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6:34 PM
March 16, 2018
כעשת רדא טח
ארקיו תשרפ
March 18 - Early dismissal for
grades 2-8B at 11:30 AM due to
rescheduled Rebbeim meeting
March 27— April 8 - Pesach break
April 9 - School resumes
Judging from the weather outside, it is hard to believe that ןסינ שדח שאר is this Shabbos! Although
school was officially closed for two days because of the storm, the learning didn’t stop for many of our
םידימלת. Our dedicated Rebbeim held learning sessions at local םישרדמ יתב and via phone conferences.
וניקלח בוט המ ונירשא, how fortunate are we, and what a zechus this was!
Parshas Vayikra discusses the different תונברק
offered in the ןכשמ and the שדקמה תיב. The pesukim
describe the various halachos and תודובע that are
done with each korban. The Halacha states that
prior to the הטיחש of cattle and sheep, the owner of
the korban does הכימס, leans his hand/s (matter of
dispute) on the ןברק‘s head. Only after the הכימס
does the ןברקה לעב proceed to slaughter the animal.
The םירוטה לעב notes that in ׳א קוספ ׳ג קרפ when
referring to the הכימס done on the רפ (cow) that is
brought as a םימלש ןברק, the קוספ reads: לע ודי ךמסו
ונברק שאר. In ׳ח קוספ, which references the הכימס
done on sheep, the קוספ states: ודי תא ךמסו, there is
the extra תא.
Explains the םירוטה לעב. A cow is a strong animal,
and can handle its owner’s leaning his full weight
against it. Therefore, with a cow, הכימס is done לכב
וחוכ, with all the owner’s strength. However, the
sheep is a weaker animal. The Torah enjoins the
owner: תא ךמסו ודי , be careful and sensitive towards
the sheep. Do not lean with your full strength on
the animal, as it may hurt the animal. Rather rest
your hands gently on the sheep.
This same sensitivity should be displayed towards
our children. Different situations warrant differing
responses. Parent and teachers need to weigh
whether a particular incident calls for a more
sensitive reaction.
There is a dictum from Chazal that לאמשו תברקמ ןימי
החוד, one should draw a person close with his right
hand, and distance him with his left hand. The
common interpretation of this Chazal is that in
chinuch, one must do both the positive תברקמ ןימי,
and at points, for the benefit of the child, לאמש
החוד. Rav Simcha Wasserman ל״צז explains
differently. Chazal, he said, are referring to a
scenario wherein the ךנחמ needs to give רסומ to a
child. The purpose of course, is not to just
temporarily stop the behavior, but to direct the
child onto the רשיה ךרד. At such a pivotal moment,
it is necessary to not only exercise החוד לאמש, but
also תברקמ ןימי. When someone pushes someone
away with one hand and at the same time pulls him
with the other hand he ends up turning the
individual around. The combination of these two
behaviors is guaranteed to properly influence a
child to choose the proper way.
!תבש טוג
Rabbi Ochs
Neither snow, nor sleet, not rain prevents Torah Academy Students from learning Torah. While the school buildings were closed students
still learned Torah with their rebbeim.
Monday night, the girls in eighth grade were invited to a Bais Yaakov get together. They had a preview of what it will be like next year
when they are in Bais Yaakov. A wonderful time was had by all.
בוט לזמ to 2G on finishing ךל תשרפ-ךל .
27 Adar—sponsored by Dovid and Shira Mintzes in memory of Shimrit Tzivia a”h bas Moshe Nachman, Helaine Spector
28 Adar—sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Melech Markson in memory of Yitzchak ben Eliezer ben Eliezer Markson z”l
28 Adar—sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Aaron & Rena Krochmal in memory of Mayer ben Shmuel Shmelke Krochmal z”l, father of
Rabbi Krochmal
Bulletin Board
Bar-mitzvah of Dovid Faintuch this Shabbos parshas
Vayikra. Congregation Bais Pinchas. Davening at 8:45
AM. Kiddush following davening.
Binyomin (’08) & Rochel German on their recent
wedding and to parents, Rabbi Moshe Dovid and Mrs.
Bassie Wilhelm
Dr. Shlomo & Mrs. Tamar Faintuch on the bar mitzvah of
Shloimy & Chana Golda (‘97) (Chajes) Yoffe on the bar
mitzvah of their son Pincha Menachem and to
grandparents, Mr. Sam & Mrs. Ellen Chajes
Sorie (‘12) Pichey on her engagement to Yaakov Leib
Zimmerman and to parents Rabbi Eli and Mrs. Shaindy
Yaakov & Miriam (‘03) (Metchick) Gruenstein on the
birth of their daughter and to grandparens, Dr. Yitzchak &
Mrs. Ireta Metchick
Mazel Tov to learners for
Parshas Vayakhel-Pikudei
Grade 5
M. Leff , N. Youshaei
Grade 6:
N. Halpern, M. Miara
Grade 7:
Y. Gluckin, Y..A. Leff, S.M. Solomon,
Y. Zyto
Grade 8:
M. Fontek
\Raffle Winners:
M. Fontek, Y. Gluckin, M. Leff, M. Miara, Y. Miara
Rabbi Berzansky came to speak to PreK 1 about davening.
After counting the number of days of school days, Prek celebrated
reaching 100 days.
Children enjoy playing in the in the snow left by the blizzard.
Ice pops are fun to lick while in pajamas during P week.
Kindergarteners like to read their little books.
Kindergarten celebrates 100 days of school.
Slithering snakes in Kindergarten during S week.
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