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Mangled bodies have been turning up all over south east and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a gun, and still nobody has a clue who the cruel killer is. Nancy Drake is a gorgeous and bold author with a fondness for french fries. She doesn't know it yet but she is the only one who can stop the evil killer. When her lawyer, Tristan DeVito, is kidnapped, Drake finds herself thrown into the centre of the investigation. His only clue is a yummy bag of soda and french fries. She enlists the help of a rude and haughty 3 gold winning ahlette called Harris Pot. Can Pot help Drake overcome her soda addiction and find the answers before the sinister killer and his deadly gun strike again?

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Mangled    Bodies

By Lilyanne Perley




































2017 COPYRIGHT Lilyanne

     Nancy latched the belt together and gathered up her luggage. Her aunt helped her by carrying her smallest bag. It had been a long time since she had been in California. Nancy had been on a trip to Texsas and boy had it been a trip. Going there to say good-bye to her old lawyer and hang out because the were also friends.

     "So how about we stop by Frosties for a treat before swinging back home," Nancies aunt offered. Nancy nodded. It would be a perfect place to tell her aunt about her trip. They tossed the heavy luggage in the back of a subburban and buckled in.

     The car was pretty junky but was the only car their aunt had. The windows were gone all except the one in the very front and there was no air conditioning with made the fake leather seats weird fealing.

     Nancy watched the farmilliar town houses and apartments go by. There town was very differnet in the fact that most houses only had three bedrooms. Everybody walked from place to place more than drive but there were still some cars. It was an easy place to live because you could walk to all the shops and there was a big mall to splurge and talk at.

     Frosties was at the mall and everyone there was always friendly. The car pulled into the parking lot and found a spot not to far from the door.     Nancy's aunt pulled her wallet out of the hole where the radio had been.

But THATS another story.

     Nancy took a seat at a the table with four settings near a window that overlooked the water fountain in the center of the mall. Her aunt seated herself oposite of her. She was holding to vanilla and chocolate swirled frosties and she handed one to Nancy.

     "How's Tristan DeVito?" My aunt asked. That's my lawyer.            She's a very spunky kid who is a really good lawyer and had helped me several years. I went and visisted her because she's the kind you'll NEVER miss.

     "Well," Nancy replied, "I'l begin at when I got off the plane. She was standing there waiting for me the biggest smile. She had her dog June with her. I ran up and hugged her tightly. She helped me to her house and I got everything settled in the quest bedroom. She was giving June food when I came out of the room and she wanted to tell me all about her town so we sat down."

    "Well, that's so descriptive I feal I'm reading a book!" My aunt explained. 


     "You'll see why," Nancy said shushing her.

      She said that there had been somthing whacky going on in her town. (Nancy said) She told me that there had been a murderor picking victims and killing them.

     "Wow, that sounds much more fun than California," I said. She giggled. She gave me some coffe while she explained.

     "The mystery person had already killed 10 people in 10 weeks. It's been giving the whole county a shake. One of his victims was here in Dallas