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5:25 PM
March 9, 2018
כעשת רדא בח
להקיו תשרפ-ידוקפ
March 11- Rebbeim meeting
postponed—regular 12:00 noon
dismissal for grades 2-8B
March 16 - Late Friday dismissal
begins. Preschool – 1PM, 1-8G and
daycare—2:20 PM, 1-8B—2:30 PM
March 18 - Early dismissal for
grades 2-8B at 11:30 AM due to
rescheduled Rebbeim meeting
March 27— April 8 - Pesach break
April 9 - School resumes
The Torah Academy Dinner this past Sunday night was the most
financially successful dinner in the 36 year history of Torah Academy.
Thank you to all our volunteers and staff members who worked
tirelessly on each and every detail.
Adar in Torah Academy was packed with full of wonderful programs
both in the Williston and Hamilton buildings including mesibos,
classroom activities and creative Purim shtick.
בוט לזמ to all the boys who participated in Chemdas Yosef learning for
טבש שדוח. Another wonderful month. The 6th grade boys learned the
most םיקרפ, 163. Grade 3 learned 11, grade 4– 56, grade 5- 98, grade
7—95, and grade 8– 129. The total learned for טבש was 552. The
grand total learned this year is 1252. Keep up the wonderful learning!
בוט לזמ to 8G on רבדמב רפס םייס. The students enjoyed a beautiful
siyum with a video by Rabbi Deutsch from the Living Torah Museum
and lunch from Taam China. The video reviewed the travels of Bnei
Yisrael as they traveled through the midbar. Thank you Mrs.
Rosenberg for picking up the food. Thank you Mrs. Ochs for
arranging the program.
During the snow day on Thursday, approximately 40 boys from 2nd
through 8th grades learned with their rebbeim on conference calls or
in person. A strong message was broadcasted once again to our
students and to the community that a day should never go by without
learning Torah.
The possuk in ט״כ קוספ ה״ל קרפ להקיו תשרפ reads: לכל איבהל םתא םבל בדנ רשא השאו שיא לכ״
׳הל הבדנ לארשי ינב ואיבה השמ דיב תושעל ׳ה הוצ רשא הכאלמה
Simply translated, every man and woman that donated towards the construction of the
Mishkan, brought their donation to Hashem.
There is a seeming redundancy in this possuk.
Why does the Torah repeat the words ינב ואיבה
׳הל הבדנ לארשי? Considering that the possuk
begins by clearly indicating that it was the men
and women of Klal Yisrael who brought
donations, it would seem to be sufficient for the
possuk to write ׳הל הבדנ ואיבה - omitting the
wordsלארשי ינב.
The קחצי תליהק, n the name of one of the
magiddim of Vilna, explains this redundancy as
follows: The purpose of donating money
towards the Mishkan’s construction was to
create a place on earth that would ultimately be
a ןועמ, a dwelling place for the הניכש. However,
as inferred by ל״זח from the קוספ in Parshas
Terumah - םכותב יתנכשו שדקמ יל ושעו - the
concept of the ע״שבר residing in a Mishkan built
by Bnei Yisrael has an extra dimension. The
possuk doesn’t employ the word וכותב, implying
that Hashem would ‘restwithin the Mishkan,
rather, the possuk uses the word םכותב - within
them. This, explains Chazal, indicates that every
person has the responsibility to ensure that he
individually becomes a place for the Shechinah
to reside. Expounds the ךישלא: When לארשי ללכ
built the Mishkan for the Shechinah, דגנכ הדימ
הדימ Hashem rested His shechinah within them.
So too, when a Yid makes his home a dwelling
place for the הניכ, Hashem reciprocates by
nesting His הניכש within the Yid.
Chazal add that when לארשי ללכ contributed
towards the Mishkan, they were rewarded with
children. Similarly, when we bring the הניכש
into our lives, we are zoche that the הניכש will
continue to dwell within our progeny. This,
explains the קחצי תליהק, is the message of the
‘redundant’ לארשי ינב.When every man and
woman brought his or her contribution towards
the structure of the Mishkan, they were in
actuality bringing לארשי ינב their children – to
Hashem. They were setting the foundation of a
process that would ensure that their children
would become a dwelling place for the הניכש.
I truly feel that this is what was displayed at
Sunday night’s dinner. I clearly saw the
commitment and dedication of Torah Academy
parents and friends towards supporting and
preserving our ןכשמ. The dedication towards
creating a ןועמ, a dwelling place for the הניכש,
was readily apparent. In turn, we are confident,
that in that zechus, Hashem will shower us with
הכרב, and bless us by resting His presence
within our dear children.
!תבש טוג
Rabbi Ochs
27 Shevat— in honor of the recent birthday of Aaron ben Esther Mojgan wishing him much brocha, hatzlacha and shalom sponsored
by his Mom and Dad
28 Shevat– sponsored by Torah Academy in honor of the ventriloquist, Chuck Field. Thank you for adding a chuckle towards our
upcoming dinner.
29 Shevat—sponsored by Heshy & Bluma Mermestein on the yahrzeit of Menachem Yosef ben Yaakov zl
7 Adar—sponsored by Torah Academy in memory of Mr. Fred Slifka z”l
8 Adar—sponsored by Amir & Liora Youshaei as a zechus for a refuah shlaimah for Ita Pesa bas Alter Chaya Frayda
19 Adar—sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Shaul Goldstein on the yahrzeit of his mother, Chaya bas Avrohom Asher a”h
19 Adar –19 Nisan - sponsored by Lenny White in honor of his 67th birthday
20 Adar—sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Ira Millman in memory of Ahron ben Yisroel HaCohen z”l
20 Adar—sponsored by Sandra Weinreb in loving memory of her grandmother, Mazal bat Moshe a”h
21 Adar –sponsored by Dovid & Rochel Soll, l’ilui nishmas Ze’ev ben Yisroel z”l, Mr. William Soll
22 Adar - sponsored by friends and family at Torah Academy in honor of Lenny White on his 67th birthday
Bulletin Board
Rabbi Uri and Mrs. Dina Feldman (General Studies Girls Division Principal and Director of Student Support Services)
on the birth of their daughter
Rabbi Zalman & Mrs. Gittie Leff on the bar mitzvah of their son, Yosef Aryeh
Eli (‘02 ) & Sima Miller on the birth of their daughter and to grandparents, Mr. Herschel & Mrs. Risa Miller
Shragi (‘05) & Leah Rabinowitz on the birth of their son and to grandparents, Rabbi Yitzchak & Mrs. Tova Rabinowitz
Chaim (‘06) & Sarah Malka Cohen-Skaly on their recent marriage and to mother, Mrs. Irit Cohen-Skaly
Yoni (‘08) Metchik on his engagement to Adina Basser and to his parents Dr. Yitzchak & Mrs. Ireta Metchick
Rabbi Natan & Dr. Tzippy Bane on the birth of their son
Meilech & Esti (Perle) (‘97) Sonenblick on the birth of their son and to grandparents, Dr. Izy & Mrs. Claudia Perle
Meilich (‘02) & Baila Gitty Horowitz on the birth of their boy and to grandparents, The Bostoner Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Naftali &
Rebbetzin Shaindy Horowitz
Yosef and Shevi Coriat on the birth of their daughter, and to grandparents, Mr. Moshe & Mrs. Rikki Coriat
Esti (’06) Edelson on her engagement to Yeshaya Karp and to parents, Rabbi Pinchas and Mrs. Chaya Edelson
Mr. & Mrs. Shimon (‘05) Cohen-Skaly on the birth of their daughter and to grandmother, Mrs. Irit Cohen–Skaly
Nesanel (’01) and Dassa Perle on the birth of their daughter and to grandparents, Dr. Izy & Mrs. Claudia Perle
Yaakov and Bracha Rissel (Leff) (‘08) Goldberger on the birth of their daughter and to grandparents,
Rabbi Zalman & Mrs. Gittie Leff
March 10 - Aufruf for Binyomin Wilhelm.
Davening at the Mesivta - 114 Leicester St. at 8:00.
Men’s Kiddush after davening. LadiesKiddush—
after davening - at 34 Sparhawk St.
Grade 5
Y. Feldman (M, T,K), Y. Fontek (M),
M. Leff (M, T,K), N. Youshaei (T,K),
Y.Y. Mermelstein (K)
Grade 6:
A. Bier, Y. Gould (M), N. Halpern (M,K),
M. Miara (M, T), N. Ochs (M, T,K)
Grade 7:
Y. Gluckin (M), M. Hain (M,K),
Y.A. Leff (M, T,K), S.M. Solomon (M,K),
Y. Zyto (M, T,K)
Grade 8:
M. Fontek (M, T,K), Y. Miara (M, T,K)
Raffle Winners:
Mishpatim: Y. Fontek, Y. Gluckin , Y. A. Leff
Titzaveh: M. Miara, N. Ochs, Y. Zyto
Ki Tisa: Y. Feldman (5B), Y.Y. Mermelstein, Y.Zyto
Mazel Tov to learners for
Parshas Mishpatim(M), Titzaveh (T),
and Ki Tisa(K)
Bulletin Board
Dismissal for Preschool - 1:00 PM
Dismissal for 1-8G and Daycare - 2:20 PM
Dismissal for 1-8B - 2:30 PM
When you request a copy of medical records for camp,
remember to send an updated copy to the school office as well.
to all who the Volunteers
who helped make our Purim Campaign a success!
A big thank you to Mrs. Yehudis Solomon
for helping spearhead the campaign,
to Mrs. Shirah Sternfield
for arranging the gift!
Thank you to volunteers who helped
with data updating, phone calls, mailings,
gift packaging, and deliveries:
Mrs. Anna Atar
Mrs. Rena Berman
Mrs. Adel Bier & Family
Mrs. Cheryl Feuerstein
Mrs. Rivky Fireman
Menucha Frohlich
Tehila Frohlich
Sara Bracha Hain
Halpern Family
Mrs. Beverly Kaplinsky
Mrs. Aviva Kornbluth
Lowenstein Family
Bina Rosmarin
Ostashinskiy Family
Hadassah Rochel Schwarz
Mrs. Cheryl Sisel
Bracha Fraida Solomon
Shmuel Meir Solomon
Solomon Family
Wasserman Family
Mrs. Liora Youshaei
1. Winners of Chemdas Yosef contest
2. Purim, Purim, Purim…….
3. 2B students making artistic cards for the refuah
shlaimah of Uri Hain’s Uncle
Celebrating Purim in Grades 1 - 8