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The Nuptials
Marco Harris & Morgan McCoy
Our Story Marco Harris and Morgan McCoy’s love story is something right out of the story books
written by God himself. Both Marco and Morgan accepted Jesus into their life at a young age and both
made a commitment while in their adolescent years to remained virgins until married. Fast forward
several several years later after much prayer, learning, growing, and surviving failed relationships, these
two would meet by way of Morgan’s mother (a modern day Ruth, Naomi, & Boaz story). Morgans
mother met Marco one day at his office and was so impressed by him that she came home telling
Morgan, I met your husband today. Morgan laughed off her mothers comment until she met Marco
four years later and knew there was something different about him. Within the first couple of weeks of
meeting Marco, Morgan felt a strange urgency to get him coconut cake. She decided that she would just
be friends with him, and the gift of cake would be a platonic parting gift before she left on her three
month tour. Unbeknownst to Morgan, Marco prayed and asked the Lord two years prior that the
woman he was supposed to marry bring him coconut cake. On Monday the cake was given and Marco
received his sign and on Thursday of the same week Morgan received hers. After delivering the cake and
telling Marco she just wanted to be friends, she couldnt get this man out of her mind. Unable to
emotionally handle falling for the wrong guy she asked the Lord Thursday morning at 6 am that if Marco
was the one for her that Marco would tell her that he loves her that day. Now this was an odd request
being that the two had met only a month prior. Morgan new that it would be impossible for this new
friend to say such weighted words, so the request was more of way to justify her running away from
Marco. However, by 10:00 am that same morning in Sams Club Marco tells Morgan that he loves her.
Morgan completely floored reveals her prayer that morning and he shares about his coconut cake story.
After confirmation, miracles, and much prayer, these two were inseparable. A year and a half later
Marco proposed to Morgan at Sams Club at the same spot he first told her he loved her. The proposal is
another amazing story in itself. This M&M team love God, volunteer with underprivileged youth,
advocate for seeing folks walk in healing & wholeness, own their own businesses, and will be writing a
book about the benefits of waiting on the right one.
The Nuptials
Marco Harris & Morgan McCoy
Our Theme: The Nuptials a modern day Greek Production
Morgan is an actress and so of course the wedding will be theatrical! The concept is to have a
dinner theater type of event with a Bridal Chorus Actors, Narrator, Praise Dancers, Playbill, and
the like as a part of the ceremony/reception. Since we are having a dinner theater set up,
everything will take place in the same space.
Wedding Date: December 10
Time: 2:00pm
Attendees: 300 people
Setup: Dinner Theater Style (30 tables)
Decoration Colors: Royal Blue, White, and Silver
Location: First Baptist Denbigh Life Center Newport News, VA