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Golf School District 67
9401 Waukegan Rd.
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Ph 847-966-8200
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A Note from the Superintendent
Strategic Plan Update
Hynes Elementary School
Golf Middle School
District 67 Foundation
Emergency Closing Information
Revised 2017-18 School
Registration Information
School Board
A Note from the Superintendent
Spring has sprung and it is hard to
believe that we are nearing the end of
the school year. Students and staff
continue to work hard as we approach
a well-deserved break!
This year, the District technology
committee has been meeting monthly
to develop a new three-year technology
plan. Over the past few years, we have
made significant progress in providing
access to all students. Teachers are
integrating technology in their lessons
to enhance instruction and engage
students. Next year, we are excited to
announce that students in grades 3-8
will be taking home their
Chromebooks. A parent meeting will
be held in May to review Chromebook
guidelines, student responsibility, and
digital citizenship. More information
will be forthcoming.
I hope you have an enjoyable and safe
spring break!
Dr. Beth Flores
4/2 Classes Resume
4/24 5th grade parent
4/25 Teacher Instute
Day—No school for
4/26 Hynes Science Expo
20182019 District Calendar
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Eighth grade students demonstrated their nal
robocs project to the Board of Educaon on
Thursday, March 16
. The rst team presented their
basic test bed showing how digital and analog
sensors operate. Another group presented their
robot with a claw mechanism. By programming their
robot, using a program called Robot C, they were
able to show in a video how the robot picked up a
ball and moved it around a set area and drop the ball
into a bucket. Two other projects, were presented.
An elevator and a windmill, which were operated by
coding done in Robot C. Students shared how these
projects helped them to realize the importance of
team work, trial and error, and above all, the
importance of step-by-step problem solving through
On March 14
, District 67
students parcipated in
acvies focused on safety.
The message to students is:
Safety is our number one
priority and there are many
ways to keep ourselves safe.
Middle School students chose to stand for safety in
silence or engage in conversaons and acvies in
their classrooms. Hynes students remained with their
teachers and focused on the theme, See Something,
Say Something. We are proud of our studentsand
stas commitment to safety and will connue these
conversaons in our schools.
Students and teachers at Golf Middle School and Hynes Elementary
School parcipated in Google's Pioneer Program. Our schools were
fortunate to receive an excing sneak peek of Expedions
Augmented Reality (AR), an unreleased feature of Expedions.
Google Expedions brings immersive compung to schools, which
brings abstract concepts to life and gives students a deeper
understanding of the world beyond the classroom. With
Expedions AR, teachers can bring 3D objects, like one of
Michelangelos statues, on the studentsdesks so that everyone can examine
the object at the same me.
Students loved experiencing the new technology, as well as analyzing and imagining dierent concepts
they were learning in their classes!
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Kindergarten and rst grade students recently had some excing
coding opportunies! Classrooms First provided Robot Mice, Robot
Turtles, and Ozobots for students to learn the basics of coding as
they programmed their robots to navigate a course.
Teachers will connue to implement these coding resources
throughout the school year.
Fourth grade students spent the last few weeks
examining dierent types of renewable energy. They
started the unit by designing and tesng their own
wind turbine blades as compared to professionally
designed blades. Then, they judged their designs
based on the amount of electricity that each of their
designs was able to create.
Students have now moved on to examining solar
panels and how they work. They were asked to test
solar panels for the best angle and locaon needed
to create the most electricity.
Next, they discussed the reliability of each of the
types of renewable energy sources, along with where
we currently get the majority of our energy from
both naon-wide and here in the state of Illinois.
A Stick in the Mud: Evaluating a Landscape
Second graders worked on a STEM kit to
build a TarPul bridge. In this acvity,
students meet Suman, the protagonist of
Suman Crosses the Karnali River.
The goal is for students to create a TarPul bridge that allows
Suman and his sick grandmother to cross Nepals Karnali
River so that she can go to a health clinic.
Students experimented to decide what soil and what
locaons would be best for the bridge to be built on to
prevent erosion. They built and tested their TarPul bridges
last week, and then shared them.
Students then reected and began to code on ScratchJr.
The students will code Suman and grandma safely crossing
the Karnali River using the TarPul bridge.
TarPul Bridge
Early Learning at Its Best!
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Students in Band and Chorus performed
at the Golf Middle School Music Concert
on March 1st under the direcon of Mrs.
Crisna Brown and Mrs. Traci Bowering.
Thank you for a delighul evening of
Golf Middle School students parcipated
in the Illinois Grade School Music
Associaons annual solo and ensemble
contest hosted at Fairview School in Skokie.
We are so proud of our talented musicians!
8th Grade Interviews
What type of job might Harry Houdini apply for in
2018? How about Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth, or Eleanor
Roosevelt? Our eighth-grade students researched famous
historical people, and then re-imagined their lives as District 67
employees. They created résumés and prepared elevator
pitches. In addion to the non-con reading and
informaonal wring requirements, students pracced shaking
hands, maintaining eye contact, and answering quesons with
thought and evidence.
Students then experienced the excitement and stress of a live interview. A select group
of nalists received a second interview with GMS principal Ms. Chvojka and Morton
Grove Mayor Dan DiMaria. As a result, Golf School District 67 hiredtwo new sta
members: Amelia Earhart (Mia Chaudry) as a technology teacher and Cleopatra (Nicole
Nantz) as a principal. Congratulaons to these students who excelled on this project!
Mrs. Bari Levins class had the opportunity to Skype with Jason
Burns, the founder of Fidgetland, who appeared on an October
broadcast of Shark Tank.
Jason shared his personal story of living with ADHD and a learning
disability, and how his idea of creang dgets could help him and others who have the
need to dget. He talked to students about his experience on Shark Tank and what it
was like to work with Barbara Corcoran. He then demonstrated how to make his
dgets. The students enjoyed asking Jason quesons and were excited that he sent
them a dget kit so that they can make their very own dget!
Volunteer Service Club Enjoys Making Friendship
Mix with Mrs. Donna Kaatz’s Students!
Students in 7th and 8th grade receive Spanish
instruction as part of their core curriculum by
Mrs. Cindy Conejo.
iMatamoscas! /Flyswatter! is a favorite game for
these 7th graders. In the game, students use
flyswatters to “swat” at the item Senora Conejo
is saying in Spanish. They then repeat the word
in Spanish.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
8th Graders are Stars in Annie Jr.
Students say:
This performance brought us closer together as a group.
It taught us about hard work and perseverance. It really
paid o. I love theater.
Its a great experience. I got over my stage fright. I may
look into more theater in the future.
It was so excing to look in the audience and see all those
I didn't think aer being together for 9 years we could get
closer, but we did. Pung on a play is such hard work and
half way through you want to quit. But on opening night,
it is an amazing feeling and totally worth it.
It was a great experience.
You work with each other
to solve so many problems.
It was team building.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Our mission is to
engage the Golf School District 67 Community to assist
students in realizing their full potential by providing
resources to enrich their educational experiences. We
raise money during the year to provide teachers with
innovative grants for their classrooms!
The Foundations members
include alumni, parents, D67 staff, and community
The Foundation holds
meetings at Golf Middle School once per month to plan
and execute two main events - the D67 Dash 5K (held
every August) and Trivia Night (held every December).
Meetings are only one hour long and members can select
responsibilities they wish to fulfill in order to create fun
community events that raise money for grants.
It is simple! Help us by joining the
Foundation and attending monthly meetings. You can
volunteer your time to plan our events and fundraise.
We all live busy lives, but it
is fulfilling to give back to your community. It is
especially important that we support students and
teachers who need more funds in order to enhance the
educational experience in our District.
Since 2015,
we funded over $13,000 in grants! We held a rummage
sale, two 5K Run/Walks, and two Trivia Night events!
District 67 Foundation Open House 2018
Click Here to
View the Foundation Grants
Presentation Video
We know that closing schools in bad weather has a big eect
on families. We also understand that students are beer
served, both academically and socially, by being in school
whenever possible. The safety of our students and sta is our
top priority in making a decision to keep schools open or to
close schools in bad weather.
We make the decision to close or delay opening schools in bad weather based on many factors, such as:
informaon on road condions
the ability to start and move buses
amount of snow and ice accumulated
whether snow/ice is connuing
building condions and parking lot condions
temperature and wind chill
weather predicons and what other Niles Township school districts are doing
The Superintendent of Schools makes the nal decision based on these factors.
Usually the decision about opening schools is made by 6:00 a.m. Nocaon is posted on our website at and Emergency Closing website,, as soon as the decision is made. Also,
our automated messaging service makes calls to nofy families.
There are several other ways to nd out if school is open or closed on a bad weather day.
Check your email (make sure that the District has your current email address).
Tune into TV (CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN, Fox, CLTV) and local radio: WGN AM, WBBM AM, and The Zone (FM).
If the decision is to open schools, please keep in mind that, even if weather condions worsen, we cannot reverse our
decision in the morning without endangering students. Once we make the decision to open, many parents leave for
work. If we then send students right back home, many will return to empty houses.
School Messenger is our automated phone messaging system. Everyone will receive the same recorded message
within minutes. Calls will be sent to the phone numbers you have provided the school; so be sure that you have
updated your home and cell phone numbers.
Although the District does its best to make the decision that is best for everyone, we know that oen no perfect
decision exists. If you do not feel it is safe for your child to aend school, we respect your right to keep your child
at home.
Extra days are not built into the District calendar, therefore, if the District closes due to weather, each day missed will
be made up at the end of the school year in June.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
District 67 Board of Education
Mr. Richard Toth, President
Ms. Samina Hussain, Secretary
Ms. Nada Ardeleanu, Member
Dr. Guy Hollingsworth, Member
Dr. Ashwini Kumar, Member
Mr. Jermaine Lindsay, Member
Mr. Joel Mehr, Member
Dr. Beth Sagett-Flores, Superintendent
Mrs. Carol Westley, Principal, Hynes ES
Ms. Karen Chvojka, Principal, Golf MS
Dr. Joseph Bailey, Interim Business Manager
Mrs. Lynn Kurokawa, Director, Student Services
The Golf School District 67 Board of Educaon meets monthly to review and
oversee the management and direcon of the School District. You are
encouraged and welcome to join us at these important and informave
meengs. Visitors are invited to speak before the Board both before and aer
the Boards deliberaons. Board meengs begin at 6:30 pm in the Board Room at
Golf Middle School. Scheduled meengs are:
April 19, May 17, June 14
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 3, 2018
This year registration for the 2018-19 school year is
all on-line. Please visit our website for instructions on
how to begin the registration process.
If you are moving out of the area and will not be
returning, please contact the District office at
847-966-8200 X 220.