        Margaret was born on April 4, 1979 in Wilmington,  North Carolina. After having Margret, her family moved to Ohio. She was one of four children, Emma, Lisa, Adam, and herself. Her mother, Jessica Louise Morgan and her father, Nicholas Frederick Morgan, were not very rich, but had money to pay for schooling.

Growing Up And Education   

        Margaret was the middle child, and with Adam being the oldest.  She went to high-school at North High in Eastlake, Ohio and graduated in the year 2004. She went to college at Kent University, and came out with a double major, one in economics, and one in politics .


        Her first job was working as a teacher at CSU(Cleveland State University) teaching Social Studies and Economics. After working there from 2010-2011, she became a mayor for the city of Cleveland. Four years later as mayor, she ran for state senator. Once elected, she was a senator of Ohio from 2014 to the present day in 2016.

Current Family

        Margaret is married to Ryan M. Morgan, and has 2 daughters, Alice and Leah. Her mother and father are still living, at ages 68 and 71.  

 Present Day                

        She now wishes to run for president, as she also hopes to become the first woman president.



Wants higher taxes

  • Wants higher taxes so America can pay for public schools to become more fit to learn in

  • Wants higher taxes to pay for military and renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines, solar panels, etc.
  • Higher taxes allow the government to fix necessary things.


Moving away from fossil fuels slowly, and into renewable energy.  This is cleaner for the environment!

  •  She thinks that we should move slowly away from fossil fuels because she thinks renewable energy is good for the environment.  
  • She would turn the white house into a renewable energy hot spot if she wins (A energy hot spot is a place with lots of energy and good reception)
  • Another reason is she wants to move to renewable energy because if we run out of fossil fuels we will not have any more energy for a while.

 Gun Control

Wants more strict gun control.

  •  She doesn’t want people getting hurt from shootings
  • There can be criminals hurting other people from getting hold of guns(which can be sold illegally).
  • She is fine with people hunting with guns as long as they don’t use their gun to hurt other people.


Wants money to go to public schools-

  • Parents send their kids to charter schools because public schools are not fit for learning
  • Believes that updated buildings and technology will improve education for children in public schools.

  • If too much money is given to charter schools then nobody will go to public schools because they aren’t fit for learning enough, and the structure of the building needs fixing


Thinks we should spend more on our military than ourselves(but also saving some money for fixing things within the country...)

  • Believes that our military might become so strong, we don’t need to spend more money on it

  • Wants to help other countries, thinks they might help with something in return

  • Raised taxes should go to things like military, renewable energy sources, fixing things within America, but also helping other countries.





  • Favorite subject is Political Studies.


  • She loves working with children and being a mom.


  • Enjoys writing books and teaching Social Studies.


  • She loves traveling to different countries and learning new languages .


  • She loves doing charities for sickand poor people.