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with Ron Saavedra
Sales Manager, NM/ELP
Territory Manager
Fried Chicken
March Newsletter
2018 | Volume 3
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Sales Facts About the Importance of Using Social Media and Content Marketing
1. 73% of sales professionals using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their peers and exceeded
quota 23% more often. [Aberdeen]
2. You’re 70% more likely to get an appointment on an unexpected sale by joining LinkedIn Groups. [Vorsight]
3. Sales reps who use social selling are 50% more likely to meet or exceed their set quota. [Liz Gelb-O’Connor]
4. The top sales professionals use LinkedIn at least 6 hours per week. [The Sales Management Association]
5. 82% of buyers viewed at least ve pieces of content from the winning company/brand/vendor. [Forrester]
6. 68% of consumers feel more positive about brands who share engaging content. [iMedia Connection]
Fried Chicken
“...before we know it barbecues and picnics are in full swing.”
With the arrival of March, I cant help but think of all the great things that come
with Spring. We arent necessarily past winter, but spring is denitely in the air. We
all start to come out of our hibernation. e days are longer. e sun feels warmer.
And before we know it barbecues and picnics are in full swing. One of my favorite
dishes this time of year is fried chicken. rough this recipe, I would like to highlight
the benets of using the right equipment.
A lot of times, recipes will call for the chicken to be brined for extended periods of
time. Even overnight. Henkelman vacuum systems allows us to drastically shorten
that timeline. It even allows for us to be prepped ahead and use less brining solution
to achieve even greater results. You can prep further ahead with greater shelf life. If
you have a busy day, you can quickly brine more chicken in shorter windows. is
solves one of the biggest issues for anyone that wants to oer a fried chicken dish.
at issue is time. e vacuum bagging technique will oer greater avors by
drawing the brine and seasonings into the chicken. Simply pull a bag of brined
chicken from your cooler and you are ready to bread and fry.
Fryers all have the same job. Heating and maintaining the temperature of oil. Many
times, the important part that is overlooked is the ltering process. Keeping your oil
clean maintains the avor of your recipe. e Resfab MB85 fryer is 95% ecient. Its
oers rapid recovery on large batches. e machine itself has the capacity for
approximately 80 pieces of fried chicken. Because fried chicken can be brutal on
your fryer and oil, it is critical to have good ltration. e machine can lock
employees out after every so many batches to force them to lter the sediment to
extend the life of the oil. e whole system can be drained, ltered, and relled in
under 5 minutes.
For sake of this recipe, the following parameters were used:
Oil temperature: 335 degrees
Cooking time: 9 minutes for boneless product (Longer for bone-in)
Brining time: 1 hour when vacuum bagged. Overnight if just soaking.
(this recipe used boneless)
Optional ingredients for Brine:
Lemon juice
Bay leaves
Flour Breading:
Optional for Breading:
Cayenne Pepper
Dried/ Ground Citrus peels
Fried Chicken
1. Mix brine together.
2. Add chicken to brine. Either place in a vacuum bag
and use Henkelman to quickly brine (1 hour) or brine
overnight in a refrigerator.
3. Set oil temperature on the Resfab (fryer) to 335
4. Mix breading together.
5. Remove chicken from brine and drain. Toss chicken
in breading and shake o.
6. Once the Resfab (fryer) reached 335 degrees, drop in
each piece of chicken to the basket individually. is
avoids sticking.
7. Cook for 9 minutes (bone-in chicken requires more
time, approx. 15 minutes).
8. Remove from Resfab (fryer) and allow to drain. Serve
on a sandwich or with your choice of sides.
Henkelman Vacuum Bagger
Resfab MB85 Fryer
We had the opportunity to interview Ron Saavedra and talk to
him about his many responsibilities at Professional Reps.
Ron: I was born in Las Vegas, NM. Served in the US Army
& National Guard from 79’ to 85’, my favorite activity is
Golf, love music of all genres, we have 5 great kids & 2
A special Q&A with:
Ron: I have been with
Professional Reps for 5
great years and look
forward to many more. I
Tessa: Thanks for sitting
down with me. What are
your responsibilities at
Professional Reps? How
long have you worked
Ron: She is a great people person so she already knows
and has relationships with a lot of Dealer personnel in
the NM/El Paso territory so she is able to contact them
and check to see if they have any equipment needs or
any assistance on anything. Which is allowing me more
time to reach out and nd new customers, while we still
maintain communication with current customers.
Tessa: Your wife Renee works at Professional Reps too.
How does she help you in your role?
Ron: My favorite segment is Schools K-12 because it
gives me the opportunity to work with Food Service
Directors, Kitchen Sta and Facilities on working
together to put together equipment packages for the
production kitchen and my personal passion the serving
lines that help highlight the food being served. These
needs are important for food production capabilities
that need to be exible because of their ever changing
nutritional guide lines established for the students.
Tessa: What’s your favorite foodservice market
segment and why?
Ron: One project that I really enjoyed
was the kitchen remodel at Alto Lakes
Golf & Country Club in Alto Lakes, NM,
because it allowed me to go back to my
experience as a Chef running a kitchen
and knowing the importance of kitchen
ow and menu needs, so along with Alto
Lakes G&CC Chef Bifulco and Michael
Esquibel from McComas Sales,
: You have a lot of experience
designing large kitchens. What’s the last
big project you worked on? What was
special about that job?
Ron: It is all the people you get to meet and interact with,
whether it’s on sales calls, dealers, consultants or factories and
from this interactions all that you learn from these people just
helps me to always continuing growing.
Tessa: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned during
your time in this industry?
Ron: First I’d go back into the oce and ask if someone had
bought a lottery ticket and if it turns out to be someones I would
gladly return it and if no one claims it, I would be a very happy
man and yes I would continue to work.
Tessa: One last question for fun… let’s say we nish the
interview and you step outside the oce and nd a lottery
ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?
Tessa: Hi Ron! Please tell us about yourself.
Thank you for talking with me, Ron!
I hope everyone got to know you
that much better!
wonderful daughter in-laws
and one adorable grandson
Tobias who lights up our life.
have two roles, one is Territory Manager for New Mexico
/ El Paso which is sales calls to existing and new
customers and introducing and educating end users,
consultants and dealers with the factories we represent
in the territory, and as Sales Manager it is my
responsibility to help the Professional Reps sales team
to meet or exceed sales targets by helping them
develop product knowledge, devise sales strategies,
and also maintain and improving relationships with our
we were able to put together a kitchen design featuring Montague Cooking
Equipment and Beverage Air on both cooking lines, and in the wash room
Champion Industries, we were able to cut their ticket times by 75% and
increase their Banquet meal output by 50%.