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A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
A Note from the Superintendent
Spring is around the corner and our
students and sta connue to work
hard each day—we will certainly
welcome spring break!
Kindergarten and Preschool online
registraon was a success and soon we
will open our online registraon for
1st—8th graders. You will be receiving
an email in the near future with
instrucons to start the process.
On Friday, March 3
, District 219 hosted the bi-annual Township
Instute Day. Teachers and administrators from across the
Township came together at Niles North High School to aend
inspiring sessions with excellent presenters. It was a wonderful
opportunity to grow together, exchange ideas, and stay on the
leading edge of educaon.
District 67 and District 219 are excited to oer the STEM Summer
Enrichment Program again this year. The program will be held on
June 8
—June 13
for students entering 3
grade and 5
Students will have hands on experience with coding, engineering,
mathemacs and science. I will send more informaon
next month.
Wishing all of our families and sta an enjoyable spring break!
Dr. Beth Flores, Superintendent
In this issue:
A Note from the Superintendent
Hynes Elementary School
Golf Middle School
Strategic Plan Update
Great Kindness Challenge
District 67 Foundation Grants
Eye to Eye
Kids Can Engineer
Technology Nights
Cold Weather Notice
2016-17 School Calendar
Around Town
School Board
3/11—Pardi Gras event and Silent
3/16—Orchestra concert at Niles
North HS
3/27-3/31- Spring Break, schools
April 14No School
5/17—Half-day aendance for
5/29Non-aendance day
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Third grade students in Mrs. Casleton's class spent time learning the basics of
computer coding using Scratch with Dr. Shadel. They learned how to create a
character, change a background, and animate their character using computer
coding! Students will continue coding experiences throughout the school year.
Enrichment students
learned about teeth
during Dental Health
Week and made their
own clay mouths
with teeth!
L.E.A.D. the Way focuses on posive decision-making skills while
learning about the dangers that middle school students face. This program
teaches the importance of being asserve and making choices that keep all
students safe, whether they are at home or at
school. The informaon presented in this
program is designed to engage the student
through group
work, acvies and
individual reecon
as they work
towards a healthy
and safe future.
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
On Saturday, February 25
, Golf Middle School had
the honor of hosng the Illinois Grade School Music
Associaons Regional Solo and Ensemble Contest. The day-long
event provided parcipang students the opportunity to perform in
front of a judge and a small audience so they could be rated and evaluated. Students
from ten schools in our area (Morton Grove, Niles, Skokie, and Evanston) were
represented. THANK YOU to Mrs. Crisna Brown and Mrs. Traci Bowering for organizing
this outstanding event and for their gracious hospitality as they welcomed hundreds of
student musicians to our school district. Finally, thank you to all of our volunteers who
helped make this day a huge success!
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Professional Development
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
STEM in the 5th grade classroom:
In this module, Sir Isaac's Toy Company wants to create a smushy, gooshy toy and needs help in
design testing. Students identify materials based on their properties, evaluate competitors'
products, and design, test, and optimize a superior product.
Our professional
development day
included District 67
and District 69
teachers working
PreK—2nd grade
teachers customized
and modified Eureka
Math lessons.
3rd – 5th grade
teachers worked to
apply Next
Generation Science
Standards (NGSS) to
The Great Toy Design
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Foundation Funds Classroom Grants
The District 67 Foundation recently funded eleven grants for a total of $5,500 to teachers for
their classrooms. Teachers were invited to apply for innovative grants that would enhance
studentslearning environments and educational experiences in our District. Funds for these
grants resulted from successful fundraising events over the past year.
Congratulations to the following teachers for receiving grants!
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Kathy Roubal (Reading): A wide range of
books for students to check out in book
baggiesto take home for a week.
Gianna Marzec (Kindergarten): Bag of
books to be taken home for a week.
Kate Molitor (1st grade): Leveled readers
to enhance student learning with rich text
choices focusing on common core
reading skills and strategies.
Gregg Gilman (7th grade): Novel study
and book club discussions pertaining to
creative ways to turn trash into objects
of beauty.
Kristine Joyner (8th grade): All the
Worlds a Page project seeks to honor
and celebrate the ethnic and cultural
diversity of our GMS teenagers.
Kristina Otte and Victoria Ng
(Kindergarten Enrichment): Experiential
learning through the use of the Field
Museums Harris Learning Center
resources. Hands-on experience boxes
to support the study of cultures from
around the world.
21st Century Classroom Seating
Katy Casleton (3rd grade): Multiple types
of seating were purchased in order to
allow for different learning styles.
Sheila Medland (Resource): Flexible
seating to enhance greater
sensory integration.
Kaitlyn Schlauder (5th grade): Flexible
seating to create a classroom community
where students are independent,
collaborative and can make positive
decisions on how they will learn best.
Traci Bowering (Band): Boosting pitch
and intonation awareness using clip
tuners for the band members.
Health and Fitness
Kevin Atwood (PE): Purchase of a stereo
system to be used for fitness workouts
and in the gym for dance and other units.
Alternate seating
options allow for greater
student engagement.
Thank you to the District
67 Foundation for all of
your support!
Mrs. Sheila Medland
Through the generous Foundation 67 grant, I was able to purchase flexible seating options for my students. By
keeping their bodies physically engaged, on a wobble stool or ball chair, they are able to focus and keep their
minds engaged as well.
Mrs. Katy Casleton
Thanks to the
generosity of the
District 67 Foundation,
studentsfaces are full
of smiles while their
hands are full of
Mrs. Kathy Roubal
Thanks to the District 67 Foundation, our classroom now has added flexible
seating options! Our class was able to add yoga mats, exercise balls, seat
covers used as small carpets, rolling chairs, balance disks, and ottoman stools
that go under lowered desks. Check out our most up-to-date classroom!
Ms. Kaitlyn Schlauder
Kindergarten Enrichment students
examine animal skulls from the Field
Museum, thanks to a grant from the Golf
67 Foundation.
Mrs. Kristina Otte
Thank you for your generosity
and support of our Bags of
Books project!
Ms. Gianna Marzec
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
LIAM HALLER shared his dyslexia story
and discussed the movie Roadtrip Naon -
Being You with 5th grade students at Golf.
Students watched the movie prior to Liam
coming to
the school.
Roadtrip Naon is about three young
people with learning and aenon issues as
they travel the country to seek advice from TV host
Howie Mandel, ice sculptor John Rodrigues, and
many more who have transformed their learning
and aenon issues from a struggle to an asset. As
a kid, Liam struggled with reading, and his grade
school standardized tests quickly singled him out as
a dierent thinker.
In the years that followed, his hard work and sheer
tenacity helped him to get through school. Once in
high school though, his challenges caught up with
him and he found an ally in his Freshman English
teacher. Since then—equipped with the diagnosis
of dyslexia and dysgraphia—Liam has excelled as a
student and as an Eye to Eye leader.
An avid linguist, Liam is a two-me silver medalist
in the Internaonal Lan Exam and a recipient of
the New York State Youth in Philanthropy Award. In
his free me Liam enjoys compeve Olympic
weightliing and hanging out with friends.
Golf and Northwestern University's Eye to Eye
chapter celebrated Strike Out Sgma Month to
create awareness about learning dierences.
Bari Levin and the chapter did many acvies
throughout the month to strike out the sgma. The
GMS chapter earned fourth place in a compeon
among the other 60 chapters throughout the
United States. Thank you to Golf Middle School
teacher, Bari Levin, for bringing the Eye to Eye
mentoring program to our students.
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Students at Hynes used the engineering process
to design their own balloon powered car. Students
tested and designed their balloon cars to travel
eight feet and in a straight line.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Technology Nights
All classes will take place at Golf Middle School’s Media Center.
4/6/17- Keep Connected to your Child’s Life at School (20 people max.)
Google classroom/ website homework
Infinite Campus
4/13/17- Fun Math Apps to Help Your Child-
Parents as Partners (20 people max.)
Eureka Math
Fact fluency
4/20/17- Translate that!
Apps to Help you Help your Child (20 people max.)
Google translate
I would like to attend the following event(s)
Keep Connected to Your Child’s Life at School
Fun Math App’s to Help Your Child
Translate That!
Name____________________________ Email:________________________
Phone Number:___________________
Child’s Name_____________________ Grade_______
Child’s Name_____________________ Grade_______
Child’s Name_____________________ Grade_______
Please turn this form into the office.
Any Questions? Contact Amy Feinstein (847)965.4500 ex. 117
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Help yourself, so you can help your kids!
Click here to register
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
Worlds Finest
Sales are happening now!!
A delicious way to earn
money for your school!!!!
Orders are due March 13th
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
We know that closing schools in bad weather has a big eect
on families. We also understand that students are beer
served, both academically and socially, by being in school
whenever possible. The safety of our students and sta is our
top priority in making a decision to keep schools open or to
close schools in bad weather.
We make the decision to close or delay opening schools in bad weather based on a many factors, such as:
informaon on road condions
the ability to start and move buses
amount of snow and ice accumulated
whether snow/ice is connuing
building condions and parking lot condions
temperature and wind chill
weather predicons and what other Niles Township school districts are doing
The Superintendent of Schools makes the nal decision based on these factors.
Usually the decision about opening schools is made by 6:00 a.m. Nocaon is posted on our website at and Emergency Closing website,, as soon as the decision is made. Also,
our automated messaging service makes calls to nofy families.
There are several other ways to nd out if school is open or closed on a bad weather day.
Check your email (make sure that the District has your current email address).
Tune into TV (CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN, Fox, CLTV) and local radio: WGN AM, WBBM AM, and The Zone (FM).
If the decision is to open schools, please keep in mind that, even if weather condions worsen, we cannot reverse our
decision in the morning without endangering students. Once we make the decision to open, many parents leave for
work. If we then send students right back home, many will return to empty houses.
School Messenger is our automated phone messaging system. Everyone will receive the same recorded message
within minutes. Calls will be sent to the phone numbers you have provided the school; so be sure that you have
updated your home and cell phone numbers.
Although the District does its best to make the decision that is best for everyone, we know that oen no perfect
decision exists. If you do not feel it is safe for your child to aend school, we respect your right to keep your child
at home.
Extra days are not built into the District calendar, therefore, if the District closes due to weather, each day missed will
be made up at the end of the school year in June.
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
New this year will be five 1/2 day in-
service sessions for teachers.
2017-2018 Calendar
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017
District 67 Board of Education
Mr. Richard Toth, President
Mr. Sam Barhoumeh, Vice-president
Ms. Samina Hussain, Secretary
Ms. Nada Ardeleanu, Member
Dr. Guy Hollingsworth, Member
Dr. Ashwini Kumar, Member
Mr. Jermaine Lindsay, Member
Dr. Beth Sagett-Flores, Superintendent
Mrs. Carol Westley, Principal, Hynes ES
Ms. Karen Chvojka, Principal, Golf MS
Mrs. Christine Hoffman, Business Manager
Ms. Lynn Kurokawa, Director, Student Services
The Golf School District 67 Board of Educaon meets monthly to review and
oversee the management and direcon of the school district. You are
encouraged and welcome to join us at these important and informave
meengs. Visitors are invited to speak before the Board both before and aer
the Boards deliberaons. Board meengs begin at 6:30 PM in the Board Room
at Golf Middle School. Scheduled meengs are:
March 16, 2017 April 27, 2017 May 18, 2017 June 15, 2017
A Publication of the Golf School District 67 Board of Education
Golf School District 67 Newsletter Vol 2, 2017